Super Bowl Recipe Month 1

Super Bowl Recipe Month: Throwback Week

01.09.13 Written by Sarah Sprague

Around the playoffs and leading up to the Super Bowl, we start seeing and hearing more of the old NFL Films highlight reels from the ’60s and ’70s. The urgent, uptempo orchestral music, the grainy film, the Cowboys, Dolphins, Raiders and the Steelers.

I was watching one of those highlight reels over the summer and decided like how teams bring back old jerseys, maybe I should bring back some old snack and side recipes this season. They were a hit. Not fussy, just reminders to the parties our parents used to through when we were very little, of the snacks our aunts brought to picnics and tailgates, the salad our grandmothers always made.

In some cases, some of us are still making this type of classic entertainment fare. My friend Becky emailed for advice on how to jazz up a dip her mother has been making for decades the other week and I had to laugh, it was the most ’70s of dips I’d ever seen. Ritz crackers, cheese, clams; I would not been have surprised to seen V05 and Halston listed with the rest of the ingredients in her dip. (Speaking of Becky and the most ’70s things, she contributed a great mango and chipotle guacamole recipe last year to my Super Bowl Guacamole Extravaganza that I refer to as The Velvet Glove of Guacs. Go check it out, it’s really good.)

For today’s Throwback Football Foodie, we have a classic macaroni salad, deli roll ups and a stuffed baguette, some of the most appropriate foods to spill all over your Larry Csonka Dolphin jersey.

Full post and recipes over at KSK!

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