Super Bowl Month 1.6

It’s hard to admit, but I’m a little jealous of Ufford’s Twenty Reasons To Hate The Redskins post and everyone else that gets to have the fiery-hot irrational hate against rival playoff teams this weekend. Sure, there are nerves and weak stomachs to temper the hate, but the laser-focused hate that comes out during the playoffs is to experience a maniacal giddiness that has no place outside of the sports world. Fans who don’t have teams in the playoffs will politely say watching the games without stress is freeing, that they can just relax and enjoy the games. It’s a lie. No matter who wins, you have a reason from sometime back in your club’s history to hate each and every other team. Even the Texans have been around long enough to be annoying in their own way (David Carr, actual Texans in Houston). Without a team in the playoffs, I’m stuck with this ball of nebulous dislike and disdain.

Rationalization sets in and you spend your during the games thinking of not who you want to win, but who you can live with winning. Seahawks? If they win now, will their fans finally shut up about Super Bowl XL? Bengals? Nick Lachey Super Fan for weeks. Atlanta? A win for popped collars everywhere. Broncos or Ravens? Green Bay ? No way. Pats? Well, they just lost the Super Bowl so maybe it’s okay if they win this one. Maybe. Colts? Vikings? Perhaps. I will have to reserve final judgement until after this weekend, because in Los Angeles, a city without a team, it’s easy to separate the wheat from the chaff for which fan base you’re going to be able to live with for the next year.

Full post and recipes for White Chicken Chili and Deli Chopped Salad On Croutons over at KSK. Love this white chicken chili recipe!

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