We discuss Matter of Trust at length during this week’s Tweets of the Week podcast, but it is important enough for its very own post so (hopefully) everyone will reblog it and help spread the word about an easy way you can contribute to the Gulf Coast oil spill clean up.

First, the Tweet from our good friend @kbiegel (creator and producer of “Cougar Town”!) about what needs to be donated:

Celebrate Mom’s day by cutting off all her hair while she naps and donating it to www.matteroftrust.org Clean up oil + she’ll look great!

Since my mom is safely sleeping in another state, I did the next best thing; I sent a note to my friend (and salon owner!) Marco Pelusi urging him to start saving hair clippings to donate to the effort to which he replied he was swimming in.  Since I’m overdue for a cut myself, I’ll be sure to gather my hair with the rest of the clippings when I’m there and send it all in myself.

Watch the video, check out their site and their Facebook page, read the BBC and the Washington Post’s coverage on their hair and fur drive, and be informed about what you are going to do yourself before you ask others to pitch in.  If you want to talk to your stylist or groomer or local alpaca farmer about it donating, be sure you have Matter of Trust’s contact information and their donation page ready as people are more likely to help when detailed information and directions are given to them right away and they don’t have to seek out the minutia themselves.

So trim your hair, shave your dog, cut off your rat tails and mullets and encourage others to do the same and donate.  If you cannot donate your hair (or fur, I don’t judge), but you still want to contribute to the Gulf region, Charity Navigator has a listing of their highest rated non-profits that have put out the call for help so they too can respond to the massive oil spill which is starting to reach the shore.

If you are interested, please help spread the word and contribute.  All of us made this mess, it’s up to all of us to clean it up.

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