Presenting Tweets of the Week: Episode IV.

Featuring: A very special request to our listeners from @kbiegel (creator and producer of “Cougar Town”!) about the Gulf Coast clean up effort and how you can help through, @jbandersoncpa, @WisconsinRob, @houx, @CaptainAnnoying, @InTheBleachers, @Metschick, @DennyMayo, @greatbarstoolio, @Inkognegro, @StephStradley, @Wyshynski, @pr9000, the hashmark #EvilGrading and more!

This week we discuss what to do with your left over hair, Easy Cheese, Mother’s Day, how many songs have Tenderoni in them, deep seated loathing for HGTV, the death of urban radio in Pittsburgh, baseball games as single spots, allowing kids to follow athletes on Twitter, intern exploitation and how being raised on the West Coast means Bryan has little understanding to how important high school football is to some communities. (Also notable; Bryan has been to Ibiza and not New York City? Rome and not the South?)

Every week we say we are going to make the show shorter, but this week we decided to go in another direction and the show is few minutes longer than usual. Sorry about that. Enjoy!

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