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We’re sure to get the full “I Was There For My Team Winning the World Series” story from GordonShumway and Texas Gal once they come back to Earth. In the meantime, congratulations to the Hotties of the Boston Red Sox on winning the 2007 World Series.

More Papelbon, Ellsbury, Beckett, and Lowell after the jump.

Is that Beckett showing emotion? No wonder Papelbon is so shocked!


Jacoby Ellsbury, breaking bats and hearts across this great nation of ours.

World Series MVP Mike Lowell. Older and accomplished. Who says grey is not sexy?

Manny being Manny.

Jon Lester’s Mile High Smile.


Jacoby and his wagging tongue.


Whoooaaaa! Save that for Mrs. Ortiz!

And just because they look so sad and touching…

Sad, dejected Troy.

Todd Helton watches on as the Sox celebrate.

(If I see any other photos I can “borrow” from Yahoo, I’ll update this hottie post.)
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45 Responses to Congratulations World Series Champs Boston Red Sox

  1. Keisha says:

    Go Boston! I’m so proud of them. There was this Yankee fan in the sports bar tonight saying “I hope the Rockies win. Red Sox suck. Boo…” and to see them win is the icing on the cake. They had a great season. Classic!

  2. I’m happy for the Sox, but that Helton photo is heartbreaking. No one likes to lose at that level.

    In happier views, that picture of Papelbon with all the mics… man. He’s like Dennis the Menace with that mischievous grin.

  3. Min says:

    THE RED SOX ROCK! who doubted? yeah, not us fans…

    that pic of Paps and wifey is adorable, although it breaks my heart a bit. At least we haven’t really seen Jacoby’s girlfriend, so we can pretend that he’s single… and imagine some more of that wagging tongue.

    *wanders off to riot*

  4. Minda says:

    I really, really, really hate when the World Series is a sweep. But as hard as I try, I can NOT be mad that Boston won it. So many lovable characters! And hotties! Oh! And I just realized that the sweep means I’m done with listening to Joe Buck and Tim McCarver’s idiocy early! That’s good I guess.

    And TSW….I love the PapelMics pic. You can’t hate the guy.

    I think Mike Lowell is ridiculously hot, and I don’t care who knows it.

  5. Minda says:

    Oh, and the Jon Lester picture is freaking adorable.

    And the Todd Helton picture makes me want to cry. A lot.

  6. christa says:

    i won’t miss seeing troy. he looks like pat from snl…if you catch my drift…go sox!!

  7. Nay says:

    Is Papelbon really married?

  8. Holly says:

    Oh, that Helton pic is just crushing. Nothing but love for my Vol brother, Rockies or no.

  9. Tuffy says:


  10. Pam/Shorty says:

    I really hate it when they wear goggles for that, but whatever. Anyway, that pic of Troy is more depressing than the Helton one, because you see two very different emotions in one shot. In the context of sport, it’s gotta be one of the worst feelings out there.

  11. ecl1958 says:

    What total domination — congratulations to the Sox! I do wish that the Rockies had been able to make it a 5 or 6 game series, but it was an exciting series nonetheless.

    Here’s an idea — how about posting the best pic you can find of every single guy who will be getting a new WS ring? Boston is a team filled with good-looking men, and a few have been left out of this site during this phenomenal postseason. No names, just a suggestion. :-)

  12. ecl1958 says:

    P.S. to Minda: I concur about Lowell. Just because someone’s over 30 doesn’t exempt them from looking terrific!

  13. Tulowitzki was actually trying to hug that man in the leather jacket, but swung and missed.

  14. Nay – Yep. Papelbon is married.

  15. Jess says:

    Yeah, the pic of Troy is a heartbreaker.
    But what can I say? The Sox won so it’s all ok!
    Woo hoo!!!!!

  16. metschick says:

    Aw, those pics of Troy & Todd are like a punch in the griefbone (mainly because I know what it’s like to see the other team celebrate on your turf).

    Christa, or anyone else: who is that in the pic Christa linked?

  17. Texas Gal says:


    The screams of victory joy carry farther up here in the thinner air of Denver, see?
    JMoney and I are winging our way out of Colorado now… Unbelievable night.

    (and Metsy, that’s Jon Lester and his girlfriend- the girlfriends were out in full force: Lester, Beckett and Ellsbury all were toting them around on the field after the game)

  18. SA says:

    Those last two photos are so sad. I feel bad for them.

    Congrats to the Red Sox.

  19. Pam/Shorty says:

    Where’s your god now, Rockies?

  20. Clare says:

    That’s a sad photo of Todd Helton looking longingly onto the field, but kudos to the photog who caught it. It’s great.

    I love the photo Christa linked to, too. Aw, Jon Lester!

  21. OMG, it feels so good to be a Boston fan right now. Now if only the Mets can make it to the playoffs. The world would be perfect. And did that attention whore A-Rod try and steal the spotlight??? He’s so lame. Peter Gammons does not like him right now. Poor Todd, I was wishing the Rocks would win at least one game.

  22. soxon says:

    WS CHAMPS AGAIN, CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? What an amazing end to an amazing series. I love the celebration pics except the Jon Lester/girlfriend one. I heard about how she is a cleat-chasing fangirl from Greenville, SC that he met while rehabbing…whom he also met while he was dating his ex-girlfriend of several years (we’re talkin’ 5+, and sticking around through cancer). From what I’ve heard, all cancer aside, his personality sounds disappointing.

  23. Di. says:

    The Rockies really have nothing in which to be ashamed. Their trip to the world series is stuff movies are made of. They won 21 of 22 games. They gave the Red Sox some serious competition. The score does not reflect how hard each team played.

    I give a tip of the cap to the Rockies. They are a good young team which will only get better.

    What an amazing year for baseball!!!

    The Red Sox season was just an amazing ride. It will take ma a while just to process it all. There are so many great performances and great stories. I really hope to see Lowell in a Red Sox uniform next year.


  24. chasevidwrightley says:

    Congratulations to the Red Sox!!! The pics (and win!!!) make me very very very very very very very very very (takes breath) very very very very very happy. Call me a bandwagoner all you want, but watching this team through the ALCS and the WS has really made me (more of a) Boston fan. I liked them well enough before, but I’ve really discovered just how fabulous of a team they are to watch.

    It’s hard for me to feel bad for the Rockies, because dammit, they swept my Phillies!!!! :-P I do think, however, that they got a little overconfident with the boatload of wins early on in the postseason.

    (to Minda: HA! And dammit, this Gradavid Sizewright person totally ganked my username style. Grr.)


    *insert lewd comments about Papel!tongue and Ellsbury!tongue here*

  25. Liza says:

    Oh man. I still can’t believe it. It’s gonna sink in sometime tomorrow, and I’m gonna start screaming. Lester pitched really, really well. Jacoby and Pedroia have just been on base the whole series. Paps got the final out. It was just a day–SERIES–for the kiddies, and they seriously delivered.

    But on the very shallow side–that positively ear-to-year grin Jacoby had, running in from the outfield, after the final out? It just made me want to give him a big bear hug.

  26. jkait says:

    Best team money can buy.

  27. ecl1958 says:

    Liza, thanks for reminding me about Jacoby running in at the end of the game. Such unbridled joy — that was a truly heartwarming thing to see.

  28. levined says:

    It is wonderful again to be World Series Champions and have a team pretty much set for another run in 2008 but I must state to the world we must resign Loweel and resign Curt for another year, we need both of them for different reasons but we truly need them both to make it happen in 2008. Leave A-Rod to go about he merry way, not in a Red Sox uniform.


  29. Congratulation New England!!!!!

  30. IJustMadeThatUp says:

    Once again, the meteor loses. Damn you ARMAGEDDON for making me believe it was possible.

    There’s always 2062 when Haley’s Comet comes swinging around again…

  31. Jordan says:

    Wow, even the day after it almost seems that it is not real. Though for the last several weeks have caught up with me for my lack of sleep, it was well worth it to see the red sox win it all. Congrats to all the guys that made this seem like the fairy tale season that it really was, not to mention all the knights in uniform!
    Though I hate fox even more for spending a full half inning to talk about A-Rod. Of course he would try to steal the show from the Sox, but the important thing is that Boston was the team making headlines this time!
    Still hating the fact that I am in Chicago and can’t be at the rally tomorrow at Fenway. I hear the mayor of Boston told Papelbon that he will be doing his riverdance for most of the parade! Though I will celebrate with my old school Beckett jersey from 2000 while he was next door with the Kane County Cougars.

  32. Congrats to the RED SOX! Well done, boys! :D

  33. tsos20 says:

    Great photo’s. the 1st is spectacular.
    The Sultan on Sports

  34. verticalx says:

    It seemed like such an anti-climactic World Series. Sweeps aren’t very intense.

  35. plasticman07 says:

    Being a person over 35 (born in the ’60s) it’s kinda strange how the Red Sox and Sox fans have changed. Seats on the Monstah, more fans on the road (take Baltimore for instance, sox fans outnumber o’s fans 3 to 1, unbelievable), and actually winning world series, not just one, but two within one decade. Standing in line waiting for autographs from players like Reid Nichols, John Tudor, Bill Campbell, Gary Allenson, Ellis Burks, Dave Stapelton, Glen Hoffman seems pretty insignificant these days with the epic hordes of Sox fans everywhere. Strange days, great days mind you, but strange for a Sox fan in transition.

  36. Disco Stu says:

    So, what does Lady Andrea think of Papelbon’s wizardry upstaging her man(ager) La Russa’s own levitational ability?

    Honestly, I don’t think caucasians can get that much air without black magic. So, is it Fenway, or Hogwarts, where the Sox play?

  37. Mels says:

    I love the red socks. once the phillies lost i jumped on their bandwagon faster than you can say jacoby.

    that picture of troy tulowitzki kind of made me saw aww. but also made me want to punch him in the face for helping his team sweep my boys.

  38. […] Congratulations World Series Champs Boston Red Sox We’re sure to get the full “I Was There For My Team Winning the World Series” story from […] […]

  39. Hey, my niece made up that name.

  40. christa says:

    lester and his gf

  41. retro says:

    I just love the classics!

  42. Jordan says:

    What is going on though with the story of Papelbon misplacing the final out ball after getting it from Tek, I know he wouldn’t misplace something like that. Though it was funny while flipping through channels last night since Papelbon was on QVC selling Red Sox stuff, though the guy hosting the show was obviously an idiot since all night he was calling him “Joshua Papelbum”?

  43. NS says:

    This was on this morning. Veritek handed out candy and autographs.

  44. Devon says:

    Im so proud of the 2007 Boston Red Sox team. We’ve had a lot of ups and downs this season. It’s been a roller coaster, but they pulled it out.

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