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We all know how debilitating a bye week can be. My Steelers were flat in the first half of last week’s game against the Broncos after the bye. (I prefer not to thinking about the fact that of all the teams that had bye in that Week 6 – Bills, Broncos, Lions, Colts, Steelers, and 49ers – Pittsburgh and San Francisco were the only ones who lost in Week 7.) In the World Series, we’re seeing what a nine-day layoff can do to a team on a winning streak.

What am I saying other than I have no idea what to use for an intro this week? I’m saying that I made this strata about three weeks ago and when I opened up the pictures, it took me a little bit to remember what I had done. The good thing about football and stratas is that if you remember the basics, ball in the end zone, blocking, bread and egg custard, the rest is up to you.

This week: Breakfast Strata and Reviews of Blueberry Beers – Kennebunkport Blueberry Wheat Ale, SeaDog Bluepaw Wheat Ale, and Marin Brewing Company Blueberry.

You will need…

The basics-
2 1/2 quart casserole dish
Approximately 16-24 slices of bread (Day-old is better, and amount will depend on type of bread used Plan on just under a loaf.)
2 cups of milk
4 eggs

Make your own filling as you go along:
1 1/2 cups shredded cheese (I used a blend of cheddar, jack, and colby.)
1 large can roasted chiles (Yes, I know there are two in the picture. I over estimated.)
1 minced onion
1/2 pound sliced deli ham (I think at least two of those slices were consumed by TheStarterBoyfriend before I was able to get to the cooking, so it if it is less it is ok.)
1 tablespoon of flour

Really, you can used whatever you want for the filling. Cooked sausage, bacon, just cheese and veggies (as long as they are not watery), you name it. You can also make this sweet strata by using cream cheese and raisins or other dried fruits. It is a good, “whatever the hell we have on hand” type of dish.

The night before…

As always, coat the cheese with the flour.

Butter your casserole dish.

Cut the crusts off of the bread. Save for later to either make crutons or feed the birds. Or be the the person with the skinny toast at a showing of the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Chop up ham.


I am Willie Parker fast beating the eggs and milk together.

Add some ground pepper to the egg and milk mixture if you are making a savory strata.

Take your crustless bread and make bottom layer in the casserole dish.

Add about half of your cheese…

Layer on some ham…

Add layer of half of your chilies…

And onions.

You then add another layer of bread. That picture is missing because my camera went wonky. But my birthday is not that far away and I am still hoping for a new camera.

After you have added your second layer of bread, layer on the rest of your cheese, chilies, ham, and onions.

How can anything go wrong with ham, chilies, and onions? I would venture to say nothing could go wrong there. Ever. I should spackle my house with it that mix.

Add top layer of bread to seal your strata. Think of it as a bready offensive line, make sure all the holes are filled.

Pour your egg and milk mix evenly over the strata.

I cheated and used a fork to squish down the bread in areas I didn’t think got enough of the egg mix. You want it soak into the bread as much as possible, which why is slightly stale bread is better.

Cover and put into the fridge overnight. Consider heating up some of the potato leek soup you have on the shelf above it.

Bake in a 350 degree oven for one hour the next morning. (Sorry about the camera lines.)

Serve with fruit salad and watch your team roll over Seattle.

A while ago, we had a discussion in the comments about blueberry beers, so I thought the day I made the strata would be a good time to check out a few. I tried to take notes as we drank and watched football, but that did not go very well. Make what you will of these reviews.

First up: Kennebunkport Blueberry Wheat Ale

TSW – Does not taste like blueberry, just smells like it. Now the Bush family is not the worst thing around that area of Maine.

Yammers – Beer for people who do not like beer. Has blueberries in it.

TSB – Too light. KB wuss fest.

Next up: Sea Dog Wild Blueberry Wheat Ale

TSW – Darker. Does not smell like blueberries, but has a better taste.

Jeremy – At least I feel like I might be drinking a beer. Might be Clearly Canadian. Not sure.

TSB – Better, but still not impressed.

Finally: Marin Brewing Blueberry

TSW – Holy crap look at that head. Full taste, which is more than I could say about the other brews.

Jeremy – The head means you’re getting a real beer. We already have a winner and I haven’t even tasted it yet. (drinks) Winner. A real beer.

TSB – Clear winner. (later) What do you mean I have to drink the rest of that crappy beer in the fridge?

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34 Responses to Friday Football Foodie – Breakfast Strata and Blueberry Beer Reviews

  1. Steve says:

    I cracked open an egg with 2 yolks this very morning, I shit you not! I better not be pregnant.

  2. God Damn I love this column. We’re on pizza loaf #5. Keep getting better with practice.

  3. metschick says:


    I’m jealous. I’ve never cracked an egg with 2 yolks.

  4. Godfather says:

    The black fingernails scare me.

  5. Texas Gal says:

    That looks yummy- and pairing it with fruit salad? Genius. And makes me hungry.

  6. Godfather – They are fab, not scary. I think they’ve been black in other FFF’s. I go between black, pinks, and red.

    Texas Gal – There is always copious amounts of fruit salad in my house. I hate just eating an apple, but fruit salad? I can pick at that any time.

  7. Holly says:

    I actually like the Sea Dog…will have to give the Marin a shot if it’s superior.

  8. IJustMadeThatUp says:

    The fact that TSW has had two eggs with double-yolks and Steve has just had one doesn’t scare anybody? Rather than the idea that there is simply a VERY BIG COINCIDENCE that people can get that many double-yolked eggs out of random cartons in entirely different parts of the country– isn’t it easier to simply assume that we can now conclude egg farmers are using MUTANT MONSTER CHICKENS to produce our eggs?! MUTANT MONSTER CHICKENS PEOPLE!!!

    I am also happy to report that indeed, Kennebunkport Blueberry Beer was not only “wussy”, but also reminded me as if someone had poured a glass of club soda and dropped a few blueberries in the bottom. Terribly unpleasant. (Unless you like blueberries with your club soda.)

  9. SA says:

    Me neither Metsy.

    Strata looks good. Must try it.

  10. Strata’s are a gift from the breakfast gods. When I make mine I usually take out most of the yolks and make it with skim and you end up with all the delightful elements of a quiche but its way way way better for you.

    I’m breaking out PUDDING SHOTS! for Halloween festivities this weekend and I can not wait to taste the results. Blueberry Fizzes have become my new drink of choice so I have little doubt you ladies will let me down in the boozin’ department.

  11. Note to self – Bring leftover Sea Dog along the next time I see Holly.

  12. Extra P. says:

    Classic black nail polish for the holiday – excellent.

  13. Rob I. says:

    This column should be renamed: Dr. Starterwife, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love a Bowl of Flour-Coated Shredded Cheese.

  14. Finding quality blueberry beer is a tough task.

    I’ll be trying to find some Marin this weekend.

  15. Rob I – LOLOLOL. No kidding. Between this and the quiche.

    I have a small cheese addiction. Put cupcakes near me and I could care less. Cheese? Olives? Yes, oh my yes.

  16. Sarge says:

    Only Clevelanders would know, but Rocky River Brewing Company has a very good Blueberry Ale. Makes me want to try all of the included, assuming I can find them…

  17. Tuffy says:

    If you’re like Willie Parker with the eggs and milk beating, who finishes making the dish? Guest chef Hines Ward?

  18. Hines Ward can finish in my kitchen any day.

  19. Steve says:

    IJMTU- I like your theory regarding mutant chickens and would like to subscribe to the newsletter please.

  20. Holly says:

    Note to self – Bring leftover Sea Dog along the next time I see Holly.

    Yes, please…but hurry, in case I try the Marin and like it better. ;)

  21. TSW – just make sure he keeps it away from the food….

  22. IJustMadeThatUp says:

    @Steve – I already have your address, thanks to the program I obtained from the government when I was a CIA operative covertly running operations from Lichenstein to figure out how the Swiss made watches that told time so accurately. (They miniaturize people and then force them inside the watches.) I will be sending you my bi-annual-monthly-semi-weekly newsletter soon.

  23. Steve says:

    Sweet! So I’ll ummm check my mailbox tomorrow then! I’ll also sweep it for bugs. Never can be too careful you know.

  24. Jen P says:

    I had no idea that getting a double yolk means you’re pregnant. So I’ve learned something new today. And this looks delicious. I’m tryong to come up with some football food of my own, because I got a crockpot for my birthday.

    And blueberry beer? Ick. Rasberry beer? Yum.

  25. Jen P says:

    Oh dear god that looks evil. In a good way.

  26. The strata looks pretty stellar. I’ll have to make it next weekend when I finally have a chance to stay at home and veg out.

    On the beer front; I have to disagree here. Marin’s blueberry beer is one of the worst craft beers I’ve ever had, only surpassed by Hemp Ale (which I’m sure you would be shocked to hear comes from Humbolt Brewing Co.)

  27. JB* says:

    I am jealous your fridge is so full.

    Other than that, I now know what may be made tomorrow. Thanks, TSW!

  28. DougOLis says:

    Does anyone know of a good halloween drink for a halloween party?

  29. Athleticsupporter – After the first two, we were so happy to have a beer that was well, A BEER, it was great. Supposedly there is a great blueberry out of Vancouver, but I’ve never had it.

    JB – It goes empty from time to time. TSB is a big eater eater.

    Doug – The only thing I have ever done is just add dry ice to purple and orange punches, and the one time we made Jello shots with little “eyes” in them.

    I did find this link though –

  30. Ok… I could not resist. When I was at BevMo today, I bought a bottle of Pumpkin Spice liquor so I could make Pumpkin Spice martinis this week.

  31. Ok, this Hiram Walker Pumpkin Spice Schnapps is excellent. Made a great martini.

  32. deafJeff says:

    I’m a Chef( well ok a cook), I must crack two dozen double yolks a week, but thankfully only two kids. Maybe the waitress I married made her own breakfast those weeks. We used to make strats for work, would go thru like 6 loaves to make one pan, good stuff.

  33. Matt_T says:

    Sweetwater makes one called ‘Sweetwater Blue’ you can get it in the southeast. Its fantastic.

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