The Louisville Cardinals were eliminated by #3 UNC in the CWS, in a 3-1 ballgame that saw the Cards just get three hits.  (Considering they had just lost to #2 Rice 15-10 with 15 hits, I’m surprised they had any strength left in them.)  Cutie on the left here is senior Trystan Magnuson who closed out the game for the Cards.

For the Tarheels, pitcher Luke Putkonen went 7 innings and threw 7 strike-outs but really didn’t look as cute on the mound.




The Florence Freedom of the Frontier League, (try saying that one three times fast),  lost to the Windy City Thunderbolts in 10-innings.   I wish I could report more, but there still is not a box score or a recap on the Freedom’s site or the League site and Google News has nothing so far.  (Hopefully by morning those links will be updated with some baseball type stats.)

And as much as I want to make a joke about the “Florence Y’all Festival” with Three Dog Night in concert Friday and a Honky Tonk Tailgate Party on Saturday, I cannot bring myself to do so because the Freedom have one the hottest looking rosters I’ve ever seen, including this fine fellow, Collin Martin.  Thank you for being so hot boys, I needed it after how ugly the Angels were tonight.  (Besides, I bet that festival would have deep fried pickles or something unhealthy like that, which sounds awesome about now.)



In horse racing news, Kentucky is looking to adopt some sort of changes to how soon a horse can race again after scratching and being claimed in another state.  I don’t know really what this means to the sport, but it is apparently a little controversial.   Me? I just like when someone gives me a chance to feed a horse carrots and sugar cubes. 

Are sugar cubes considered doping?



Congrats to Lexington Legends David Qualben for pitching in the seventh-inning of the South Atlantic League All-Star Game last night.  (In a stunning repeat of history, the Northern Division beat the Southern Division 3-1. )  This game seems notable just for the fact that Ashville manager Joe Mikulik managed the Southern team for the third time.  If that name rings a bell, it is because he’s the guy who went kinda crazy in a game about this time last year.  (Funny enough,  in a game against Lexington.)


And finally, you cannot spell Kentucky without UK,  so for all of you fans out there, congratulations on 16 year-old Dakotah Euton giving his verbal commitment to Coach Billy Gillispie.  You’re going to have to click the link to check him out yourself, because I am too old to be looking at 16 year-olds for anything else other than carrying my groceries to the car. 



One quick non-Kentucky note  – Poker Brat Phil Hellmuth fell short of capturing his 12th WSOP braclet tonight, (he currently holds the record for most event wins with 11),  in the $3000 NL Hold’em tourney finishing at the final table in 6th place.  We still have just under a month more of play, so who wants to set the line at at least three more titles this year?

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0 Responses to Hit and Run – Now with 99.9% more bluegrass

  1. B Fish says:

    I’m going to speak for the state, collectively:


    You. Are. Forgiven.

  2. Tuffy says:

    If sugar cube addiction is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

  3. ladyandrea says:

    That’s a good Tuffy! Who’s gonna run real fast today? Who’s gonna?

    *holds out sugar cube*

  4. ladyandrea says:

    I really dig the little spades, TSW. How’d’choo do that?

  5. Matt J says:

    The is Kentucky-tastic! Great and timely post

  6. bristlesage says:

    Man. I skip one afternoon check-in, and I have to come back this morning and figure out why the Hit-and-Run is all Kentucky-fied.

    Turns out I didn’t really care once I clicked through. The hot resides in all states. Thanks, Florence Freedom!

  7. Clare says:

    TSW, [slow clap].

  8. CJ says:

    Phil Helmuth… what an act. But the guy sure can play poker. I doubt he gets three more bracelets (especially considerin the LHE and NLHE fields are so massive and he’s not as strong in other tournaments), but I wouldn’t be surprised if he hit at least 12, and I don’t think either Johnny Chan or Doyle Brunson get to 11 this year.

  9. You can’t have champagne cocktails with sugar cubes, so I am really hoping they are not considered doping.

  10. CJ – We still have so many small tourneys to go, I think he can take 3 more. Think like the Mixed Limit/No-Limit $1500 tourneys and such.

  11. metschick says:

    This is Ken-tastic!

    Viva Kentucky!

  12. Extra P. says:

    TSW, it doesn’t matter unless they start testing bloggers for performance-enhancers. Though I can imagine the mainstream media reaction if they did:

    “Eric Angevine started his life as a normal guy. But once he gets all hopped up on steroids, he can type 200 WPM. Then he inhabits his ‘blogging’ alter-ego, Extra P. His doping predilictions are looked down upon by big-time columnists like Jay Mariotti, who fans say “does it on sausages and wine spritzers”.

  13. Texas Gal says:

    Wow- someone other than me posted about college baseball… is this opposite day? Even if it is, I LOVE IT.

    And minor league teams are the undiscovered lands of hotness. I thank you for finding more evidence of all the hotties percolating down on the (KY) farm.

  14. Texy – I usually pay some attention to the CWS, but not with the white-heat intensity you do.

  15. I love driving by the “Florance Y’all” watertower on I-75. It just feels right.

    As much as I love this post, I would prefer a Kentucky sweatshirt and legs pose. I mentioned that in the now-blown’d-up voting thread.

  16. TheStarterBoyfriend says:

    If you asked Helmuth, he’d most likely say that he’d do at least FIVE more bracelets this year. Of course, he’d have to show up to the table, on-time for once, if he expects to not be blinded-out in half the tournaments he enters. Dufus.

    I stand corrected, TSW. Thank you for showing me that KY deserves to continue being a part of the U.S. and not assimilated into the derge of useless states I could never remember the capitals of in the first place (like South Dakota, or Iowa).

  17. Extra P. says:

    I had a wonderful moment earlier that I wanted to share with the Ladies…

    My son, who is four, doesn’t really understand sports yet, and usually wants to turn the TV to something like Cartoon Network (which I secretly don’t mind so much). But today when he came in the room, I started to switch it over, and he goes “Wait, is that my favorite game?” and I said “what is your favorite game?” and he says “Baseball!”.

    So he comes and sits on my lap and watches baseball with me. We had the best time talking about how one team was the Anteaters and the other team were the Beavers, and he asked my why the Umpire never catches the ball, but the guy in front of him always does.

    It was great.

  18. How many years until he breaks your heart announces he likes football more?

    (PS – You should send this to Varsity Dad.

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