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First things first.  You can check out all the results from the third round here and be sure to check out T Kyle King’s third round breakdown of the bracketology here at Dawg Sports.   We had two more contests go down to the last ten votes, and with just a couple of exceptions, generally very close races all around.

Comment of the week on the Hot Blogger Bracket  –

UK fans neglect parenting, body maintenance and any type of intellectual pursuit for 11 months out of the year in favor of basketball. Apparently that one other month they spend voting in a hot blogger contest.

On to the next round.

As we mentioned before, doing a bracket with 88 teams was never going to be pretty mathematically .  When we got down to 11 we were either going to have to somehow drop three entries to make it the Elite 8, or somehow add five entries so we could be at the Sweet 16.   Neither option was pretty. 

It took us an hour plus in a chat to figure out the plan.  If we dropped three, how could we do it by seeding since some of the low seeds were tied? That didn’t seem fair, even if we did just a simple up and down vote.  What about going by most votes over all? Well, that didn’t seem fair to entries who didn’t need to campaign since their contests were not as hotly contested.  One crazy person, *cough*, even suggested ending the whole thing and declaring all 11 entries winners. If we added more, would we pick from the “Near Misses” post?  That wasn’t enough, and even though Curtis Granderson is super cute, that seemed unfair to Paul Shirley who’s been in the whole time. 

So this is what we did:

We added back 5 teams based upon seeding.  We re-entered the two #1 seeds that had been eliminated and the three top vote-getters of the four eliminated #2 seeds.  This was the fairest solution we could think of, and I don’t think anyone can argue that Will, Orson, TechmoBowl Bo Jackson, Peter Bean, and Precious Roy are not very talented writers, because they are. (Plus, pretty much the Ladies are unified in their willingness to hook up with any or all of them.)

Do we expect complaints?  Yes, you betcha we do.  We would just like to remind you this is also just some fun on the eBays and we’ve really worked very hard on this whole endeavor, so try to have a little heart before you hit that “send” button either via email or IM. 

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535 Responses to Hot Blogger Bracket – Round 4 – All Regions

  1. Clare says:

    Three snaps in a z-formation, TSW.

  2. Awww… thanks Clare.

  3. metschick says:

    you go, girl!

  4. Texas Gal says:

    If anyone has any bitching or complaints, there’s a certain “gentleman” in NYC who has a few words for you: opinions are like assholes, yours is wrong.

    And GOOD LUCK to all the guys. We heart all of y’all. Some more than others. (ahem… BURNT ORANGE MEDIA CONSPIRACY)

  5. Pete J. Hawk says:

    It’s y’all’s world, we just live in it. Besides, a world in which Orson, PB, and Will are not finalists in the HBB is not a world in which I wish to live.

  6. Pete Holiday says:

    I’ll be buying drinks at the Lion here in Bloomington (IN) if/when Will unceremoniously squashes the hot blogger life out of me. It’ll be fun.

  7. PB says:

    Texy – you’re my personal hero.

    And despite my predilection for hyperbole… I mean it this time! Texy for President.

    Hell, we need to put all you Ladies… up for office.

    And Pete Jayhawk – if I could say ‘motherfucker’ with as much sexitude as you, I wouldn’t have needed a backdoor re-entry into this thing.

  8. ladyandrea says:

    Backdoor re-entry. Heh.

  9. Mike White says:

    I welcome the return of Orson and Tecmo Bo; they fully deserve to be in this stage of the contest. Too bad I had to face Orson and must now face Tecmo Bo. Voting for PSAMP is almost instinctual, and now I must resist my own instincts to stay alive.

  10. Disco Stu says:

    So, Matt Jones — MATT JONES! — wil have an opportunity to trounce the Leitch twece. Awesome.

  11. sheena beaston says:

    it’s like that quote: “if you love something, let it go. if it comes back, it’s yours forever.”

    welcome back to your right place, PSaMP

  12. Holly says:

    Welcome back, boyos.

  13. undergroundbto says:

    And I get shafted yet again.

    Oh, that’s right – I don’t have a sports blog. Details, details.

  14. Oh God…All these emotions comin’ back…

  15. holydogwater says:

    I just want to personally thank the ladies for their amazing compassion by no longer circumventing the “Truth in Advertising” laws that reside here in the great state of Florida and removing the Tebow photo. I was also tired of hearing even the little lady telling me she had trouble voting against that damn Tebow photo. Hell, I think my momma did vote for him a couple a times… and on Father’s Day to boot. Bad momma; no bacon!!!!!

  16. tcmcg says:

    I have to admit that I didn’t know it was a Tebow photo at first. I just went “Shit, that’s not fair at all.” And while I wept a(n extremely manly) tear or two after being eliminated, the fact that Orson, Will, Mini-Ponies and co. are back rekindled my faith in the self-correcting power of the Internet.

    Solomonic, Ladies. Solomonic.

  17. Vanilla says:

    I think that pretty much everyone agrees that you should have added the 6th seeds that were eliminated in the first round, and by everyone I of course mean all the voices in my head.

  18. This is a great solution. I look forward to re-ogling.

  19. […] the Ladies… enter Round #4 of the “Hot Blogger Contest,” I can’t help but notice one obvious omission. Hint #1: He was once nominated for a […]

  20. […] the Ladies… enter Round #4 of the “Hot Blogger Contest,” I can’t help but notice one obvious omission. Hint #1: He was once nominated for a […]

  21. whew, dodged a bullet.

  22. holydogwater says:

    In case your bored and missed reading it the first time, click here to read and then vote. If my boss would leave me alone for five f**king minutes I could maybe focus more on the important things… like drinking at work and this contest.

  23. JP says:

    For the people that have already defeated the 5 guys back in the contest, this must feel like that scene in every horror movie where you’re sure you slayed the monster but it just keeps coming. All you can do is scream “You’re dead! I killed you!” over and over again.

  24. JP – Excellent analogy.

  25. I am a monster. Awesome

  26. Mike White says:

    Me: But Orson…I thought you were dead…I…killed you.

    Orson: Well, where was I gonna go, Detroit?

  27. J Money says:

    I’m thoroughly hurt that the men of Boiled Sports didn’t make the cut. I know we’re not as relevant but we’ve been around for a little while and… oh, wait, we have no pictures up. Oops.

    Is there an NIT version? Like us and Bill Simmons?

  28. I suspect your odds of being included in the bracket would have increased greatly had you entered ;)

  29. I’m sure next time the Ladies… will 1) have play-in games first for the lower-seeds and 2) not invite any UK blogger.

  30. Texas Gal says:

    In order to make the cut, you had to have entered the contest.

    And PB: I will only accept the nomination if you are my VP. Except DawgSports just proposed Orson for President, and I think that is a phenomenally better idea. Orson-Peter in ’08!

  31. The Fake Gimel Martinez – Next time?!?!?!?!


    I’d become a Browns fan first.

  32. Just dropping in to say hello, ladies. See? Not bitter. weeeeee

  33. Precious Roy says:

    Please Lord of the Interwebs, do not let any quote this line out of its complete context: “Will, Orson, TechmoBowl Bo Jackson, Peter Bean, and Precious Roy are not very talented writers…”

    I’m already in danger of going 1-2 as it is.

    Best of luck to everyone not in Kentucky.

  34. Precious Roy says:


  35. Texas Gal says:

    Awww, Dan the RSM! I miss you, buddy! That is one thing this bracket is sorely lacking: Sox-ian awesomeness.

  36. ahem, don’t look now… but the UFS dude is beating the UK dude…


  37. Matt J says:

    Thanks Holly, I appreciate it.

    I may have to concede….I am fairly certain there are some sheanigans at play since UFS guy got more votes in the last two hours than he got in either of his first three rounds.

    But hey whatcha gonna do……

  38. You Cheat says:

    There are definitely shenanigans at play. I call foul.

  39. 271 says:

    Hey ladies, does that number sound familiar…You’ve been caught…nice try….but you’ve just tainted your whole contest. Shame, Shame, Shame on you.

  40. wtd says:

    Cheaters! Matt J is getting ripped off!

  41. A Sad Day says:

    It is a sad day when someone has to fix the voting so that the UFS guy can win. The really bad thing is that a 5th grader can see that the voting is fixed. I would think you could do a better job of fixing the vote than that.

  42. You Cheat says:

    54 to 46 my ass.

  43. 53.6 to 46.4 says:

    Interesting percentages to choose, ladies – they sound the easiest to believe to you, or did you just throw together a couple of numbers close to 50 and hope no one would notice? Please, rigged to the moon, not like I care about a hot blogger contest, but I’m confused as to why you would rig your own contest? I’m sure the internet poll rigging racket has a lot of money in it, but c’mon…

  44. Uhh yeah says:

    Matt Jones may not have been the “hottest blogger”, but I too agree with the people calling foul…UFS guy is always ahead by around 270 or so, and he was lucky to get twice that many votes in previous rounds….Matt has a lot of readers voting for him, but it doesn’t mean that’s wrong…..what’s wrong is rigging your own contest and bringing back your favorites from previous rounds….

  45. We’re fucked, as the Holy Dog Water guy looks like he has stronger genes than ours. He does, however, feature use of hair gel, which is a good sign for us in voting districts outside of the gel corridors of the Northeast and South Miami.

  46. Holly says:

    I don’t even know how to address this one. Here’s a start:

    1. IT’S A HOT BLOGGER CONTEST. It ain’t the Gemini missions. Chill.
    2. We encouraged shenanigans at the outset, but if they’re in play, it’s not from our end, or we wouldn’t have bid early farewells to so many of our middle-to-lower seeded buddies.
    3. ….y’all are seriously upset about whatever’s happening, aren’t you? The guys who’ve gone down to Matt Jones in this contest have done so with grace and class.
    4. And, for what it’s worth, Matt has won so far with grace and class.
    5. See #1.

  47. Cheaters.. says:

    You girls are probably all ugly anyway….

  48. What's the point of having a contest..... says:

    ….if the results are rigged. The margin between KSR and the USF guy has stayed the exact same for the last couple of hours no matter how many votes are coming in….lame

  49. Re: Holly says:

    So why even have a contest if you’re just going to rig it the way you want it anyway…. great site!

  50. Not like Joe Speaker didn’t have the most amount of votes in all the other contest. You guys should really go look at past results, especially where he spanked Mini Ponies kid.

    Joe Speaker has game. Sorry if you think there is cheating, but there is NOTHING that any of the Ladies have done – or even know about – that affects these polls.

    I am far from ugly, thank you very much. As a matter of fact, every time I visit my grandparents in Lexington, you guys are more than happy to oogle me when I am out with them at a Po’Folks or where ever it is they serve ice tea in a Mason Jar.

  51. Texas Gal says:

    Ah, yes, ad hominem attacks. The sure sign of a rapier wit and high IQ.

    I cannot believe there are seriously people in this world who would take the time to ANONYMOUSLY (because nothing says awesome like people too scared to use a real email!) bitch about a hot blogger contest. I mean…. seriously?

    (also, if we fixed the contest, why in the HELL wouldn’t we have fixed it for RedSoxStatsGuy… I mean, did you see that cute kid of his?)

  52. Anonymous says:

    It’s obviously fixed, but that’s cool….

  53. ladyandrea says:

    If the contest was rigged to my liking, Holy Dog Water and Mike Samways would be wrestling in jello for the title. Alas, it is not rigged.

    Also, all the Ladies are hot. Of this, I am sure.

  54. Holly says:

    Seriously! Red Sox Stats Guy, MDG, GoldfishCowboy, TC….my poor darlings are all departed, some of them Eeeeeearly.

  55. Clare says:

    Aw, our first group of haters! I would like to thank each of you who doubt the results. With your help, Ladies… has truly come into its own as an internet phenomenon.

  56. If this was rigged I’d be having a three way with Sean from Too Much Sports and PR, and Sean isn’t even in it any more.

    Damn SEC.

  57. Uh oh. The state of Kentucky doesn’t like Ladies…

    Guess they’re sticking to Dudes…

  58. Holly says:

    Also, for the record: He seems to be a delightful guy, but I don’t know Joe Speaker at all, didn’t know him at all before this contest, and I’m not sure any of the other girls did either. If we were going to rig this for a big-name blogger to win it all, why not Leitch? Shanoff? Shirley?

  59. Texas Gal says:

    Anonymous haters are the very best kind, Clare.

  60. Foul Play says:

    Definetly the smell of cheating in the air. Some one made a great point a couple posts earlier that the guy going up agianst Matt has a higher vote total than he had in his prior three rounds. Does it hurt that bad to have a KY guy come in and mop up the competition? What a joke.

  61. lol says:

    Defensive much? Stay classy, ladies! I mean, erm, keep rigging!

  62. (I read Up for Poker, their other site, so I kind of knew about Joe Speaker. What I didn’t know was the following he has. And that I have possibly played poker with him at the Bike.)

    He wins this, and I am buying him in the next time I see him at the $100-$200 table.

  63. If you only knew... says:

    How lucky you would be to KNOW and DATE a guy as nice and wonderful as Matt Jones……he’s smart(attorney), clever, witty, loves sports, and knows how to have fun. That is the REAL reason we’re voting for him. Cheating…that’s the way to make a name for yourselves. Yes, we’ve been punked….I get it…..move along to your “Free Paris Hilton” Party.

  64. LOL – No, we just have a giant “Ladies signal” that goes off when we’re attacked.

    I like UK Radio Blog. I fought to let him in, because other Ladies did not want him based on the fact he didn’t follow the rules on his submission. (He didn’t submit a column, I picked one from reading his site to be fair.) So really, don’t come yelling at us about rigging, especially me. He seems like an ok guy.

    His fans, not so much.

  65. Clare says:

    ‘Free Paris Hilton’ party“?

    This thread is great for laughs; not so much for my productivity at work this afternoon.

  66. Texas Gal says:

    Sorry, Clare- I sent out the invites to the FREE PARIS HILTON PARTY already. I must have forgotten to include you! Of course you are invited

  67. ladyandrea says:

    Hey, Paris is just a very misunderstood girl. As GShum says, “Think of Tink!”

  68. What's the point of having a contest..... says:

    It certainly doesnt matter b/c, as someone else said, it is a it’s a contest for fun sake. But the fact that the margin bewteen the two scores stays exactly bewteen 270-272 makes it pretty apparent that the scores are being manipulated. Maybe it’s divine intervention b/c Matt is goofy looking and deserves to lose.

  69. You Cheat says:

    I’m not saying the ladies rigged this, but as said before, there are definitely shenanigans at play.

  70. RE: TheStarterWife says:

    Can you seriously not see why so many people think this is a cheat?

  71. anonymous says:

    Rule #5, from

    5. We’ll post our choices in bracket form, and here’s where the real fun begins. Voting for each round will take a couple days. Cheating, shenanigans, and ballot-stuffing are encouraged, especially if they’re undertaken in a blatant and hilarious manner. We remind all entrants that we are susceptible to flattery.

    Blatant, check. Hilarious, UK comments. Works for me.

  72. Holly says:

    Yeah, for the record, no problem with Matt here.

  73. Texas Gal says:

    I think Matt is a saint if this is the nonsense he has to put up with on a daily basis. Dude deserves more than a Hot Blogger title for that. We should crown his ass.

  74. Foul Play says:

    Put up with thousands of readers that read his materials and has a strong following? Get off of it. Poor poor Matt.

    Its pure jealousy that a KY guy came in and mopped everyone up.

  75. Yes, I am completely jealous of a whole state.

    Can someone make a me mint julip already?

  76. Matt P says:

    Ladies…. I will not belittle you or your website. I applaud your hard work and the effort you put into it to have a little fun. I know this wasn’t all that easy of a thing to put together and it is, afterall, just for entertainment. I apologize for the UK fans that are taking this a little too seriously and are spouting off at the keyboard. I do, however, agree with Matt J and call shennanigans. I don’t know who or what or why… but I think it is obvious. I have a STRONG suspicion that you will see it as this contest continues… but I guess we will see.

  77. Bet ur all uglee dykez!!! Rigg this, bitchezz!!


    Swangin’ from the nuttsak,

    -Anonymous G

  78. Radioman says:

    Holly, do you mean to tell me that the Gemini missions were rigged?

  79. Radioman says:

    Is it wrong that everytime I see the phrase “KY guy came in and mopped up” I think of lubricants?

  80. You Cheat says:

    Well that’s shocking, I just viewed the poll and Matt Jones is losing by 271 votes.

  81. jebushchrist says:

    Yes, if Kentucky is losing, there MUST be cheating! And if there is cheating, I’m sure it’s the Ladies…! They started this blog and spent the last several months of their free time for the sole purpose of creating this contest, whereby they could get to the 4th Round and rig it against Kentucky!
    If all y’all would spend less time complaining and more time voting (since, you know, the contest doesn’t end for 30 hours) you might be able to defeat their dastardly plan.

  82. Holla says:

    “Well that’s shocking, I just viewed the poll and Matt Jones is losing by 271 votes.”

    Maybe because everytime you guys come in here to whine after voting somebody goes and voters for his opponent just to piss your infantile ass off? I know I just did.

  83. You Cheat says:

    I bet anything that when I check the poll in 10 minutes Matt Jones will be losing by 270-272 votes.

  84. What's the point of having a contest..... says:

    Everyone knows it was the Apollo mission that was rigged…..c’mon like Men could really ever walk on the moon….

  85. Holla says:

    “I bet anything that when I check the poll in 10 minutes Matt Jones will be losing by 270-272 votes.”

    Because in that 10 minutes you’ll have alienated that many more voters.

  86. Anonymous says:

    I just wonder how some clever bastard rigged the poll. He’s caused more controversy than OJ.

  87. You Cheat says:

    “Because in that 10 minutes you’ll have alienated that many more voters.”

    It’s interesting that I always alienate just enough voters to keep the margin between 270-272.

  88. Holla says:

    “It’s interesting that I always alienate just enough voters to keep the margin between 270-272.”

    Such is the super powers of your douchebagery.

  89. Holly says:

    I’ll say this again: Anyone who’s taking this contest seriously needs to have their head examined, STAT. What part of “Hot Blogger Bracket” sounds like it’s worth this much exasperation?

  90. Jkwo says:

    I apologize for my fellow Kentucky fans being a little crazy in the head.

    I actually find it kinda funny that the UFS and KSR fans are happening to vote at exactly the same times, keeping the distance so nice and even ;)

  91. I apologize for all the Big Blue Fans who believe the Internet is Serious Business ™. Forgive them, Ladies…, they know not what they do.

    You guys should have had a mandatory poll to be completed before you could vote, asking for age and sex of the voter. That way, we could see how many 25 to 40-year-old guys are voting for Matt as being the hottest blogger. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Just would be good data.

    I will request that if any of you Ladies… feel a twinge of guilt from the shenanigans, please post a classy picture of yourself posing in a Kentucky sweatshirt, a la Ms. Judd. The BBN will stumble over themselves in attempts to make nice.

  92. Holla says:

    Shouldn’t you guys being rolling coal trucks down the hill sides or dodging northerners and their soul stealing cameras right now?

  93. jebushchrist says:

    Dear Kentucky-
    I find it funny that when things were going well, you were all smiles, but the minute the scoreboard doesn’t look so pretty, you get cheap, petty, and ugly. The true test of class and character isn’t when you’re winning, it’s when you’re losing. So decide now, who do you want to be?

  94. Radioman says:

    Did they misspell Lexington on that poster, or is the building actually Lexinton?

  95. undergroundbto says:

    All this math makes my head hurt.

  96. Anonymous says:

    I’ve never met anyone who was a rolling coal truck. Those cameras do steal your soul though, that’s just a fact.

  97. Concerned Voter says:


    3. ….y’all are seriously upset about whatever’s happening, aren’t you? The guys who’ve gone down to Matt Jones in this contest have done so with grace and class.

    Why is Leitch still in it? He lost to Jones!

    again from HOLLY
    Also, for the record: He seems to be a delightful guy, but I don’t know Joe Speaker at all, didn’t know him at all before this contest, and I’m not sure any of the other girls did either. If we were going to rig this for a big-name blogger to win it all, why not Leitch? Shanoff? Shirley?

    Why is Leitch still in it? He lost to Jones!

    Rigged. Oh well. That’s what you’ve relegated this too. It’s ashame you can’t run a clean program. It’s like Jerry Tarkanian at UNLV or Bob Huggins anywhere! If its a 2 and out, Matt will play Leitch again and win again.

  98. undergroundbto says:

    GOOD LORD! The difference is 232 NOW! WHATEVER COULD THAT MEAN? Oh, Ladies, the childish that you put up with in the name of your craft. It truly is commendable. I will buy those of you in attendance on Friday a beer in recognition of your efforts.

  99. Holla says:

    “Rigged. Oh well. That’s what you’ve relegated this too. It’s ashame you can’t run a clean program. It’s like Jerry Tarkanian at UNLV or Bob Huggins anywhere! If its a 2 and out, Matt will play Leitch again and win again.”

    Or Sutton at KENTUCKY!!!

  100. Holly says:

    Why is Leitch still in it? He lost to Jones!

    Why can’t you read the post at the top of this page?

    It’s ashame you can’t run a clean program.

    Or spel.

  101. CJ says:

    As the managing editor of Up For Sports, I’m appalled by the level of venom being thrust upon the lovely (and likely fantastically hot) ladies of Ladies… It’s stupid, frankly, to suggest they have some interest in seeing Joe Speaker move on in this contest.

    And to suggest there are any shenanigans going on offends my sensibilities. Should there be a tech savvy friend of Up For Sports (or the sister blog Up For Poker) affecting the vote totals, well, we’d never, ever support that. We believe fair play is the only way to go (as long as fair play means we win by at least a couple hundred votes).

    We love the ladies of Ladies… for running this awesome contest and providing us with a little extra traffic. We will endeavor to send the traffic back ten-fold.

  102. Holly says:

    That’s what you’ve relegated this too.

    Also, I’m not sure “relegated” means what you think it means.

  103. Anonymous says:

    “GOOD LORD! The difference is 232 NOW! WHATEVER COULD THAT MEAN? Oh, Ladies, the childish that you put up with in the name of your craft. It truly is commendable. I will buy those of you in attendance on Friday a beer in recognition of your efforts.”

    Someone realized that there shenanigans were being exposed, and decided to turn off their cheat machine for a moment.

  104. Wednesday says:

    I think the poll is momentarily broken – it’s not accepting votes anymore…..

  105. Disgruntled Goat says:

    Ladies…, your poise in the face of douchebaggery has been outstanding.

  106. I do enjoy that the UFS/KSR battle has more votes than all the other contests combined.

    If you’re being out-cheated, blame yourself. Fucking babies.

  107. Matt J says:

    I (Matt Jones from the site) have no problem with the ladies here…..they are all amazingly sexy and I am a big fan of their site.

    I do think the vote was likely rigged by my opponent (the consistent 271-272 margin suggests as much), but more power to him. If it were solely a “hottest” male blogger, I am not sure if I would have gotten this far.

    But ladies, you will always have my heart…..

  108. Concerned Voter says:

    “Rigged. Oh well. That’s what you’ve relegated this too. It’s ashame you can’t run a clean program. It’s like Jerry Tarkanian at UNLV or Bob Huggins anywhere! If its a 2 and out, Matt will play Leitch again and win again.”

    “Or Sutton at KENTUCKY!!!”

    Exactly my point. Complete sham!!!!!!! So we are on the same page. Cool!

  109. AlCantHang says:

    Fear the Speaker! This is what happens when a bunch of degenerate poker players has his back.

    Good job Ladies…, a good time had by all.

  110. ladyandrea says:

    Matt J, that’s not the margin anymore. It was 195 like 15 seconds ago.

  111. Hank Scorpio says:

    Well I suppose a UK fan would know something about dirty programs:

    A blast as large as the one involving City College on Feb. 18 exploded on Oct. 20 when Hogan arrested Kentucky basketball players Ralph Beard, Alex Groza and Dale Barnstable for accepting $500 bribes to shave points in an NIT game against Loyola of Chicgo in Madison Square Garden in 1949. Groza and Beard had been on two NCAA championship teams and Beard also had been on one NIT winner.

    However, the university did little to reform itself until scandal erupted over two Kentucky players in 1989. First, Eric Manuel was accused of having received improper assistance on his college entrance exams. Second, an Emery Worldwide package sent to the guardian of Chris Mills burst open in transit, revealing $1000 in cash. The NCAA slapped Kentucky with three years’ probation, including banishment from the 1990 and 1991 NCAA Tournaments. The NCAA also stripped Kentucky of its three wins in the 1988 NCAA tournament.

  112. Holly says:

    Thanks, Matt….we’ve got nothin’ but love for you and your site.

  113. Hell have no fury... says:

    Hell have no fury like a UK fan that is getting robbed in a hot blogger contest…….if there was a way to set this blog on fire…..I WOULD.

  114. Anonymous says:

    “I think the poll is momentarily broken – it’s not accepting votes anymore…..”

    That was a glitch from when they were turning the cheat machine off.

  115. duke says:

    It had to be Kentucky. The team with :

    Adolph Rupp (why does that name sound familiar? oh, yes!) – the most famous racist coach in the history of sports,
    the dirtiest basketball program, ever,
    a black coach that wins them a national title and is promptly run off.

    Class all the way.

  116. CJ says:

    What the UK fans don’t realize is that the poker blogger community is a vast and powerful army of people who are accustomed to spending hours in front of a computer pressing a button over and over again.

    Who needs shenanigans?

  117. Yes. “They”. Same men that are in the black helicopters you nuts.

    Thanks for the love Matt J.

  118. Kansas says:

    This just in: the “Biggest Racist Bracket” is coming soon.
    Time to notch another title, Kentucky!

  119. Stella says:

    A “cheat machine”? Are you kidding me? Unlike your fair state, “Anonymous” (catchy!), the world doesn’t run on hand-cranked gadgetry.

  120. ladyandrea says:

    Hee hee, Stella.

  121. TGB says:

    Hell have no fury

    It’s HATH. But you care enough to set a blog on fire, so we already knew you were dumb.

  122. Wednesday says:

    Heh…The margin seems to be staying at 149/150 now….

  123. Concerned Voter says:

    At least the Ladies are getting a ton of hits. They must love that.

  124. Holly says:

    +many, many cocktails, TGB.

    Y’all just sit there and keep refreshing this thread….our hit traffic counter sends its regards.

  125. Radioman says:

    Better getting hits than getting hit on by the people of Kentucky. Of course, none of them are your sister, so not much chance of you hitting on the Ladies…

  126. Precious Roy says:

    “A cheat machine”

    Or as I call it: My ex-girlfriend.


    Seriously, thank you to the folks of Kentucky for some of the best unintentional humor I’ve had the pleasure of reading in a good long while. And thanks to the Ladies… for all of their efforts.

  127. Duke Sucks says:

    This is great!

    Kudos ladies.

  128. TGB says:

    As long as it’s not a mint julip. (Or an appletini.)

  129. Duke Sucks says:

    I think “The Cheat Machine”. Was Intentional Humor.

  130. Florida says:

    Kentucky? I remember them.

  131. Holly says:

    I think “The Cheat Machine”. Was Intentional Humor.
    I’m pretty sure it was not. Consider the source.

  132. Concerned Voter says:

    If you knew anything about Adolph Rupp, you would surely know he wasn’t racist. Do some research. He was a great coach and a legend. If you are old enough to know him and are on this site I applaud you. Dumbass. I guess since Christian Laettner is so gay UK is now gaybashing too.

  133. “At least the Ladies are getting a ton of hits. They must love that.”

    I don’t know if you have noticed, but we don’t have any ads on this site. We’re not making any money off the “hits”.

  134. If you only knew... says:

    How hot a “Rich”, smart, sweet, funny guy can be. I know I have one…hope you’ll have one someday soon too! Ya know,…someone as great as MATT JONES….it’s truly nice being married to a guy that has it all! Not just a membership to the local gym!

  135. Hitler says:

    Concerned Voter – Rupp was a huge racist man, seriously. He even creeped me out.

  136. Clare says:

    At least the Ladies are getting a ton of hits. They must love that.

    We’ve gotten at least three of ’em from you, Conerned Voter.


  137. Hey Mr. Kansas!!! says:

    Adolf Rupp was born and bred in Kansas……hmmm….

  138. Holly says:

    So according to this, we should be done with this thread now, right?

  139. Orlando Magic says:

    Billy who? I’m going to the Waffle House.

  140. Duke Sucks says:

    Wow, who was talking about kentuckians winnig a racist contest?

    What about a stereotypical contest? You guys are cruel!

  141. Anonymous says:

    Kentucky – please stop using our name. We are ashamed to be associated* with you.

    * that means related to

  142. Han says:

    Point of interest – calling UK fans classless or otherwise insulting us doesn’t reflect well on the one doing the insulting.

    Kentuckians are just very competitive, particularly when it comes to something linked to basketball (which Matt Jones is), and thus, we expect to win. And we have been winning dramatically. Therefore we just found it a bit fishy when the opponent, who seems to have an even less-trafficked blog, racked up more votes than in the previous rounds. Yes, it’s possibly due to people voting for him just to piss off the UK fans, but it was also fishy that for quite some time, this other blogger stayed precisely 271-2 votes ahead of Matt, despite a specific effort by UK fans to overcome the deficit. And UK fans are known for our ability to dominate basketball-related polls online – not because we have no life and clog the ballot boxes, but because there are more passionate UK fans than there are fans for other schools, in part because UK is the primary sports team in our area.

    Also, though I’m sure it was just an error, it was conspicuous that Matt’s name is out of order on the poll, as he is higher seeded. We Kentucky fans tend to notice these things because we are often singled out and attacked by others in the sporting world for our history of domination and devotion to the sport. We also just weathered a significant media firestorm in recent months for our ‘running off’ of our coach of 10 years. Most of the media attacks were based on stereotypes and misinformation, and few of the attacks were classy. We take pride in our power as a fanbase, and take great offense when we are abused and mocked. Hell, Matt Jones specifically played a hand in a distinctive change in the attitude of ESPN’s Andy Katz, who just weeks ago stated he simply didn’t expect UK to be that good (in less glowing language), but now has moved us up dramatically into his Top 25. We UK fans support our own, and unite against our enemies, in basketball, or silly contests.

    And one last point – while UK’s program has made mistakes in the past (which we acknowledge and are shamed by), Rupp as a massive racist is mostly a creation of the media (including the movie Glory Road). Rupp was probably less-racist than most of the SEC at the time. So if you’d like to actually know more about the man, check out the documentary made by a Kentucky sportscaster recently: Adolph Rupp: Myth, Legend and Fact. If you would instead prefer to lob childish insults based on stereotypes and false beliefs…well, have fun.

  143. Osama Bin Laden says:

    Agree with Hitler…he’s credible right?

  144. Anonymous says:

    You gals are the ones taking this way too serious. Cheat machine was meant to be funny, though I still maintain shenanigans are at hand.

  145. Holly says:

    You gals are the ones taking this way too serious.

    Your compatriots (“kin”) and their user names beg to differ, sir.

  146. Clare says:

    Holly, I was thinking the same thing. And then I laughed because Hitler and Osama agree with us!

  147. Anonymous says:

    And for the record, the cheat machine is now set for 149-151.

  148. ladyandrea says:

    Clare, be sure and invite Mr. Hitler and Mr. Laden to our Paris Party.

  149. Rupp says:

    It was all the liberal media and Jews in Hollywood! Everyone I allow to speak knows that! Now you boys shut up!

  150. CJ says:

    I’m curious here… the suggestion is that the 2500 votes for Joe Speaker (a fabulously nice guy and great writer) are fake votes but the 2400 votes for Matt Jones are all real people?

    Is this what Kentuckians do for fun?

  151. Osama Bin Laden says:

    I hate women too!

  152. Holly says:

    Hey Clare, remember that time we thought up this crazy idea months and months ago, to showcase all our favorite bloggers’ hot brains and hot bodies, and how it spiraled into a HUGE amount of work and stress but we kept at it, and found a ton of new sites to read every day, and generally had a fantastic time, and then a bunch of trolls invaded our sandbox? Remember that? That was fun.

  153. Free Paris Hilton girls! says:

    Now you know why Matt Jones has the best blog…..EVERYONE participates and it’s always good for a laugh and it’s always a whole lot of fun. can have it without partying with Paris, ya know.

  154. Holly says:

    I’m curious here… the suggestion is that the 2500 votes for Joe Speaker (a fabulously nice guy and great writer) are fake votes but the 2400 votes for Matt Jones are all real people?

    Yeah, see his numbers for the last rounds. Then, you are cordially invited to laugh your ass off at the righteous indignation in this thread.

  155. “Also, though I’m sure it was just an error, it was conspicuous that Matt’s name is out of order on the poll, as he is higher seeded.”

    That was entirely my fault, and by the time it was done and the links were sent out, it was too late to change the link to the poll, so I just changed the coding of the poll. And so we are 100% transparent – here are the emails between Texy and I on this –

    stopkillinge entourage wrote:
    Date: Mon, 18 Jun 2007 21:25:31 -0700 (PDT)
    From: stopkillinge entourage
    Subject: Re: Fwd: Polls
    To: Texy

    I just fixed in Poll Daddy. It should look ok now.

    Texy wrote:
    Did you have new code for that one poll?

  156. Free Paris Hilton girls! says:

    Hey…we’re doing the same thing as YOU ALL! Hello…we drop in on Matt’s blog…we don’t create bogus voting for fun. Who’s the loser here….

  157. Pete Rose says:

    Did someone mention cheating? Cool site ladies. Wanna buy my new book or an autographed bat?

  158. somebody say something about Ally Sheedy?

  159. Anonymous says:

    Here’s what the real version of that email looked like.

    Date: Mon, 18 Jun 2007 21:25:31 -0700 (PDT)
    From: stopkillinge entourage
    Subject: Re: Fwd: Polls
    To: Texy

    I just fixed the vote in Poll Daddy. It should look ok now.

    Texy wrote:
    Did you have new cheat code for that one poll?

  160. “The Cheat Machine” is what I used to call my then-girlfriend… but later I just shortened it to “Bitch-gimme-back-my-records”

  161. Holly says:

    Oh, SNAP!*


  162. “Hey Clare, remember that time we thought up this crazy idea months and months ago, to showcase all our favorite bloggers’ hot brains and hot bodies, and how it spiraled into a HUGE amount of work and stress but we kept at it, and found a ton of new sites to read every day, and generally had a fantastic time, and then a bunch of trolls invaded our sandbox? Remember that? That was fun.”

    Remember when I was stressed out on Sunday night and said we should end at 11 and declare them all winners? Seemed lame at the time, but now it makes more sense.

  163. is there a trophy for not being a douche?

  164. CJ says:

    For the record:

    Up For Sports loves all The Ladies…

    You are invited to our poker table any time you want to play.

  165. Holly says:

    If that’s a euphemism, CJ, or even if it isn’t, count me in.

  166. Pseudonym says:


    DUDE! Where ya been?!?!

  167. Incognito says:

    @Pseudonym, @Anonymous.

    Stop it, both of you. You’re going to blow all of our cover.

  168. CJ says:

    Sorry, Holly… it’s not a euphemism.

    I’m recently engaged to the most beautiful woman in the world. Some of the other UFS writers, on the other hand, would be more than happy to offer you their euphemisms.

  169. metschick says:

    You girls are probably all ugly anyway….

    Wrong! I’m hideous.

  170. Holly says:

    I, on the other hand, am ugly. My bad.

  171. Anonymous says:


    DUDE! Where ya been?!?!”

    Long time, no see. How’s the wife and kids?

  172. Okay I feel bad I started that now.

  173. ladyandrea says:

    Tell us more, CJ. Also, congrats!

  174. Pete Rose says:

    I “Bet” that Matt Jones comes back!

  175. J Money says:

    All this talk of “manipulating.”

    I wonder how many Anonymous Manipulators visit Ladies… every day.

  176. Pete Rose says:

    I “Bet” that Matt Jones comes back! Oh he already did.

  177. Michael Jordan says:

    I’ll take that “Bet”…

  178. Clare says:

    Some of the other UFS writers, on the other hand, would be more than happy to offer you their euphemisms.

    I’m listening…

  179. SA says:

    In these comments there have been in some way, shape, or form duke, duke sucks, calling out of Laettner, and Kentucky. All we need is to bring in UNC somehow and my college basketball fandom will reach it’s peak.

    Oh Kentucky fans, my day would have gone by without much laughter if it wasn’t for you. Kudos!

  180. SA says:

    Just as I post that, Jordan shows up. Can he count as UNC?

  181. Free Paris Hilton girls! says:

    150 is the new you, I see…Nuts and Bolts, Nuts and Bolts…Matt is getting screwed…..and in not the way that he would prefer….

  182. Bob says:

    “Now you know why Matt Jones has the best blog…..EVERYONE participates and it’s always good for a laugh and it’s always a whole lot of fun. can have it without partying with Paris, ya know.”

    If the reaction here today is any indication he, his blog and his worthless fan are the most classless blog, and I don’t think any of the Ladies are having fun after the bullshit they’ve been putting up with out of you worthless fucks this afternoon.

  183. Free Paris Hilton girls! says:

    You reap what you sow!

  184. Hank Scorpio says:

    If Matt is so great then why hasn’t he told his insult squad to stfu? This is how he thanks the Ladies… for this opportunity? By sitting by and watching while they’re insulted?

  185. CJ says:

    Well, Ladies… since you asked….

    I believe UFS contributors Joe Speaker, BG, Daddy and Geno would be more amenable to that kind of poker game…

  186. Xzander says:

    “We encouraged shenanigans at the outset, but if they’re in play, it’s not from our end,”

    actully I was wondering why in every poll the top seed/left pic is at the top but in the ksr one (and the only one) the top seed/left pic is the bottom person. maybe a honest mistake but diffently kind of odd.

  187. CJ says:

    Ha! That makes you a poker blogger (it only takes one mention of poker to join our friendly community). Guess that moves you to the top of the Up For Sports blogroll (sorry Deadspin).

  188. burnsy says:

    If you honestly think the Ladies… are cheating, then you need to just leave the site.

  189. Matt has a job.... says:

    He’s an attorney and he JUST got on the air for his radio show…..give him a chance….He has 2 jobs…don’t worry…he’ll be here shortly…..

  190. Hank Scorpio says:

    He’s been on here already, he had his chance and didn’t take it. He shouldn’t have to be prodded or guiled into doing the right thing.

  191. Pete Rose says:

    Hank…..breath deep.

  192. Gator Bait says:

    Quit your bitching Kentucky fans. If you all are true men, you should vote for the Florida boys still in the tournament, and cut your losses…

    Orson Swindle, Darren, and Dan Shanoff.

    Even if they lose, they have 3 national championships in the past 2 years to share.

  193. Hank Scorpio says:

    I’m just getting started.

  194. Anonymous says:

    No news here … if you look at the voting pattern from day one Joe Speaker’s camp have been rigging the vote.

  195. Big Jules says:

    Girls, it might be easier to get a date on the computer using one of those services that match people up.

  196. ?????????? says:

    joe pushed his lead to 1600 in the last 10 min

  197. Kentucky Blows says:

    Give a cheer for the Orange and Blue
    Waving forever, forever
    Pride of all Florida
    May she droop never
    We’ll Sing a song for the Flag today,
    Cheer for the team at play,
    On to the goal we’ll fight our way for Florida!

  198. Brent says:

    No matter whos doing it, there is definite cheating going on here. Im starting to think its the ladies though (sorry ladies) because in every matchup the left picture is the top seed and it is always the top choice in the vote selector. However, in Matt’s matchup he is on the left, is the high seed, but is the bottom choice on the vote selector. Somethings up!

  199. Hank Scorpio says:

    Well, I’ve been trying to avoid this but I did see Texas Gal in the grassy knoll. If only Jim Garrison was around to get to the bottom of this.

    Or you know, you guys could try showing some class.

  200. UF0607 says:

    Radioman Says:

    June 19th, 2007 at 4:19 pm
    Is it wrong that everytime I see the phrase “KY guy came in and mopped up” I think of lubricants?

    Funny Radioman everytime I see this statement I think of your mom. Tell that bitch to party own.

  201. Matt F. says:

    Hank – I actually think the response from UK fans hasn’t been as insane as it could be considering the bigot, rascist, Kentuckians are in general dipshits comments. I only saw one really offensive comment and it wasn’t even that bad just generally low brow and stupid. Also you can’t blame one person for everyone who has access to his blog….chill out man.

  202. UF0607 says:

    ^^party on I mean.

  203. eDayStat says:

    I am pretty ashamed to be from Kentucky at the moment. Wait a second, found the bourbon. Happy to be from Kentucky again.

  204. wait wait wait… was that a “your mom” joke… holy shit… it lives!

  205. socalgal says:

    Wow, this got ugly fast! Ladies, this has been a fun way to occupy downtime at work the past couple of weeks. Thanks for all of your hard work! I hope that you benefit from the added hits. As a Kentucky fan, I know we may seem a little extreme as a whole sometimes (trust me I’m not always proud of the comments of some of the BBN), but you all have to give “the nation” a little credit because we absolutley are this passionate about everything! It is true that Matt and the entire KSR crew do a great job & have avid fans. Honesly, we all need to give these girls props…it’s hillarious that you’ve gotten so many middle-aged men across the country to vote for other guys “hotness” or lack thereof! Good job!
    (and Go Big Blue ~ hottest or not we still love you matt!)

  206. Hank Scorpio says:

    I think after all the work that went into this, to essentially have fun, to see them put up with so much shit from these jackasses; I don’t care how bad it may or may not have been. And whats with the completely feckless response from their savior at 4:41? If he’s so great then why the hell didn’t he shut them down?

    There’s no excuse, nobody has anything at stake here except for the Ladies… it their site, and all their hard work setting it up; these guys and Matt are jokes.

  207. Matt F. says:

    Tell us how you really feel Hank that’s when the healing starts…..

  208. Chuck Norris says:

    This is freakin amazingt?!? It sounds like the Gore vs. Bush debate of 2000 on this message board. Speaker looks like Erik Estrada illegitimate child & Jones looks like he is 12 with that haircut. So no matter who wins, the legitimacy(if you have any) of your contest has gone out the window anyway.

  209. socalgal says:

    eDayStat…well played :)

  210. CJ says:

    On behalf of Up For Sports, I’d like to apologize to The Ladies if our voting techniques have caused any undue stress. We see this as a fun thing and if someone else’s voting techniques are better than ours, we will certainly applaud their um… passion.

  211. Hank Scorpio says:

    Trust me I’m not angry; but I’m not going to sit here and watch this bullshit either.

  212. Pete Rose says:

    First of all, by no means, is Matt Jones our Savior. Get a grip. Second, are these women half as offended by this as you are? If they are, on behalf of Cooperstown, Bart Giamatti, Fay Vincent, and Bud Selig: I apoligize. If Marge Schott was still alive I’m sure she would support the Hot Blogging Women of America(HBWA).

    Anyone got the line on the Reds-A’s game tonight?

  213. Chuck Norris says:

    My sentiment exactly eDayStat, but I found my bluegrass too.

  214. JP says:

    Seriously, this is out of control.

    Ladies… Thank you for putting this whole thing together for us to have some fun.

    I can’t believe people are getting this bent out of shape about this. Just take a second and think: these Ladies took the time to put all of this together, decided on seeds and made it quite elaborate. Why would they possibly cheat? It’s not like their site is bringing revenue, as someone already pointed out. If they wanted the dude from UFS to win, they would’ve given him a higher seed. Or even better, just unilaterally declared him the winner. If they wanted Matt to lose, they wouldn’t have let him in the contest at all. I could go on and on.

    Do you really think they whimsically engineered a giant conspiracy just to exclude YOU? Please. Stop being so self-centered and get over any middle school exclusion trauma you may have experienced.

    If even 1% of UK fans are like this (and I assume this is not an accurate representation of all UK fans), I can understand why nobody wants to coach there.

  215. hey did Brady Quinn get drafted yet?

  216. Hank Scorpio says:

    Yeah, actually they are Pete. Do you actually give a fuck?

  217. Hank Scorpio says:

    I should qualify a few are; I don’t know the others.

  218. Pete Rose Jr. says:

    Dad, stop gambling so you can bail me out of jail for peddling steroids again!

  219. jebushchrist says:

    I agree with Hank 100%. All Matt Jones had to do was pull the pimping off his blog, write a post telling his “fans” to stop, and write a comment here apologizing. It would have taken him 5 minutes and I know he had the time, because he did stop by and didn’t do the right thing.
    I went to a party once with a bunch of my meathead football buddies. A couple of them got really drunk, broke some stuff, and started a fight. I kicked them all out, apologized for their/my mistakes, and made good on the damages. I didn’t have to think about it because it was the only thing to do. My question to Matt Jones is – do you really need to be taught how to be a man by random people on an internet comment thread?

    PS I was 14 when that happened

  220. Pete Rose says:

    Bitter party of one your table is now available.

    Wake up Hank your table is ready!

  221. Matt F. says:

    JP – Way to be the voice of reason but get your dig in there at the end (/sarcasm). I don’t think UK has the market cornered on nutty fans (but they may have a majority stake). I think CJ above just admitted to cheating – and hey that’s fine – it’s just a silly poll. Everybody should just drop it at this point b/c the conversation doesn’t seem to be getting any more reasonable.

  222. eDayStat says:

    Pete 7-2 A’s. We got Gaudin on the hill against some 12 year-old named Bailey.

  223. CJ – We’re (at least I am) with you and your crew. BFFs.

  224. Pete Rose says:

    eDayStat Says:

    June 19th, 2007 at 6:57 pm
    Pete 7-2 A’s. We got Gaudin on the hill against some 12 year-old named Bailey.

    Seriosly…he doesn’t looke a day over 16. Doh! Mmm Ice Cream.

  225. holydogwater says:

    Ever since Orson slandered me with that egregious “too much hair gel” statement I have noticed a lot of negative posts??? Like 300 of them in a row. Damn you White Rain, you’ve done it again!!!! You have brought shame to the HDW family with too much hair gel.

    It’s not my fault; without the gel I have an “irish fro” which will not fit into the camera shot. But just to set the record straight, I have been mostly gel free since 2003. One day at a time my friends, one day at a time.

    Now that that kerfuffle has been settled, we can all now get back to just getting along then. Good luck to you Orson.

  226. Tardinals says:

    Funny how people can come on here, say UK fans are going overboard because Matt is getting cheated, when they know they would question this thing just as much if they were the ones getting played. Sorry to see such great idea get have a blatant, obvious cheat going on. Hate on UK all you want, but if this is the only way you guys can beat Matt….well, we ALL know who would win if this thing was done fair and square.

  227. Hank Scorpio says:

    Hypocritical much Pete? This spew of shit isn’t bitterness about Matt losing?

    Want to try again?

  228. HDW – You have the Irish fro too? Can you talk to StarterBoyfriend? He does too and has a serious hair product addiction. I’ve tried to break the cycle, but he just cannot lay off the junk.

  229. eDayStat says:

    LMFAO, what part of “cheating is encouraged” don’t people fucking understand. Wait, I forgot, there’s only like 12% of us in this state that can read.

  230. eDayStat says:

    HDW, only you and my grandma use White Rain. Now Purple Rain, that sir, is a different story.

  231. Pete Rose says:

    Not at all. Could care less. Watching you get pissed is fun though.
    The Hit King

  232. Tardinals says:

    Why have a contest when you gals can just name the winner anyway?

  233. Tardinals says:

    Joe Speaker has never even had 6800 people on his website.

  234. Hank Scorpio says:

    Yeah, it must be hilarious to see others defend their friends.

  235. Matt F. says:

    Tardinal try not be such a dipshit….

  236. Pete Rose says:

    Speaker is being represented by a gambling website. Let me tell ya: never trust anyone who gambles!!!! Oh shit! Did I say that?

  237. JoeSpeaker says:

    The explanation is really quite simple.

    Sex sells. And voters are buyin’.

    Which should make it obvious the ladies have nothing to do with this aside from sacrificing their own time for something fun. Now, if I could somehow rig some phone numbers out of ’em…

  238. Pete Rose says:

    Hank, the ladies have been complemented for this site, and apologized to many times. Who are you to……nevermind. Shut up and know your role!

  239. Pete Rose says:

    Nice Blog Joe. You now have my support!

  240. Tardinals says:

    Matt F.

    I’m the dipshit? you just showed that he’s only got 375 visits this week… only 375 visits to his site, but over 6800 votes on here? you just proved what an idiot you are by giving that link.

  241. Matt F. says:

    Tardinal – Its says 16, 256 visits.

  242. Hank Scorpio says:

    Yeah, they have been apologized to, by people from the other guys blog, people in other contests, even people with nothing to do with it at all. Just not by Matt or any or your brethren. At least not sincerely.

  243. Pete Rose says:

    Matt F. That is total lifetime of site. This week its 375.

  244. Matt F. says:

    I was responding to:

    “Joe Speaker has never even had 6800 people on his website.”

    So yeah I know it is lifetime visits.

  245. RabidUKFan says:

    10,000 votes…for a hot blogger contest? Worries me a lot about the gambling business, ya know? Also, the ‘cheap shots against Kentuckians’ thing has gotten really old.

    Thanks, ladies, for some fun and for stroking Matt Jones’ ego a bit. He’s a really nice guy who takes his time to give us UK basketball information for free. Sadly, the hatred and bigotry are free, too. It’s very sad that people have to resort to Hitler references and name calling…I don’t understand why, is all. I hope that you recover from this when it’s over… and thanks for the admission of guilt, CJ. It gave the haters an excuse to hate for a while, now maybe they’ll go home and leave the ladies alone. Oh, and Holly, thanks for the reference to Goodwin’s law… I’d forgotten about that.

    Oh, and for the record…Duke Sucks!!

  246. Tardinals says:

    Are you that dumb Matt F. you don’t even know how to use your “evidence of Joe’s ZOMG numbers”

    MMMM average is 54 per day so….

  247. Matt F. says:

    I’m not going to explain to you “Joe Speaker has never even had 6800 people on his website.”

  248. Seriously Dude says:

    “Also, the ‘cheap shots against Kentuckians’ thing has gotten really old.”

    Seriously dude, what did you expect after the crap your boys pulled?

  249. holydogwater says:

    It’s not the StarterBoyfriend’s fault, it’s an addiction he cannot control. I, of course, blame my father. He just had to use that crap they had back in the 50’s… called actual grease.

    The Irish fro is unstoppable. The more you feed it the more it needs it. I have a serious theory… you know how we Irish “need” alcohol, well, our Irish hair has that same need (genetically speaking). Have you seen what the main ingredient is in hair gel??? Yep, you guessed it, alcohol! His hair is an alcoholic!

  250. Tardinals says:

    wanna find out Matt Jones’ numbers over the same period of time Matt ?

    I bet the difference will show that without cheating Joe wouldn’t stand a chance.

  251. eDayStat says:

    Again, why are people complaining about cheating when it is recommended in the rules?

  252. Matt F. says:

    I’m actually a UK fan and a visitor of Matt’s site but you were spewing so badly I was trying to embarass and shut you up before you could embarasse UK fans worse.

  253. Hank Scorpio says:

    HDW, it no secret when we stop drinking our hair falls out.

  254. HDW – That is a great theory. He used to shave it off, but I love the blonde curls so I made him grow it out for me.

    But I swear, he uses way more product than I do. (Me and my useless straight hair.)

    Everyone fucking else

    Ok, can we all calm down now? Please? Less hate and more love.

  255. Tardinals says:

    right matt. eDayStat, why have a poll contest where the real winner doesn’t win??? Tell me you guys are stooping to the like of the corrupted American government system….

  256. Tardinals says:

    last couple posts were deleted?

  257. Tardinals says:

    nevermind, there they are.

  258. Matt F. says:

    ahhh – my point is made.

    Good Job on the contest ladies. Sorry for any undesired stress or people who were jerks. That’s the internet for ya’. Peace.

  259. burnsy says:

    So far we have a mom joke, a Rock quote and a guy making Pete Rose gambling jokes. Were the past three decades really this unfunny?

  260. Tardinals says:

    your point was made matt f.

    you’re a fucking idiot who’s “evidence” made him look like a fool…

    again you’re right, your point was made.

  261. JP says:

    Hey Burnsy,
    I thought everyone loved the show Roc?

  262. Hey Tardinals – You too. More love, less hate. My patience is gone for the day.

  263. burnsy says:

    I miss that show, but with as much shit as everyone gave Seinfeld and the Sopranos, ROC had the absolute biggest failure of a final show when they tried to do it live.

  264. Tardinals says:

    and matt jones takes the lead.

  265. burnsy says:

    So do all of the UFS people start ripping the Ladies… to shreds now or can we remain calm?

  266. Tardinals says:

    Well i guess this just means the guys over at KSR figured out the dupe. Fight fire with fire i guess. But hey, im sure now that KSR people figured out how to cheat matt will be DQ’d. Right?

  267. Tardinals says:

    Joe Speaker just got 3k votes in under a minute, wow. haha

  268. burnsy says:

    Is this whole spurts of 2,000 votes even entertaining at this point?

  269. Yeah, and? says:

    So both sides are cheating and we’re supposed to feel sorry because you aren’t as good at it?

  270. Tardinals says:

    Never asked anyone to feel sorry did i? I just know how deep the hate for UK runs.

  271. alan says:

    I’m certainly entertained.

  272. burnsy says:

    I didn’t know I was upset that I wasn’t cheating.

  273. JP says:

    The Roc finale was live?

    Poor taste, Fox. Poor taste.

  274. burnsy says:

    Oh it was live. And I think there was one mess-up and they all fake laughed through it. The whole thing was just awkward.

  275. Matt J says:

    This is all a bit overwhelming…..remember folks, it is all in good fun.

    And to the ladies who run this site, know that I love you sexy young lasses…..

  276. Yeah, and? says:

    I could really care less about UK. It means nothing to me, don’t like it, don’t dislike it, I nothing it. But the idea that this is something to flood this board over seems odd.

  277. Hank Scorpio says:

    Yeah the last Roc was live, a couple of episode the final season were, I think Dutton knew he was going back on stage and wanted to get some practice in.

  278. eDayStat says:

    First off, where is the hate for UK? I think it’s accepted that most people hate Duke basketball, Notre Dame Football, and Yankees baseball. You guys are the ones that are drumming up hate on UK now. Thanks for making us all look like jackasses.

  279. burnsy says:

    I don’t hate UK. I hate Vanderbilt. Those smarmy bastards are always up to no good.

  280. Tardinals says:

    you’re welcome

  281. We can all agree on hating Vandy.

  282. CJ says:

    I’d like to commend the UK people for getting in the true spirit of this contest and stuffing the ballot box as well. Now we’ll see which site has a tech guy with more… um… passion.

  283. JP says:

    Scorpio: that’s a good theory. I wish I was awesome enough to alter my current job to prepare for my next job.

    Burnsy: If it wasn’t for that mistake, Roc would be considered an all-time great too

  284. burnsy says:

    The Ladies… are now being protected in an undisclosed location… wherever it is, it has plenty of pictures of David Wright and perhaps a hair doll, too.

  285. burnsy says:

    JP: I completely agree.

    TSW: I’ve never wanted anything more in my life than a bowling championship. Vanderbilt has one. I despise Vanderbilt.

  286. […] Hot Blogger Bracket – Round 4 – All Regions Vote Here Voting Ends Wednesday Night at 11 PM PST.  […] […]

  287. Tardinals says:

    In Louisville, if any of you ever listened to The Morning Movement w/ Tony and D’White on 100.5 the fox, D’White always called them the Vandebilt “curtsie-wherlies”

  288. alan says:

    If you play with fire… ;)

  289. KB says:

    Joe Speaker my friend you are one MASSIVE pathetic loser….who cheats just to win a “hot blogger contest” seriously?….get a life bud.

    and at least Matt has “real” people vote for him.

  290. socalgal says:

    Good night yall! And for the record… I agree duke does suck

  291. socalgal says:

    One last thing…
    KB, give Joe Speaker a break…he probably had about as much to do with his votes as MAtt did with all of the crazy ranting that went on here today….

  292. Tardinals says:

    this site blows

  293. burnsy says:

    I like how “real” is in quotation marks.

  294. Pete Rose says:

    so at least no love for Duke or those pansies from Vandy with no athletic department, going on here!

  295. I gotta be honest with you… I dont even know what “this” means…

  296. burnsy says:

    Which blog do you run, Tardinals?

  297. eDayStat says:

    I like how people fight so passionately on the “internet”

  298. burnsy says:

    The eBayers are feisty today.

  299. burnsy says:

    OK, I’ve had my fun. Ladies… brush it off. You kick too much ass to worry about this.

  300. CJ says:

    For the record… Joe Speaker reached out to 90,000 of his closest friends and asked them to vote for him.

    There is NO cheating going on here. And if there were, I would personally request that anyone associated with Up For Sports denounce it immediately.

    Winning at all costs is barely winning at all. Just ask the Yankees. Wait… they didn’t win.

    Ah, screw it. On with the stuffing…

  301. Pete Rose says:

    Wow Joe must have gotten a great topic on his blog…he’s approaching 100k votes. That’s impressive.

  302. April says:

    To be fair, there was that recent article about him in the LA Daily News… plus the pictures of naked women that Al’s been throwing around in exchange for votes… you can hit 900,000 easy with that.

  303. Suss-- says:

    I don’t know who Pete Holiday is, but zOMG I’M IN BLOOMINGTON TOO!!!!!!1

    As for the other 295 comments, I didn’t read ’em, but I assume they pertained to quality quiche recipes.

  304. Pete Rose says:

    Right on Suss. You missed some good quiche chat.

  305. Mike White says:

    (deep, ominous voice) Excellent…everything is going according to plan…With everyone distracted by the Matt Jones/Joe Speaker feud, there is now NO ONE who can stop me from world domination! BWWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! (/deep, ominous voice)

    Wow…there is some serious hate in this thread. Hate, hate, hate, hate, hate! All we’re missing is Beautiful, Buck Nasty and Silky Johnson. Those dudes know how to hate with style.

    Silky: “What can I say about that suit, that hasn’t already been said about Afghanistan…it looks bombed out, and depleted.”

  306. john says:

    so 136000 people voted for joe speaker? right…. if i were inclined to cheat i would have made it at least close so i wouldnt look like foul play. use your head fellas

  307. Werentman says:


  308. john says:

    joe speaker got over 30k votes in less than a half hour, come on folks, this has gotten silly

  309. LOL who really gives a sh1t folks? It’s a freaking internet competition.

  310. Brent says:

    burnsy Says:

    June 19th, 2007 at 7:52 pm
    I don’t hate UK. I hate Vanderbilt. Those smarmy bastards are always up to no good.

    OH SNAP! He used ‘smarmy’ lmao…

  311. Extra P. says:

    I am now thoroughly enjoying the shenanigans. It’s gone beyond annoying and into funny now that Kentucky is getting a taste of their own medicine.

  312. Joe Speaker says:

    I am a insecure loser. I have nothing better to do than beg my internet poker friends to help me vote so I can win this hot blogger contest. By the way I am a man whore.

  313. Extra P. is my hero

  314. Suss – You are asking for my quiche receipe? Because I already emailed it to Rob I, and can forward it on.

  315. Joe Speaker says:

    I was just kidding I am not really insecure.

  316. Extra P. says:

    And, Texy, I’m sure you meant Orson Bean in ’08

  317. holydogwater says:

    Okay, Ladyandrea, in reference to your comments about 4,657 comments ago… I would never jello fight another man. This is just one of the many things you learn while rushing a major frat on any major college campi. Along with things like, “never fight naked… unless in prison!”

    So remember, only two chicks are allowed to fight in jello. It’s in the bible, look it up. It’s right next to the verse that expains that a three way can only involve a man and two women. One with a chick and two dudes is referred to as the “devils tree way” I think. Not sure since it’s been a while since my last theology class.

    Have I mentioned lately how much sh|t you ladies put up with doing this? I’m not sucking up, just an obseravtion. Please rest soon and drink one on me (I’ll mail the drink ticket anywhere).

  318. Werentman says:

    This competition werent fair.

  319. Extra P. says:

    “It’s ashame you can’t run a clean program. It’s like Jerry Tarkanian at UNLV or Bob Huggins anywhere!”

    Or, oh, say…. Kentucky under Eddie Sutton?

    I am busting a gut reading this stuff.

    By the way, I am so proud to hear that a Jayhawk fan says “motherfucker” in the most sexy way. I knew we had a special talent in Lawrence.

  320. J. Fromholz says:

    So it’s totally okay for some UK with a blog and a radio show to go solicit votes to where he alone is getting more votes than many of the other contests combined. Yet, when someone else uses whatever means they have at his disposal to so the same, it’s cheating?

    Is that how logic works in Kentucky?

    First off, it’s an Internet competition where shenanigans were encouraged. So it’s impossible to cheat.

    Second, it’s an Internet competition where the winner gets absolutely nothing. That’s right. There is absolutely nothing at stake here people. Just the ability to say, “I’m a hot blogger,” which you are totally free to do even if you didn’t even make the bracket.

    You people…

  321. BaptismByFire21 says:

    I first caught wind of this when I saw Burnsy take shots by 100 in the Mid-Atlantic bracket, and somehow he overcame a bastion of hellfire (yeah, I know it compromises proper English, but I failed it back in the day) in two consecutive rounds.

    It has gotten to the point where it’s a mockery of what technically is already a mockery of a contest.

    This particular matchup is dead and out of any realistic fun and has just become batting practice for each side on who can hate the most.

    Sorry Burnsy, but if someone wants you to get knocked out, there’s nothing you can do over in your bracket. These ass clowns mean business times 10,000!

    Good contest. It caught my attention and a lot of others. Game’s over. It almost made it all the way to the California/Carolina League All-Star game (which for some reason is in the middle of the week with players flying from the Carolina League…hmmm).

  322. J. Fromholz says:

    And wow, that’s some atrocious grammar there in my post.

    Apparently reading what people from Kentucky have write can be hazardous to an education.

  323. J. Fromholz says:

    And by “write” I mean “written.”

    I’ll stop now.

  324. B Fish says:

    Hate is bad.

    The Ladies… hate Kentucky. (or rather, their fans — understandably)

    UK fans — hate losing, hate cheating, hate their cheating past, hate racism, hate Sutton, hate the public perception of UK fans, hate negative stereotypes about a STATE on a hot blogger contest …

    I guess I should hate myself. That’s what I’ve learned today*.

    * 15 minutes.

  325. Werentman says:

    J. Fromholz’s grammar werent good.

  326. Extra P. says:

    Dammit, I knew my “write comments while reading the thread” strategy was going to backfire on me.

    By the way, I loved Roc. When I watch Rudy, I still say “There goes Janitor Roc, telling Rudy he’s five-foot-nuthin again!”

  327. T. Kyle King says:

    I will confess that I started skimming the comments after the first 100 or so, then skipping some comments after the first 200 or so, so I apologize if what follows is duplicative of anything that has been written thus far.

    The Ladies . . . worked very hard to put this together, were extremely open about their individual biases for or against particular contestants, created something fun and entertaining in the offseason, and openly invited voting shenanigans.

    The vast majority of the voters, visitors, and participants (including Matt Jones himself) took this in the spirit in which it was intended and derived some good-natured enjoyment from it, even while doing their best to win.

    I have started reading the weblogs of the two bloggers I went up against in the early rounds and, when my attempt to garner votes in a humorous fashion (by placing a call to EDSBS Live last Tuesday night) failed to put me over the top, I saluted my victorious opponent for “cheating better than me” and complimented his most vocal and quite clever supporter for her ingenuity. This is as it should be.

    Like the knife fight between Paul Newman and Ted Cassidy at the beginning of “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid,” there are no rules in the hot blogger bracket. The folks who criticized Mr. Jones and/or his supporters for finding a way to generate huge vote totals against his previous opponents, and the folks who are criticizing Joe Speaker and/or his supporters for finding a way to generate huge vote totals against Mr. Jones, are simply wrong and missing the point of the competition. He who lives by the sword dies by the sword and, as any good S.E.C. fans knows full well, you can’t complain if the other guy out-cheats you fairly and squarely.

    In the absence of a confession or actual evidence (neither of which I have seen), no one has any business making pointed accusations at the women behind this contest regarding the “fixing” of the vote. If they had been rigging it, why wouldn’t they have rigged it in favor of all of their favorites? They certainly made no effort to hide their preferences; some of them openly endorsed particular contenders. Why would this be the one race they fixed?

    Much more important than the charges of skullduggery leveled at particular Ladies . . . without supporting facts, though, are the base and baseless insults that have accompanied those accusations. Statements that the Ladies . . . “are probably all ugly anyway,” and similar animadversions, are unsupported by evidence. In fact, such claims are refuted by the (regrettably) scant evidence we have available to us.

    More to the point, even if such accusations were supportable, they ought not to be offered by anyone who was raised even remotely well. That simply is not how one addresses women, much less Ladies . . .

    I don’t know who is turning out more votes for Mr. Speaker than candidates in most local elections are able to capture, but I salute that person for cleverness and I look forward to hearing how it was done. Regardless of your opinion of how the balloting is going, though, you should show some respect.

    The last point I would make is that anyone who wishes to offer constructive criticisms should have the courage of his convictions. Bloggers like Peter Bean, Doug Gillett, Warren St. John, Will Leitch, and me use our real names. Bloggers like Orson Swindle, Sunday Morning Quarterback, Texas Gal, and Paul Westerdawg use familiar handles by which they are well known, easily identifiable, and able to be held accountable.

    If you have an opinion, have the guts to sign your name to it. Don’t make comments anonymously or use one-time-use-only handles like “Cheaters.” Some of us have enough pride in what we have to say, respect for ourselves, and respect for the people we are addressing to put our names and URLs behind what we write. If you’re so lacking in confidence in your position that you won’t own up to your own words, why bother sharing them?

    I apologize for hijacking your comment thread here, Ladies . . ., but, as an avid reader of William Faulkner, I subscribe to Gavin Stevens’s theory that female virtue must be defended, whether it exists or not. Anyone who wants to take issue with my disdain for guys who hide their identities while taking cheap shots at women knows where to find me.

  328. TheStarterBoyfriend says:

    The fact that “a group” of UK fans continually post, one after the other under such HILARIOUS nomiclatures as “Cheater…” and “This contest is rigged…” tells me that it’s probably one guy posting over and over again, which adds even MORE HILARITY to this thread.

    Reminds me of that scene in TRANSYLVANIA 6-5000 where Ed Begley Jr. is in the crowd of Transylvanians, using different voices to try and get the group stirred up and on the side of Jeff Goldblum. (“Wait! Let’s hear him out!” “Yes, let’s!”) Classic stuff.

  329. Extra P. says:

    OK, Goldfish Cowboy, take it back.

    T. Kyle King is your hero, and mine.

    Faulkner taught us well, sir. Well played.

  330. David Arnott says:

    I wonder if anyone else read the fine print when Holly had us meet Mr. Wonka for the contract signing. Didn’t you realize that in Round 4, we were supposed to vote for the person we wanted to lose?

    Let me suggest a future solution based on my experience as a high school teacher. Since this isn’t a democracy, but a (thus far) benevolent oligarchy (resisting “vaginarchy” joke), it’d probably be best to have only the Ladies’ eight votes count, and allow the rabble to argue/bribe as best they can.

  331. Suss-- says:


  332. Holly says:

    Thank you, TKK. You’re a gentleman and a scholar and are to be commended.

  333. TheStarterBoyfriend says:

    Did someone say “Quiche”? Mmm… Bacon Quiche!

  334. Brandon says:

    Amazing…this has gone from interesting to annoying to ridiculous to downright pointless, all within the span of a couple hours.

  335. Brent says:

    Looks like the tide has turned…

  336. Suss, I’ll email you the receipe for roasted red pepper and three cheese quiche.

  337. TheStarterBoyfriend says:

    I simply can’t compete with TKK’s comment. It was brilliant and insightful and thoughtful. All I could offer was a lame reference to TRANSYLVANIA 6-5000 and a comment about TSW’s incredible bacon quiche.

    My bad.

  338. B Fish says:

    Brent, Joe’s vote total hasn’t increased in 15 minutes and now Matt’s is exponentially increasing the same way Joe’s was.

    I feel like a ball of yarn. Who’s the kitten?

  339. Brent says:

    Its 50-50! The Big Blue Nation cannot be topped.

  340. Anonymous says:

    Its 50-50! The Big Blue Nation cannot be topped.

  341. Ok Suss – here you go since I cannot find your email addy –

    My changes –

    I don’t use the frozen puff pastry, but make my basic pie crust with flour and shortening/butter. (Although I am sure a frozen Pillsbury crust is fine.) Just make sure to pre-bake it some.

    I use half and half instead of heavy cream, because good lord, who has that around aside from the Holidays?

    I actually use a touch more of all the the cheeses, (I actually double the amount of feta), and a touch more onion.

    (I am sure you know this, but just in case, the cheeses that you are putting in the mixture – it is best to put it in a bowl ahead of time and toss with a tablespoon of flour. Just enough to coat it. Bakes better that way. This is true with all quiches with cheese.)

    Make sure you REALLY squeeze all the water out of the spinach. Its a pain, but prevents you from having a watery dish. Same with the peppers, but you can pat those dry before chopping.

    I use a pie pan, but when I make this for company, I double the recipe and make it in mini-muffin tins so they are bite-sized. This is a ton of work, but always a big hit.

    Hope you enjoy!

  342. Pete Rose says:

    anyone have a nice egg salad recipe?

  343. Hurricanes, trailer parks, and old farts says:

    Florida? I remember it.

  344. B Fish says:

    … subtle

  345. Brandon(Work release since getting arrested) says says:

    I dont know who is the kitten is but i can spot the…nevermind. Can I get some weed?

  346. Precious Roy says:

    So now that the UK guy is winning, is there no longer cheating?

    And anyone have a recipe for Derrek Lee Appealing His Suspension is Going To Fuck My Fantasy Team for TWO Weeks Quiche?

    Because that’s what I feel like eating right now.

  347. tcmcg says:

    Holy cow. I wandered off for a day, and this really… wow. I’m stunned. T. Kyle King really hit the nail on the head. The Ladies… didn’t deserve this abuse, and I’d like to add my voice to those remembering to thank them for putting this wacky thing together in the first place.

    Also, that quiche sounds delicious.

  348. PR – I don’t know if that quiche exists. Or if it does, it has ham in it.

  349. Suss-- says:

    You can’t find it? Buttodayyoujust …. oh I see what you did there

    Yum. Inside Joke Quiche.

  350. Mason says:

    Look at the number of votes between Matt Jones and Joe Speaker, compared to all of the other races! 307,000 compared to 903!!! We see where the true race is!

  351. im the person that be postin' a plenty says:

    I think the problem is that people actually READ Matt Jones’ blog. That in itself kind of makes his blog less than blogtastic. After all, what makes blogging so cool is that you can be a rebel. But how rebellious can you be when your rebellious nature becomes the Hobbesian leviathianistic national flavor of the month.

    And before Holly corrects me, I know my Kentucky education probably dictates that I dont know what I just wrote.

    Lastly, those chicks may actually be hot, but the chances of dating them are slim. Yes, even for you super sexy blogger guys that are kissing up to them in your posts.

  352. So now that the UK guy is winning, is there no longer cheating?

    I know the UK guys are doing the same thing Joe did in all likelyhood. I don’t think it was “cheating” either way, but the answer stays the same..whatever your answer was before.

  353. T Kyle Kings Pharmacist says:

    How much time can you spend on here?

  354. T Kyle Kings wife says:

    Honey, when you get done analyzing, can you come to bed? There are some things i want you to take a look at.

  355. B Fish says:

    Oh yeah, since this site is kinda related to sports and there are probably a few hundred people online right now, anyone else watch Irvine tie it up in the 8th at 7-7 and now the ‘Eaters have taken it to extra-innings?

    Great game.

  356. Extra P. says:

    OK, I know what the Ladies… must turn their considerable mind power to after this all blows over:

    Bacon Pants Quiche.

    You’re welcome.

  357. That’s a lot of bacon in one quiche.

    Although bacon-cheddar quiches rule.

  358. No class says:

    But i have more class than to hit on metschick. I just read your blog. Fascinating. Sad, but fascinating. I feel guilty.

  359. Precious Roy says:

    B Fish….

    Whoever wins if fucked. They’ll have no pitching. This is what I don’t like about the CWS. If you go into the loser’s bracket you get double-fucked. You play an extra game. With less rest and, if you win, you’ve probably burned through your pithcing.

  360. adaircam4 says:

    I am a KY native and a KSR blog reader, with that being said, thanks to all of the redneck and racist comments posted earlier. I guess it is a person’s natural birth right to say these comments if you are not born in the state of KY. It is somewhat embarrassing accussing each blog site of cheating, but that is what is has come down to…may the best cheater win.

  361. B Fish says:

    Ouch. Bases loaded, 1 out, top of the 10th.

  362. The Backup to the Starter boyfriend says:

    It always comes down to: Oh, you’re from Kentucky?…”

    -your school cheats

    -you are racist

    We need to get some new material out there.

  363. Matt J says:

    I nominate Werentman to take my place in the next round if I win. I weren’t have a chance against him.

    I don’t think the ladies should have been called any names. They don’t deserve it. But I would be remiss is I didn’t say that casting aspersions on an entire state isn’t exactly the best way to go either.

    In the end all of us hot bloggers should unite to take down the real enemy….Stephen A Smith

    Save me some quiche

  364. Precious Roy says:

    Nice DP

  365. B Fish says:


  366. I have a back up boyfriend? I should let my husband know.

    The CWS sounds good. I’m stuck with the Angels game while I figure out tomorrows Hottie H&R post.

  367. Anonymous says:

    Rob & Big is on, leave this site and watch it

  368. Extra P. says:

    TSW – I don’t think you-all have covered the hottness that is Bob Wickman yet.

    You’re welcome again.

  369. Werentman says:

    You’re right, Matt…. Your blog werent bad most of the time, but if it was me vs you on this poll, it werent gonna be close.

  370. Yes Yes… I do have 2 heroes… Nicely put TKK.

    The fact that I can now read your genius whenever I please (and that our readership has notably increased) is evidence that this whole “contest” has done so much good for the blogdome.

    here here

  371. Precious Roy says:

    Wickman… pshh.

    Bartolo Colon. That’s some serious man candy.

  372. Also, now that KSR Matt is up 130000 votes can we redirect all the ignorance and childessness…


  373. I’,m watching… not one single hottie on this Angels team. Not one.

    That god the Astros have a couple.


    fuckin morons

  375. PR – Colon…. yeesh. So not hot. And kinda scary looking really.

  376. Precious Roy says:

    A) That’s a joke. Either that or I’m not only gay but have bad taste in men.
    B) That fat fucker just gave up a 3-run shot which is going to kill my pitching tonight.

  377. April says:


    Hands off Hunter! ;)

  378. I saw the B). This game is ugly all the way around. Your ‘stros just blew it at the plate.

    April – Hunter is all yours.

  379. Extra P. says:

    Actually, Colon is mega-ugly. Not only fat, but he’s got a hairy mole on his face. Good call.

  380. ladyandrea says:

    Holy Dog Water, from about 543 comments ago, I am sorry to hear that. I’d make it worth your while…..

  381. Extra P – What is going on with Cabrerra’s helmet? Was it in a fire?

  382. Extra P. says:

    I wish I could tell you – was there a fireworks extravaganza after last night’s game?

  383. Extra P. says:

    By the way, I agree with Goldfish Cowboy – this is good for blogging in general. I have filled up my blogroll (which was already swole up) just based on people’s funny/brilliant comments.

    But now, I must turn off my Ladies… signal lantern and hie off to bed, for my son goes to summer camp at an ungodly hour of the morning (in my opinion).

  384. Darren says:

    So I haven’t checked the comments since this morning, and seeing that there are now 385+ of them, it doesn’t seem like I’ll be checking them any time soon.

    Anyway, how the hell is there a race where both people have 200,000+ votes and I can barely get 400 in one day? I just checked Joe Speaker’s blog for the first time and noticed that he gets an average of 54 votes per day.

    This has been fun and all so far, with Holly rooting for every guy that I go up against, but has this competition finally just totally gone to shit?

  385. Ty says:

    Kentucky Sports Radio noticed that Joe’s camp was cheating, they jumped out to a lead of like 100k votes, Kentucky Sports Radio figured out how they were cheating, now it’s a race to see who can cheat the fastest….until 11PM on Wednesday.

  386. voice of reason says:

    I think I saw a couple of horrible comments from the UK fans. And many from the ladies. I think all should be ashamed of their behavior. Nice job. This thing officially went down the tubes.

  387. Darren says:

    I won’t stoop so low as to get an IP Changer or Hide My IP. Just shows you that something as innocent and stupid as a Hot Blogger Tournament can be destroyed by stupid means. Oh well…it’s been fun. Maybe I’ll get a few more readers out of the whole thing.

  388. #13 Joe Speaker – Up For Sports 42% (441836 votes)
    #12 Matt Jones – UK Radio Blog 58% (599395 votes)

    Jesus, don’t I feel stupid for only voting twice. Clearly, the only solution is to DQ them both, cancel the remainder of the contest, and annoint Extra P. the winner.

  389. Holly says:

    Actually, Darren’s proving my point.

    He’s gone up against guys I *adore* the last two rounds–and won. Now, if *I* had the power to rig this, if I were the one cheating, he would have lost a long time ago. Instead, he is, quite frankly, kicking the shit out of every opponent. So what to do? Talk a little trash, and we move on.

    (And for the record, he seems like a good guy and I like his site. I’m just saying, again, not that it will help, but WHY THE HELL WOULD WE CHEAT NOW. That is all.)

  390. Han says:

    I think the only reason anyone suggested The Ladies were cheating (beyond not seeing the explanations for adding some defeated bloggers back in and the error in location of Matt in the poll) is that the last couple rounds, it seems that a lot of people here were miffed that Matt Jones was winning so big (not understanding how the Big Blue Nation had latched onto this poll like any other – just compare the participation on our messageboards to most any other sports messageboards online), and so when it became clear someone had started ‘cheating’ against Matt, some folks went after the people in charge. The immediate redneck, racist, inbreds, idiots, cheaters, etc comments directed at us and our state from many here didn’t calm any of us down, either. Shocking that insults would bother us, eh?

    Again, you’ll have to give us a break. We’ve seen some former favorites in the sporting world (including Dick Vitale) turn against us recently, and it’s left us feeling a bit like a beaten dog. We’re usually comparatively calmer and fun, but right now, we’re nigh-on-to-rabid. Our new coach is starting to calm us down by doing all of the things coaches are supposed to do, but it takes time.

    Just don’t try to beat us at anything. The new coach and recruits have completely energized the UK fanbase, and with no football yet and the basketball season months away, some people have latched onto this as something to root for this week. We may not be able to make our team better the last couple years (some of us are working on a time machine and flubber), but we can definitely rock the vote, and tip it over.

  391. why not just kick him from the contest? says:

    Nobody is going to have a chance against the guy if he is cheating. Why not just boot him from the blog, because you know he is cheating. Heck I just voted for Mat, and it was 48-52, I then checked back 10 mins later and it was 47-53, and the other guy had like 2-3k more votes, and its 5:25am est… If you let cheating go by, nobody is going to want to do a contest on here in the future. I dunno, but you all should figure something out and not let it go by.

  392. why not just kick him from the contest? says:

    Since both sides are cheating now, maybe you should just reset the votes and see who can cheat the best…lol

  393. Ian says:

    Did someone say quiche??

  394. B Fish says:

    Matt and Joe aren’t cheating, they’re just being more strategic than other contestants.

    With that being said, my side’s strategy appears to be failing — Joe’s side took over as of a few hours ago. If this rate continues, he should be ahead by about a million votes this time tomorrow. It’s fine, I’ll admit defeat. Good job Joe’s side, you out-strategized me, and probably about 50 other UK fans.

    I will say, however, that I don’t believe either “team” was being strategic in earlier rounds. Both kept winning by a few thousand votes, but that’s not that incredulous. On any given day, gets around 1,000 people on its messageboard. The day Gillispie was hired, there were over 16,000 members online, not including guests. MANY people who regularly go to catspause also check out KSR, because Matt offers some pretty priceless jewels, so it’s not too hard to imagine all those yokels coming over here.

    This is all Patrick Patterson’s fault. If he hadn’t stretched out his signing period, Matt wouldn’t have had anything to write about this past year; he certainly wouldn’t have gotten thousands of voters to barnstorm the Ladies… (or would even be in the contest) and the shenanigans going on now would be a moot point. Shame on you, Patrick Patterson, shame on you.

    Lastly, I’d like to thank the Ladies… for hosting this silly contest, putting up with our silly comments and somehow not vowing to defecate on all things UK. Yes, there were plenty of inbred hicks saying mean things, but hopefully they didn’t cast too dark a shadow. We’re (mostly) nice, promise.

  395. Hank Scorpio's ex girlfriend says:

    We went out one time, Hank. One. I did it because you were so persistent. Then you started calling me your girlfriend. After one date, Hank? When my roommate started giving you excuses like, she’s washing her hair, it was a hint.

    But you couldn’t take a hit, could you Hank? Threatening my roommate was not cool. She is really shaken up about you saying you would things to her cat. Why would you do something like that? You’re a loser Hank.

    Please get some counseling.

  396. Hank Scorpio says:

    Why don’t you think about it and come back and try again ok? Maybe you guys can group think this over on your blog, come back with something that isn’t a tired cliche.

  397. Hello, I'm Scott & I'm a UK fan.... Hi Scott. says:

    This is awesome. Well, not really. But, it certainly is funny. I saw the vote total this morning & thought I’d check out the comments (being a UK fan, I kinda knew what to expect). I agree, the contest IS rigged by someone or something – not pointing any fingers, especially at the ladies. However, who really cares? Or, more to point, WHY do we care?

    The simple fact that over 2 million votes have been cast in a “Hot Blogger” contest boggles the mind. Don’t we have anything better to do?

    I say the girls, all of whom I imagine to be oh so HOT (I looooove Texas women), just move Matt & the UFS kid on to the finals right now & see how many votes come in in the next 24 hrs. See if you can get Guiness involved. Oh, the Worlds Record folks too.

    Thanks for a smile this morning,

  398. wil burns says:

    glad to see that you support cheating. makes your litle contest realy fair!
    look at the 2 idiots with almost a million votes a piece. can you honestly say they are not cheating? there are some people on here who actually take your contest seriously and take what they do seriously. yure making a mockery out of them.

  399. what a piece of trash says:

    knock the shit off or get DDOS’d

  400. Pete Holiday says:

    Have the Ladies every been unclear about this issue? I’m fairly certain that “Cheating, shenanigans, and ballot-stuffing” were expressly encouraged, the more blatant the better.

    Given that I’m not sure how it could be more blatant than a poll racking up more than 2 million votes, I’d guess that this whole affair gets the Ladies… seal of approval.

    As for the rest of it… anyone who takes themselves (or what they do) so seriously that this contest is insulting to them should probably take a day or two off.

    The seriousness of this contest cannot be understated, and all of the contestants knew that going in.

    So, really, STFU.

    …and if any of you awful, horrible, ballot-stuffing cheaters want to give me a little push, I’d be happy to take it. Otherwise I get the feeling that I’m going to be buying Suss drinks tonight.

  401. Extra P. says:


  402. Extra P. says:

    Thanks to RUTS for nominating me the winner, but after seeing everyone else’s four-year-olds, I’m feeling much more competitive in the “HEY! my son is cute, too!” bracket.

  403. Extra P. says:

    That didn’t sound right. I’m trying to say I want people to see how cute my son is (he was making the huge cheesy smile in our pic, because he’s a ham), rather than worrying about how I look.

  404. Holydogwater, we sympathize with unruly hair. But there’s more subtle product out there now! Bumble and Bumble, motherfucker! Embrace the Heathcliff look and ditch the Gordon Gekko.

    That said, it looks like you’re whipping my ass, hair gel and all. As you should.

  405. Darren says:

    @Extra P:

    I think that I have an illegitimate 4 year old crawling around somewhere. Does that qualify me as a hopeful?

  406. Whoa. My PC wasnt working last nite, and last I checked, there was about 50 comments. Now its 400+. I haven’t read all the UK comments, basically because I have a life. Don’t know if its been said yet, but I’ll defend the Ladies…

    Shenanigans might not just be coming from their part. When I was up against Joe Speaker, it was 50/50 til the last 2 hours or so. Then, he rattled off about 800+ votes, and I lost like 62/38 or some shit. Shenanigans are allowed, and maybe they’re coming from a different source. No disprespect to Joe, but if he beat the system, good for him.

    Again, sorry if anyone said this in the last 350 comments.

  407. Darren says:

    And Holly, I just scrolled up and read your comments, and I totally agree. Despise the shit out of me, I’ll survive. But I never suspected anything going on by the Ladies… Sure they may have cast 5 votes before each poll was even released…but that really affects it when people are getting 1000000 votes….

    Anyway, thanks again to the Ladies… Maybe next time do not encourage all these shenanigans. In my opinion it made the whole thing pointless now, but it definitely was fun. Atleast it seems that Busbee is legitimately kicking my ass. I’ll take it in stride :).

    Off to Washington DC for a vacation!!

  408. CJ says:

    We cheated!

    Okay? We cheated! It was us. It wasn’t The Ladies…

    Why would they rig it? It makes no sense? And guess what, we’ve cheated every round. And you know what? So has the UK guy. Cheating, cheating, cheating. It’s encouraged. No one racks up the vote totals we’ve had without cheating.

    And so this round, it’s cheater vs. cheater. May the best cheater win. Why are people so pissed off about it? Have a little fun, okay?

  409. Anonymous says:

    Actually this is the first round that UK fans have cheated on. We just have more voters than everyone else.

  410. Pete Holiday says:

    @Darren: “Maybe next time do not encourage all these shenanigans. In my opinion it made the whole thing pointless now, but it definitely was fun.”

    Having been involved in some pretty large polls, I can tell you that it doesn’t matter what you say, there will be cheating. And unless you’re willing to analyze each poll and each vote by hand, you can’t stop it.

    Now, it might mean that the UK folks and the Joe Speaker folks will have to cheat a little less obviously… and it might not have turned into an arms race quite so quickly… but there’s going to be cheating. And lots of it.

    The Ladies just saved themselves a lot of headaches by endorsing it so they didn’t have to listen to a bunch guys whining about how they only lost because so-and-so cheated.

    I think it was a pretty good move.

    I think instead of allowing MJ and JS to steamroll their way through the rest of the contest, they should be crowned the undisputed co-champions of ballot-stuffing, and let the contest between the less-able cheaters continue on without them. Playing for 3rd place, really.

  411. yeah, this actually is the first cheating round for uk.

  412. John from Big Blue Nation says:

    Why is Matt Jones’ poll down? Does he advance?

  413. John from Big Blue Nation says:

    So, the UK fans cheated, but only when we realized we were being cheated by Up For Sports and Joe. Give him a DQ, and we want cheat again. He started it, and we finished it!!!

  414. CJ says:

    Bah… don’t be so naive UK peeps. Of course someone on that side cheated the first couple rounds. Look at his vote totals compared to everyone else (well, except us, who, well, cheated a lot).

    And if the sudden obvious cheating in this round doesn’t show you it’s been going on all along, well, then, there’s no hope for you.

    As I’ve communicated to The Ladies… already, Up For Sports will be more than happy to bow out gracefully. It’s been fun and we’ve gotten lots of new traffic. We didn’t mean for this to turn nasty, and, frankly, none of the other sports bloggers we beat took it so poorly.

    The rules state cheating is encouraged. Especially if it’s hilarious and blatant. Well, this has been rather hilarious and significantly blatant. We salute The Ladies… for the wonderful competition they’ve devised and we apologize for the headaches they’ve endured in this round.

    Some people take things way too seriously. We do not. We love a good joke and, this round, the joke was on the UK folks.

    So, again, thank you to all The Ladies… for the fun we’ve had thus far and the new readers they’ve helped us garner. We hope lots of you stick around. We kinda like our site and the collection of writers there are actually pretty good. This was never about winning for us, it was about exposure and having a little fun.

    We’ve had our fun. We’ve gotten our exposure. If it means that much to the crazy UK folks we’ve seen on this comment thread, then let them have it. The Ladies… do not deserve this.

  415. Pete Holiday says:

    “this actually is the first cheating round for uk.”

    I don’t believe that for a second. A post of his from yesterday, one that has 75+ comments, has a YouTube video on it that’s barely been watched 1500 times… and you expect us to believe that TWICE as many people clicked through to vote in a poll than clicked a button to watch a video? (And that’s if we assume that every single one of those video views was from Matt’s site… which I sincerely doubt)

    I’m not arguing that Jones couldn’t have won most (or all) of the rounds he’s been in without “cheating”, as he clearly has a lot of readers, but the notion that there hasn’t been ANY vote stuffing from ANYONE in the UK camp yet is pure, unadulterated nonsense.

  416. BIGBLUEinFL says:

    CJ… just so you know, the UK guy (Matt Jones) didn’t cheat in any of his previous rounds (I know because we are a large group of rabid fans). Matt could drop 5000 signatures in 24 hours pretty easily. But… you have admitted you did. I understand cheating was encouranged (probably not the best idea with guys/competion combo), and so in that type of contest… may the best man win.

    Some people don’t get the passion UK fans have, and if you find that you have it (regardless of what for) then, you understand the pride many of us have. We’re use to seeing other teams try everything in the world to beat us, as our teams always bring the best (and worst) out of opponents. Some of our fans don’t exactly understand what you guys are doing here (and I’m not sure you knew how many men will always be children) but when we see Kentucky Basketball being mentioned, the passion exudes. I see a bunch of hate pointed at UK and Matt, when in the end… look who spilled quiche on the craps table.

    For those wanting one side to apologize to the Ladies (when it’s easy to see who was the one turning up the thermostat)… give everyone a break including them… they created the game and the rules.

    I personally think most decent and respectable Ladies can smell a brown noser from 10 responses away.

  417. CJ says:

    You guys are hilarious. We had lots of “passion”, too. Just check our first couple round totals :-D

  418. voice of reason says:

    Well the one thing I learned for sure is that CJ is the idiot we all should hate. He is the one who ruined the fun here. Why even do this if it just comes down to who can cheat better? He is crazy if he thinks Matt’s blog couldn’t bring out a thousand people. Maybe he is jealous his blog doesn’t get those kind of hits.

  419. CJ says:

    Yes, it’s true. I have Blog Envy. The truth comes out. I wish I were Pauly or Iggy. I’m currently in therapy to correct this uber-ghey affliction.

  420. UK=Unintentional Funny says:

    Dear Kentucky,

    No one cares. This us against the world mentality you have? That’s all on your side, we don’t give a shit. Really. We can’t understand what the hell you’re ranting and raving about most of the time.

    Seriously there are decafs out there just as good as the real thing.

  421. BIGBLUEinFL says:

    Another thing to absorb is Matt didn’t say anything about cheating being encouraged when he asked in his blog that he’d appreciate a vote. It wasn’t even necessary.

    You guys knew things were gonna be tough when you were pared with him this round, so your posts asking for votes and friends blog sites all painted the story as Joe was “up against a bunch of cheating UK fans, so lets show them how it’s done”.

    You just can’t imagine how that many UK fans could exist. Come to Rupp Arena in the middle of October for our first PRACTICE of the season(24,000 tickets scooped up in 30 minutes by fans who camped out the week before – good luck getting in). Also, isn’t it a bit interesting how many UK fans have posted here calling you guys out from the get go. A bit unbalanced in posts compared to your followers don’t ya think? OK, I’m done trying to convince a guy who just doesn’t understand that he’s simply wrong.

  422. You know who is really suffering here?

    The Irish. The poor little polls are hosted over in Ireland somewhere. I’ve been email with the tech support guy over there for a month with questions and everything else, and last night these little polls set a record.

    Here are the emails –

    Date: Wed, 20 Jun 2007 01:42:28 -0700 (PDT)
    From: stopkillinge entourage
    Subject: RE: PollDaddy Feedback – ACK!!!! Need major help! ASAP!

    If I try to explain why we have run a dozen some polls now, it will sound completely crazy. Let’s just say American sports fans are insane.

    I’m sure some (a lot really) are from some bots, but there is not much sense worrying about it.

    Thanks for everything. You’ve been great answering all of my questions.

    [Redacted]> wrote:

    1.3 million votes! That’s a new record, don’t worry about us we can handle
    it. Where did you place this poll? You must have a lot of users…[REDACTED – PERSONAL INFO FROM PREVIOUS EMAIL NOT RELATED TO POLLING ] If you are still up now then you should be in bed!

    From: stopkillinge entourage
    Sent: 20 June 2007 06:21
    Subject: RE: PollDaddy Feedback – ACK!!!! Need major help! ASAP!



    Secondly, we have one poll that is out of control and I am worried we might
    be crushing your servers. That is complete rude of us and I don’t want to cause any hassles, especially for
    something that is free.

    If this is a problem, please let me know ASAP and we will take it down. I
    know it is about 6am there, but it is only 10pm here in Los Angeles, so I’ll
    be up for a while.

    Thanks for everything,


  423. And Ahem.

    You could check out other places on the site.

  424. CJ says:

    @The Starter Wife

    But the UK people aren’t allowed to read that! You mention Louisville! ;-)

  425. UK=Unintentional Funny says:

    “You just can’t imagine how that many UK fans could exist. Come to Rupp Arena in the middle of October for our first PRACTICE of the season(24,000 tickets scooped up in 30 minutes by fans who camped out the week before – good luck getting in)”

    Again, we don’t care, its that way everywhere these days. Do you think Assembly Hall sits empty during first practice? They only have 50 show up at the Dean Dome?

    You aren’t that special.

  426. voice of reason says:

    Let’s be honest- this thing is a popularity contest -and has nothing to do with who is hotter. I think a lot of people were upset by the fact that Matt’s was clearly more popular than them. They found a way to cheat. And instead of the ladies doing something about it- they called it “shenanigans” and laughed it off. I do wonder if it was one of the guys they are trying to score a date with if they would have laughed it off so easily.

    My point is make up your mind- popularity contest or cheating competition. Doesn’t matter- just call it what it truly is. If you want to make a cheating competition just say so in the beginning.

    and CJ- I’m glad to see you are ready to admit your affliction. Blog Envy can happen to everyone. Don’t feel bad. I’m sure you get a couple of people to see what you say. And maybe one or two actually care.

  427. Burnsy says:

    So we’re all done-zo?

  428. CJ says:

    voice of reason wrote: “If you want to make a cheating competition just say so in the beginning.”

    Well, since you asked…

    Rule #5, from:

    5. We’ll post our choices in bracket form, and here’s where the real fun begins. Voting for each round will take a couple days. Cheating, shenanigans, and ballot-stuffing are encouraged, especially if they’re undertaken in a blatant and hilarious manner. We remind all entrants that we are susceptible to flattery.

    They did say so in the beginning. And it was a rule we felt compelled to follow to the fullest!

  429. Burnsy says:

    Nevermind, mine wasn’t loading right. Not a complaint I have too often, if you know what I mean.

  430. Burnsy says:

    At least none of the other races have abormally large vote totals.

  431. voice of reason says:

    OK- Well I didn’t get the “rule book” Maybe they should have changed the name to the Bloggers Cheating Competition. But if cheating was encouraged- I don’t see the problem. I think UK fans were just proud of the support they were showing for Matt- and didn’t understand the “rules”.

    But it does call into question why even do the competition.

    I have a feeling they had something different in mind when they encouraged shenanigans – something other than people running bots voting into the millions.

    Maybe not. I’m out.

    And by the way- CJ please don’t use smilies. Seriously calls everything you say into question.

  432. CJ says:

    @voice of reason

    Thanks for your advice ;-)

  433. Holly says:

    CJ and Pete Holiday FTW. Much love, you two.

  434. stopkillinge entourage wrote:
    Date: Wed, 20 Jun 2007 09:19:08 -0700 (PDT)
    Subject: RE: PollDaddy Feedback – ACK!!!! Need major help! ASAP!

    Oh, don’t worry about it all. Just to be safe, I closed all 8 polls we were running just in case someone tries to change the votes to them.

    Again you’ve been great. Sorry about all the hassle and please apologize to your coworkers. :)

    [REDACTED – TSW REAL NAME]> wrote:

    Thank you for understanding, sorry to pull the carpet out from under you like this but we should be better equipped to handle these problems in the coming weeks.


    From: stopkillinge entourage
    Sent: 20 June 2007 17:09
    To: [REDACTED]
    Cc: Holly, Texy
    Subject: RE: PollDaddy Feedback – ACK!!!! Need major help! ASAP!

    Will do.> wrote:

    It would seem that you poll has caused quite a bit of hassle for us today. There seems to have been someone using a bot to stuff the vote of your poll. We had no choice but to delete your poll and divert their traffic away from us. Im very sorry that we had to do this but it was affecting all of our other customers. Would you mind not creating any polls for a few days until we figure this one out?

  435. Is this for real? Are people really getting mad that shenanigans were put into play? For a Hot Blogger Bracket? Really?

    Let me say that again. Shenanigans…Hot Blogger Bracket…Hurt Feelings…Stupid Insults Coming From Kentucky…

    Just making sure I’m on the level here.

  436. Extra P. says:

    I almost glided right past the part in the email where the Irish guy tried to get TSW into bed…. almost.

  437. Burnsy says:

    Well, that was fun. At least I made some new friends.

  438. Chris Tomlin's comb says:

    So I haven’t been used in a couple days and look what happens.

  439. CJ says:


    I’d like to thank you for showing such class when we cheated our way to a victory over you. It was nice to see you resurrected (even if you are from the wrong side of the state… Go Eagles!).

  440. CJ

    See, we can all be friends. And this side of the state ain’t so bad. I mean, its not Kentucky…


  441. PeteJayhawk says:

    Sheesh. There’s a lot of people out therewho really ought to be ashamed of themselves today. This is one of the more idiotic things to ever happen in the history of the internet. Except for that one random comment up there about my sultry pipes. That was not at all idiotic.


    I will defend your collective honor to the death. You guys rock my fucking face right the fuck off.




  442. Aminu Timberlake's Footprint says:

    This was a freaking riot and was a lot fun while it lasted. I hate that it came to this but what can a sistah’ do? Thank you for hosting and I’ll be bookmarking your site as the perspective is refreshing.

    UK fans are definitely bonkers when it comes to hot bloggers, I know, I am one (…a UK fan not a hot blogger). And maybe a little unstable in general but we arent really the no deodorant type (I swear to buddha).

    Thanks to all who participated on the boards for the smart a$$ remarks. There’s nothing like breaking up the work day with a chuckle here and there.

    Again, thanks to all, our gracious hosts in particular.

  443. Extra P. says:

    Tour de Force, Pete… Tour de force.

  444. Seriously, I’m still emailing with this nice guy from Ireland. He’s awesome. I just wanted that to be known.

  445. Matt P says:

    Well, it WAS fun while it lasted… THanks CJ or whoever you are for “for using a bot to stuff the vote of your poll” and shutting the whole thing down.

    Actually, a SINCERE word of thanks is in order to the ladies who put a lot of effort and time into setting this whole thing up and running it. It is appreciated and it was entertaining while it lasted. It kind of sucks that someone had to go and ruin it for everybody else. Ladies, thanks again and STAY SEXY!!

    -Matt P

  446. Wow, people took this way too personally. Bot stuffing to shut down a goofy, yet fun, little pool.

    The whole thing took a ton of work and it gets scuttled. Thanks to the Ladies for putting it together, boo to the bot-spammers.

  447. alan says:

    I need to clear a few things up.

    1. CJ and UFS couldn’t have stopped me from ballot stuffing if they tried.
    2. I kept it completely reasonable until there was some real competition doing the same thing. The 2727 votes UFS won with in round is kinda an inside joke.
    3. It was never the intent to overload PollDaddy. I expected a website like that to be able to handle constant pressure from three computers on a home broadband connection. That they couldn’t… well, I don’t know.
    4. I think this has been a whole lot more fun this way than if it had just been normal voting and ended with a winner.
    5. It can still continue if The Ladies decide to use a different pollster. I will no longer stuff the ballot box. I can’t speak for anyone else.

    Oh, and note to voice of reason: There’s nothing wrong with smilies. ;-)

  448. rofl says:

    Polls shut down, last laugh for the win. :D

  449. Anonymous says:

    What a turn of events. Once again, shenanigans destroys an otherwise great day. Damn you shenanigans. Damn you.

  450. Shenanigans says:

    I did no such thing.


    you meant “The email explaining why the polls are down is in the comments section.”

    and NOT “Please email in your comments to me.”

    now i get it. sorry for all the emails filled with my comments…

    woops :)

  452. jebushchrist says:

    TSW – As an act of kindness, you should send the Irish guy some hair products for his Irish fro.

  453. Suss-- says:

    We’re almost at 500 comments, and I see one … that’s right, JUST ONE GODDAMN QUICHE RECIPE.

  454. Jebus – I already sent a giftbasket of wine, fruit, and cheese. He also might be one of the Irishmen with the thin, straight hair, like my college boyfriend Kevin McIrishIrishy.

    Suss – Wanna start a quiche blog?

  455. Extra P. says:

    I happen to think that would be hilarious. All of us sharing quiche recipes with photos of us in aprons and eyeblack, just like You Been Blinded.

    Also, I must admit that this is not the forum in which I had hoped we would begin to discuss “stuffing the ol’ ballot box” with the Ladies…

  456. Hey Farva, what’s the name of that restaurant you like with all the goofy shit on the wall and the mozzarella sticks?

    You mean Shenanigans?

    /hands pistol to Ladies…

  457. Oh, and count me in on the quiche site.

    Spinach and Bacon Quiche

    6 large eggs, beaten
    1 1/2 cups heavy cream
    Salt and pepper
    2 cups chopped fresh baby spinach, packed
    1 pound bacon, cooked and crumbled
    1 1/2 cups shredded Swiss cheese
    1 (9-inch) refrigerated pie crust, fitted to a 9-inch glass pie plate

    Preheat the oven to 375 degrees F.
    Combine the eggs, cream, salt, and pepper in a food processor or blender. Layer the spinach, bacon, and cheese in the bottom of the pie crust, then pour the egg mixture on top. Bake for 35 to 45 minutes until the egg mixture is set. Cut into 8 wedges.

    I’m so hungry

  458. Shenanigans says:

    Wow, you all certainly love quiche.

  459. Extra P. says:

    I’m going to create a special quiche just for the site. But I still want Clare to invent Bacon Pants Quiche.

  460. Burnsy says:

    I’ve been looking for just one of these comments to define for me what a geek actually is. Thank you, Alan. Now I’m educated.

  461. I hear Ally Sheedy makes a great quiche…

  462. CJ says:

    Well, Burnsy, his website is “Geek and Proud.” And, without him, I don’t think our little ol’ sports blog would have gotten much exposure!


    (In honor of voice of reason, I will include and new and unique smiley in every comment!)

  463. King Slender says:

    Put me on the list of people who thought this thing was a lot of fun, was impressed by how much work it took, and introduced me to a lot of different blogs. Keep up the incredible work, Ladies. You rock harder than G’N’R, Skid Row, and Motley Crue, combined. And that is a lot of rock that you out rock.

    p.s. I thought your Mom’s day, Pop’s day and Stanley Cup entries were stellar.

    p.p.s. I’ve already bookmarked the quiche blog.

    Carrot Cashew Quiche

    1/2 cup butter
    1 cup sliced carrots
    1 cup cashews
    1/2 cup honey
    3 eggs
    1 1/2 cups heavy cream
    1/2 teaspoon nutmeg
    1/2 teaspoon salt
    3/4 cup shredded Cheddar cheese
    1 (9 inch) pie crust

    Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C).
    Melt the butter in a skillet over medium heat. Stir in the carrots and cashews, and cook until carrots are tender and cashews are golden brown. Mix in the honey.
    In a bowl, beat together the eggs, heavy cream, nutmeg, and salt.
    Evenly spread the cheese in the bottom of the pie crust. Layer the carrot mixture over the cheese, and top with the egg mixture.
    Bake 40 minutes in the preheated oven, until a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean.

  464. Clare says:

    tecmo, a whole pound of bacon? [whimper]

    Extra P., maybe if you do a VS for Bacon Pants I’ll come up with a bacon quiche recipe.

  465. Extra P. says:

    We have to get through the Cole version first….

    By the way, I am inventing a new quiche for the site, so Suss will have to start posting. I am willing to tell you the name of the quiche, just to whet your appetite.

    Brooks Quichenick.

  466. Hank Scorpio's ex girlfriend says:

    seriously hank. Stop calling my friends.

  467. Suss-- says:

    “Brooks Quichenick.”

    Now THAT’S a versatile quiche.

  468. Extra P. says:

    I think it’s going to have a little bit of everything in it.

  469. holydogwater says:

    I’m not completely sure of all the details and since the comments are approaching 500 I’m assuming I will never read it all and catch up. So, excuse me if I’m repeating the obvious. But alas, I have to put my 2.8 cents worth in.

    When the Ladies mentioned “cheating” I assumed (and still do) they were trying to let us little cry babies know that they weren’t going to baby sit us if and when someone did cheat. And by cheating, I’m sure they were thinking of people voting multiple times by hand with a different IP Address maybe using a simple anonymizer or such. Or maybe using the ten servers at work to vote ten times.

    You know, the type of cheating in sports that doesn’t end the entire game. Holding, off-sides, illegal motion, not setting the f**king stadium on fire!!!! Oh well, you live and learn Ladies. And the lesson here? No matter how old we guys get, we will still be little bitches and do whatever it takes to win… even if it means destroying the game itself. Ask George Steinbrenner, he’ll tell you (haha, that’s right, the yankees suck!).

    Oh well, I guess this means I have to actually do work the rest of the week. Thanks Ladies. If I could vote for you Ladies, I’d do it like 1.8 million times.

  470. Crown HDW!! says:

    lol…HDW – That a true tirade… err.. I mean blog post. Thanks for keeping the spitit alive!

  471. […] Hot Blogger Bracket – Round 4 – All Regions DON’T Vote Here DUE TO A REQUEST BY THE COMPANY HANDLING OUR POLLS, WE HAVE TAKEN DOWN ALL OF THE VOTING.  […] […]

  472. Texas Gal says:

    I love you to bits, Clare, you know this- but no way are you taking my spot at the VS table for Rowand.

  473. JP says:

    Wait are Irish people complaining about unruly hair? You don’t have your own section at the store for hair care products.

    JP on behalf of all Black People (even mixed ones)

  474. Well, we’ve all learned a few things today.

    Kentucky fans have lots of “Passion” which, when loosely translated, means their state is so devoid of anything even remotely impressive that they latch onto a college basketball program like it was created personally for them by Jesus Christ. (He doesn’t exist, by the way. Sorry.)

    Kentuckianites can’t take a joke when it comes to anything about their beloved basketball program or their beloved slightly above average website.

    Fans of this Matt guy have lots of “Passion” which we all don’t understand.

    Cheaters who suck at it are the sorest losers.

    We all have Passion-Envy while all Kentuckyanites have Passion-Tourette’s.


    They have computers in Kentucky now!!!

  475. Anonymous says:

    “Kentucky fans have lots of “Passion” which, when loosely translated, means their state is so devoid of anything even remotely impressive that they latch onto a college basketball program like it was created personally for them by Jesus Christ.”

    Just a few things to point out that come( or originally came” from Kentucky: Corvettes (best American sports car), Toyota Camry’s, (World’s best selling car), Brandon Webb (Cy Young winner), Wes Unseld (NBA’s all-time 50″, George Clooney, Johnny Depp, Woody Harrelson, Ashley Judd.

    That has to be “remotely impressive” for a bunch of backward rednecks as you people think. You have it right though, you would not understand. The only people in the world who can even remotely begin to understand would be Yankee fans.

    I do agree with you about Jesus.

  476. Anonymous says:

    Oops I meant to say I agree on him not being real. But, if he were, he definitely would have created UK and he would also be glad he’s gone.

  477. Pete Rose says:

    Okay. Here’s my contibution.

    Spinach Quiche

    1 (10 ounce) package frozen chopped spinach, thawed
    1 bunch green onions, finely chopped (white parts only)
    4 eggs, beaten
    1 (16 ounce) package cottage cheese
    2 cups shredded Cheddar cheese
    1/4 cup crushed croutons
    Preheat oven to 325 degrees F (165 degrees C). Lightly grease a 9 inch pie or quiche pan.
    Place spinach in a small saucepan. Cook over medium heat, stirring occasionally until soft. Drain off any remaining liquid. Stir in green onions, eggs, cottage cheese and Cheddar cheese. Pour mixture into prepared pan.
    Bake uncovered in preheated oven for 45 minutes. Remove from oven and sprinkle with crushed croutons. Return to oven and bake for an additional 15 minutes, until eggs are set.

  478. Extra P. says:

    Holy Dog Water-

    As we learned in Vietnam, sometimes you have to destroy the village in order to save it.

  479. Extra P. says:

    Texas – I like the idea of you two double-teaming Mr. Rowand. And I’m sure he wouldn’t complain either.

  480. Extra P. says:

    JP – Hold on now, I thought you were brown. I may never catch up.

  481. Kyle says:

    I voted for Joe Speaker

  482. BIGBLUEinFL says:

    @ “UK=Unintentional Funny”

    “It’s that way everywhere these days… ” You mean theres more and more people who talk out of their ass publicly? Ain’t that the truth!

    Not sure which Assembly Hall your talking about… but:

    Indiana Assembly Hall – 10,000

  483. BIGBLUEinFL says:

    Indiana Assembly Hall – 10,000 Largest first practice ever attendance (Capacity 17,357)
    Illinois Assembly Hall – 14,000 Largest first practice ever attendance (Capacity 16,450)

    Looks like a lot of empty seats at those Assembly Halls.

    Kentucky Rupp Arena – 23,000+

  484. BIGBLUEinFL says:

    Kentucky Rupp Arena – 23,000+

  485. BIGBLUEinFL says:

    Maybe you and tecmo bowl could contribute to the blogs instead of just spraying hate. But, then if you don’t have much worth talking about in your lives then I guess that would be hard to do.

    You keep saying “we don’t care” like you speak for a group of people (rofl). Are you the self appointed speaker of your personal army of one? That must be special.

  486. Pete Holiday says:

    Wait wait wait. Let me see if I understand t his correctly… UK got more than 20k at a midnight madness once in the last 5+ years (probably ever) and you’re here acting like this is a common, run of the mill occurrence for UK? I’d love to see the numbers for 2000-2007. Let’s find out just how much better UK is than everyone else (yawn).

    Not trying to take anything away from it. Filling a stadium/colosseum/arena/etc even once for a practice is a pretty big deal, but if you’re going to start nit-picking you should probably avoid exaggerations.

    …but, you know, if we’re going to be whipping our practice-attendance-penises out… call me when you hit six digits.

  487. pete holiday is a tool says:

    no pete holiday. Kentucky has gotten rupp filled to capacity for ATLEAST the last 7 years…maybe longer, for PRACTICE….and if it was open to the public every day of the year, they would average more attendance at PRACTICE then the dam Florida Gators do at their home games.

  488. BigBlueAces says:

    Hey, Bobby Bracelets……(code for dumbass)

    “Kentuckyanites” isn’t a word. Reading these comments amazes me! If you people are going to denigrate “us redneck Kentuckians” then don’t refer to us as “Kentuckyanites”.

    Based on the comments you posted; I’m wondering what your age might be…..perhaps, a teenager? The gibberish of your writing is reprehensible. Because I can read between the lines, I understand what you are attempting to communicate. However, the juvenile language and spelling scream a certain level of immaturity.

    If you would like to continue ranting about the sad state of Kentucky, please do some homework. Also, you might try to use words that actually exist.

  489. Extra P. says:

    Practice? We talking about practice? It’s PRACTICE, man! [/iverson]

  490. joaquinochoa says:

    I’m a bit pissed that there was no UCLA blogger involved. Serious, we have the most national championships out of any school in the nation and more in basketball than any other school. I digress.

    This is a blogger event…thus, it is gay and holds no weight to the outside world.

    Also, if you have jokers like the Up For Sports crew in the contest you know funny stuff is going to happen. I remember once where one of these guys got 7-2 in the cut-off position and lead out for 100.00 raise. After a guy folded showing with K’s…the Up For Sports guy stood up and yelled “HAMMER” and everyone started to hoot and hollar in the Casino…I’ve been reading ever since. Good group of hombres over there.

    UofK fans…I have to tell you there is this thing called life that is out in the big world. You might want to try and get off the computer once in a while and go grasp it.

    To the guys from Up For Sports: Ka-Kawww!!!

  491. I’m gonna name my next punk band “Spraying Hate”

  492. Pete Holiday says:

    “Kentucky has gotten rupp filled to capacity for ATLEAST the last 7 years…”

    Not for Midnight Madness. I’ll go slow on this one.

    Rupp Arena: Capacity 23,000.

    Link from BABYBLUEinFL from 2005 says “The turnout by Kentucky fans meant the university set an attendance record for one these events. The previous record was held by North Carolina, which drew more than 21,700 fans to the Smith Center in Chapel Hill, N.C., in October 2003

    So… prior to 2005, UK had never put more than 21,700 people into the seats at Rupp for midnight madness. (If they had, THEY would hold the record instead of UNC)

    21,700 QEDMF

  493. Pete Holiday says:

    Bah. Last part:

    21,700 < 23,000


  494. holydogwater says:

    JP, I would agree that we Irish do not have a sub-section in the haircare section at Wal-Mart, but we should. Out of all the “whitey” hair, we have the most unruly.

    So, the million dollar question is, who in the hell are they lumping into the whitey race now? Us Irish just got let in like 50 years ago I think, so who knows. I think the rule is you have to be good at boxing (italians, irish) for about 20 years, then they “let you in” to their club. Sorry ass crackas!!!!!!

  495. You guys kill me. For real.

  496. holydogwater says:

    Wait, we’re still on this UK vs the world pissing contest thing still? Don’t we have tons of other things to fight about, like how much the Yankees suck or how Jesus is real?

    HAHAHA, nothing like throwing in some religion to make people stop arguing about sports. Let the games begin!!!!

  497. Pete Holiday says:

    …oh and also…

    “they would average more attendance at PRACTICE then the dam Florida Gators do at their home games”

    You’ve demonstrated your lack of proficiency with the maths… but it is impossible for UK, even if they fill it to capacity every day, to average a higher attendance than the “dam [sic] Florida Gators” do.

    See… the average can’t really be more than the maximum… and since Florida averages more than UK’s capacity…

  498. Extra P. says:

    To hell with Kentucky, unless they have a quiche recipe. And there damn sure better not be mint leaves in it if they do.

  499. Pete Holiday says:

    Fine, fine. Doing the UK Fans’ job for them…

    Bourbon Quiche.
    Stolen from some website.

    Crust Ingredients:
    – 1 cup self-rising flour
    – 2 tablespoons ice cold water
    – Evan Williams Bourbon
    – 1/3 cup plus 1 tablespoon butter flavored Crisco

    Crust Instruction:
    In mixing bowl, cut Crisco into flour with a fork until crumbly. Add water one spoonful at a time until mixture forms a ball and is no longer sticky. Roll _-inch thickness on floured board. Fit into a 9-inch pie pan. With pastry brush, baste dough lightly with Bourbon. Prick bottom with fork. Set aside.

    – 1 cup chopped, cooked turkey breast
    – 1 cup shredded mozzarella cheese
    – 1 cup shredded Cheddar cheese
    – 1 cup shredded American cheese
    – 3 eggs
    – 1 cup whipping cream
    – 2 to 3 tablespoons Bourbon
    – 8 slices bacon, cooked crisp and crumbled
    – Fresh diced tomatoes, drained

    Line pie shell with turkey. Top with cheeses. In bowl, beat eggs with a fork. Add whipping cream and Bourbon. Pour mixture over cheeses. Sprinkle bacon crumbs on top. Bake at 450 degrees for 50-60 minutes, covering with foil halfway through baking. Top with tomatoes. Serves 4-6.

  500. talleyrand says:

    Pete H, either you are deeply confused, or you’re the one who’s not so great with “the maths” (something like “the internets” I guess), or you’re talking about some sport other than basketball.

    The capacity of Rupp Arena is more than twice the capacity of the O Dome, and it is at or near capacity for every midnight madness and every home game.

  501. CJ says:


    My beloved Syracuse University has the best on-campus basketball attendance in the nation and routinely sets the record for largest on-campus crowd for a single game.

    Go Orange!!!!!!!!

    And Joaquin… I actually quaded up with my 72o vs. pocket K’s on that hand, won a monster pot and the woman I beat angrily left the casino. I love poker.

  502. Clare says:

    Pete, is that recipe for real? I am fascinated by your ideas and wish to subscribe to your interwebs newsletter.

  503. Pete Holiday says:

    I was talking about football.

    I guess I added that, I guess, because I’m not sure why the comment would have been impressive otherwise since, as you mentioned, the capacity is so much lower at the O-Dome.

    Regardless, this: “[Rupp] is at or near capacity for every midnight madness.” Has already been demonstrated to be absolutely false.

    Unless less than 90% counts as “almost full”

  504. JHB says:

    I really hate to get into this argument but just FYI Pete…before 2005 Kentucky held midnight madness at its old home–Memorial Coliseum–which would explain why UNC held the record. Memorial held around 15,000 but has been downsized over the years and eventually UK decided to move midnight madness to Rupp. Thanks Ladies for running the contest…it was fun while it lasted, just sorry that it got out of hand.

  505. Pete Holiday says:

    Clare: As far as I know. I’ve never tried it… but I’m intrigued.

    JHB: Interesting. I was (obviously) not aware of that. So I guess in the two years that MM has been at Rupp, it has been full. I have never disputed that that is impressive.

    …of course, I’m not a Kentucky fan. and I’m not much of a basketball fan. So I have a vaguely legitimate excuse… although I’m not sure what “Pete Holiday is a tool”‘s excuse is for this: “Kentucky has gotten rupp filled to capacity for ATLEAST the last 7 years…”

    Does he not even know where his own team practices or was he just so overcome by passion that he forgot?

  506. Extra P. says:

    I see that Goldfishcowboy has already sent the Tennessee Quiche recipe to Unleash the Quiche. I have completed Brooks Quichenick and sent it to Suss (the recipe, I ate the dang ol’ keesh) a few minutes ago. I smell a new internet phenomenon cookin’.

  507. JHB says:

    Ha, it’s cool Pete I wasn’t trying to start anything, just thought I would throw that out there. I wouldn’t have known it myself if I hadn’t been following UK basketball for a long time, so I certainly wouldn’t expect non UK fans to know. As for “Pete Holdiay is a tool”…who knows…If you are going to try to argue over the internet, at least spend the 30 seconds on google to make sure you are right. I guess we can give him the benefit of the doubt and say he was “blinded by passion”.

  508. Yes…religion

    Criss Angel = Jesus

  509. talleyrand says:

    Okay, I’ll do my duty as a UK fan with a quiche recipe. This is my Hot Brown quiche.
    The arugula is an addition that I like. The Hot Brown doesn’t have any greens, so purists should leave it out. But of course, purists aren’t going to make it at all.

    6 bacon slices, cut into squares, plus 2 slices whole for garnish
    2 large shallots, chopped
    8 oz roasted turkey breast, diced or shredded
    8 oz baby arugula
    8 oz whipping cream
    3 large eggs
    3/4 cup Gruyère, grated
    Grated Parmigiano-Reggiano for garnish
    1 good tomato sliced and patted dry, for garnish
    2/3 cup mornay sauce (make béchamel, using a bit of well-diced onion in the roux if you want; add equal parts gruyère & parmesan to equal the volume of the béchamel)
    A good pastry crust blind-baked in a 9″ pie pan

    Render the bacon in a heavy skillet over medium-high heat until crisp. Remove from the skillet, reserving the fat. Add the shallots to the skillet and sauté until tender and translucent. Add arugula and turn it until wilted. Remove arugula from pan and pat dry to remove excess water and fat.

    Whisk together the eggs and cream in a bowl. Stir in the turkey, arugula, bacon squares, and gruyère. Pour the mixture into the crust.

    Bake the quiche at 375° until the filling is slightly puffed and just brown, a half-hour or so.

    Top with the mornay sauce and tomatoes. Sprinkle Parmigiano-Reggiano over sauce and tomatoes and brown with a torch (like you would crème brûlée ). Top with the two whole bacon slices in an X pattern, and serve.

  510. Sammy says:

    I haven’t seen anything spiral out of control this quickly since Creed vs Drago.

    “It was supposed to be an exhibition…AN EXHIBITION”!!!

  511. college bb attendance record says:

    notice syracuse is second, not first.

  512. Holly says:

    Ohmygawd, bourbon and bacon. Is this heaven?

  513. Pete Holiday says:

    JHB: My first thought was that Rupp had been expanded and that’s why it wasn’t the record holder until 2005, so I looked that up and found that wasn’t the case. Didn’t occur to me that they might hold MM somewhere other than Rupp. Good to know… because… you know… this argument comes up so often. Or something.

  514. Sean says:

    Wow, when this thing started, I thought it was pretty cool. It looked like there were a bunch of guys out there writing that seemed normal, i.e. not the blogger stereotype. And lo and behold, the stereotype has held true. An online contest meant in good fun for the Ladies… to enjoy has turned into a childish, embarassing mess. I was interested in the first round, then less so in the second as the entire event lost steam.

    I wrote before that I praised the Ladies… for coming up with such a unique concept that clearly captivated some people. Unfortunately, your hard work and initative have been crushed by blogging fools. It’s too bad, the Ladies… had almost hit on something spectacular. It was ruined.

  515. steve says:

    First off, this was a truly sublime effort by the Ladies… There was a lot of work put into these posts, and I think every person here appreciates that.

    First, a confession: I have rigged polls before. Once in college (’99-ish), Fox Sports wanted to know if people liked or hated the Padres camoflauge uniforms. Due to my efforts, the Padres camo uniforms were declared a huge success. Also, I made sure Flutie Flakes were picked as the all time greatest sports related food product. I just couldn’t let Foreman win with his crappy grill… it makes shitty chicken.

    Now a quick message to the poll riggers: Yes they said you could do it, but you have to use common sense in your execution. Everyone knows you don’t unleash the hounds till the last minute! This does two things. a) it ensures the vote counts don’t get out of hand and b) it gives you the suprise factor on the competition.

    But just realize that it’s just the internet… nothing is really won or lost by these polls, and there is no shame in getting your ass handed to you in a poll. For the record, had I been on one of these polls, I think I would have lost 5000-3. The three would have been my two computers and my mom.

    Once again, well done Ladies…

  516. Brad King says:

    Pete Holiday, I sense some envious aura emanating from your words towards The Kentucky Basketball. I can just see the guy going through every record trying to find something that isn’t true about UK…Well good luck with that bud…You’ll always lose.

    Holiday = Toothless.

  517. *Yawns, stretches*

    So…haven’t wandered around these parts in awhile. What did I miss?

  518. Kentucky,
    My stadiums are bigger than your stadiums.


  519. BIGBLUEinFL says:

    WOW… another Peter Holiday’s half ass attempt at researching something.

    1. Matt Jones vote counts have to be faked since a non recruiting related youtube post on his blog only got 1500 views.
    2. No way Rupp is filled every Midnight Madness since it seat 23000 and before 2005 North Carolina has the record with 21700.

    Hey Pete, have you seen that ESPN commercial about people talking sports out of their ass? Maybe after these 2 examples in less than a week you’ll learn in researching things, that finding the true information will be better than basing your crap on half ass pony tricks.

    I bet you also think Jack Daniels is Bourbon. Maybe we could rename you to Nifiong for your accuracy in assumptions.

    Watching as you and Tecmo escape off into the distance on his little horse.

  520. DougOLis says:

    I agree with Orson; Bumble and Bumble Sumowax (shiny) or Sumotech (matte) kicks ass.

  521. DougOLis says:

    Everyone knows a proper quiche has gruyere in it.

  522. Extra P. says:

    Sure, but who wants to be proper? Or say “gruyere” out loud?

  523. who cares says:

    Midnight madness was held at Memorial Coliseum for years.

  524. BBinFL

    why the hate?

    all we did was take potshots at KY

    i got family in wva

    it happens to everyone

    dont take yourself so seriously

  525. Andrea says:

    That winning blogger is smoking hot.

  526. […] As in the University of Kentucky. Yes, I know what state Louisville is in.) […]

  527. Hot Paris Hilton sex tape images and clip

    Shouldn’t Paris Hilton have gone to jail because of her sex tape videos rather than because of not paying ticket charges?

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