There is nothing like our moms and the idea of a Mother’s Day post to get these Ladies started.

I could have easily re-posted the 58 emails we exchanged over the course of just one evening talking about our mothers and the relationships we have with them. We laughed, we cried, we admitted to not always being the best of daughters and that more than a few of us, *ahem*, still have not told our moms about this site. Our discussion had enough material to keep Lifetime, Sandra Bullock, and Diane Keaton in business for at least a few more years. (Nancy Meyers! Call us!)

Today for Mother’s Day, we’ve posted a series of posts for our moms and featured the athletes they find hot. Or at least cute. Or maybe know the names of. So scroll down the site and say hi to our mothers, because you know your mom probably loved this guy…

Happy Mother’s Day!

(Let’s hope they don’t read the archives. Or figure out how to look at all of our posts via the tags.)

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11 Responses to Mother's Day Potpourri – Your Mom Loves Hot Athletes Too

  1. All good pieces honoring your moms, ladies.

    My mom still has a big thing for Rick Fox.

  2. Rick Fox?

    Thank god she probably did not watch “Dirt” on F/X this season.

  3. Jon Pyle says:

    Your mom too? My mom is crazy about Rick Fox. She still wears her jersey when she watches Laker games.

    Ladies… great stuff. Even though we don’t want to admit it (at least guys are a little wierded out), everyone’s mother thinks somebody’s hot. When my mom told my girlfriend (now wife) about how much she loves football pants I almost passed out. The only moment more awkward was her telling me the best part of Boogie Nights was the end… Yikes!

    Seriously though, thanks for the peek into your real lives, all of them were quite good.

  4. TSW – yeah, the only F/X show she watches/watched was Nip/Tuck.

    Jon – my mom and her BFF actually went to an L.A. restaurant regularly because they heard Rick Fox dined there, and one day he showed up, and they were gawking at him the whole damn time.

  5. While we were waiting for our brunch reservation, Mom and I went walking around Station Square. When we reached the sports apparel shop, Mom saw a t-shirt in the window, and suddenly proclaimed, “Oooh! Maz!”

    Five minutes later, we’re walking out of the store, and Mom’s the proud owner of a black t-shirt, “Pirates” on the front, and “Mazeroski 9” on the back.

    This may be the first black t-shirt in the history of her wardrobe. Bill Mazeroski still has that affect on her.

  6. BigTDog says:

    Nicely done Ladies. Those were fun to read.

    I don’t think my mother has an athlete-crush…unless you count Tom Selleck as an athlete. He did play on the volleyball squad at USC, at least that’s what she’ll argue.

  7. Great job, Ladies… and a happy Mothers Day to all the moms reading this. Your kids realize they’re a pain in your ass 364 days a year, but they still love you.

  8. BigTDog – I still love Tom Selleck.

    STN – I love that your mom looked for Rick Fox. That is classic Los Angeles.

    And Maz? Probably loved as much as Mario…

  9. Lazlo says:

    My Mom and I discussed her athelete crushes for the first time today. Great post.

  10. Grimey says:

    My mom was all about two basketball players: Rony Seikaly and Craig Ehlo. I’m surprised they both haven’t been mentioned already.

  11. Disco Stu says:


    Polish pride!

    * I’m not Polish, but I went to middle- & high-school with too many to count. So, on an honarary basis…

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