Shades, lip curl, whistle, and a touch of Laurence Fishburne?



ihateyou.jpg I hate you. I really, really hate you. Your sallow eyes, the flopping, and you acted like a total brat the entire series.

The problem is, now I cannot stop thinking about you. The more I hate you, the more I want you. I want to just tear your pal, skinny Russian ass apart.

At least we’ll always have this to remind me that I can do better. I hate you and your 21 points, 15 rebounds, 3 steals, spiky hair, and your 100-87 win over the Warriors.


chelios-lidstrom.jpg “Hey Chris.”

“Hey Nick.”

“Do you think that if we win 5-0, all the headlines tomorrow will make some sort of ‘Duck Hunt’ joke?”

“Most likely. Did you see that bloated guy in the stands?”



Congrats on the first win since the surgery Randy. Nine K’s and no walks over seven innings is always aces with me. I’m kind of glad none of the other Ladies think you’re cute, that way I get you all to myself.

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39 Responses to Hit and Run – Wednesday’s random thoughts

  1. Hank Scorpio says:

    It’s like Shaft and Tony Dungy had a baby. Except Tony is totally not down with that.

  2. Extra P. says:

    It’s the whole “Big Unit” mythos, isn’t it?

  3. No, I’ve seen him upclose and in person. He’s scary big and handsome.

  4. I hope we get to enjoy this wonderful man on the Steeler’s sideline for the next 15 years. You can tell he means business and who doesn’t want that in a man….I mean coach?

  5. Emily – He’s also hosting an AllPro Dad Chapter in Pittsburgh and who would not want that in a hus… I mean coach?

    EDIT – Aside of the fact it is part of Family First, which I am not too big of a fan of.

  6. throwbot says:

    TSW, I guess the string of illegitimate children fathered by Randy Johnson across nation shows that you are not alone in your love for the Big Unit.

  7. Texas Gal says:

    Baseball is taking all of my attention, I can’t even think about what’s going to happen in August/September when I somehow have to find the power to concentrate on both. But thankfully, I couldn’t care less about NBA or NHL playoffs – so I’m safe for now.

    Randy Johnson : TheStarterWife :: Roger Clemens : Texas Gal
    I will never judge you, TSW.

  8. Tex – This is why March until Aug I could give two licks about baseball. I love the NHL playoffs. LOVE! And even though they make me mad each year, I like the NBA playoffs.

    Once June/July hits, I like to spend my weekends outside. Once fall hits, I can still keep up on baseball, football I HAVE to watch mostly on Sundays, so I still have my Saturdays. (And I can put the NBA and NHL on the backburner until January.)

  9. tomlin looks like omar epps. i just graduated from st vincent college, aka steelers training camp. me and my best bud (who was in the pic that i sent in for the hot blogger shite) saw tomlin there checkin out the facilities. we got to meet him, and he seems like a great guy. we kept calling him mike epps, and omar tomlin just for fun. this means nothing to all of you, but we had a blast, and tomlin rules. as a dude, i personally wouldnt call him hot, but ill allow you to, tsw!

  10. Tecmo – Glad you entered BTW. Ever since AA did the mock draft, I’ve become a huge fan of your site. The combination of mini-ponies and sports is possibly one of greatest combination ever, which is well executed in your banner. :)

  11. Disco Stu says:

    Steelers don’t fire coaches, so I expect Tomlin will be there awhile, Ladies…

  12. metschick says:

    I see a Ladies… favorite in the making.

  13. Sheena Beaston, checking in here from smuggy NYC. (yes, smuggy=sweaty/muggy)

    Apropros to the site of thine bro-ha, PSaMP. I take full responsibility for the ridiculousness known as his logo.

    Merci. Gracias. Peace and hair grease.

  14. Sheena – Replacing a base with a mini-pony is possibly one of the best things ever on the intertubes. It makes me laugh everytime I see it.

    Tecmo – NP. There used to be mini-ponies around where my sister rode growing up, and I always thought they were cute.

  15. Jerkwheat says:

    Tecmo Bo beat me to the punch so I’ll just second the fact that Omar Epps is now the Steelers HC.

  16. Pam says:

    TSW, did you fancy the unit it his mullet days?

  17. Pam – You make it sound like it is completely gone.

  18. Pam says:

    True, TSW. It was like 98.4% gone when he was a Yankee. I think it may still be there, but it’ll never be like that 90’s “Jagr Mullet” again!

  19. Hey, that Jagr mullet went to my prom – sadly not with me – so watch the mullet bashing.

    (And I am OLD!)

  20. Pam says:

    do you mean someone with a Jagr Mullet went to your prom? Or Jagr with said mullet went to your prom? I must know!

  21. metschick says:

    MattMillenFanClub – email me! I’ve got something for you…

  22. Pam says:

    awesome! I hope you at least got a picture with him! (and I don’t even like Jagr, for obvious reasons)

  23. or were YOU sporting the Jagrullet?

  24. No and no.

    I had the BIG hair that night. Yick.

  25. Disco Stu says:

    I remember being nineteen, & my emo-indie-punker friends were all ironically hepped up on the mullet. One of them, though, went so far as to say that every male in America, of a certain year of birth (say, between ’70 & ’85), has at least one photo floating around with him sporting a mullet. That was a lie then, & it remains a lie. Born 1980, but I never had a mullet. My scenester friends’s attempt to cover for their foibles, therefore, was for naught. Stupid scenesters.

  26. cant say i sported a mullet, but i was a big supporter of the rat tail

  27. Tomlin: The writers on House better get on this. I fully expect at least one “Foreman ruins the Steelers D by switching to a 4-3 and diagnosing Polamalu’s hamstring pull as lupus” joke.

    Duck Hunt: Way ahead of you. Earned the Yostal seal of approval, although Suss was unimpressed.

  28. TheStarterBoyfriend says:

    Oh Lord. The “Tail”. What a statement. I lived in British Columbia as a kid and every guy in my 6th grade class was sporting one. Being an American and newly imigrated citizen of the Northern Province of Mispronounciation of the Word “About” (aka “Aboot”), I felt I needed one too. Problem is, I’ve got curly hair. “Tail” and “curly hair” go about as well together as “Ricky Martin” and “straight”.

    Though, Barry Melrose can still rock the mullet. (I think it’s the combination of silver-fox-like grey hair and ample use of axel grease that makes it work in his favor, these days.)

    I like how, in that picture, Tomlin is starting to get a bit of the “jaw-jutt” too. Must be something in the water in the ‘Burg.

  29. tsb…i had the same curly hair problem. my rat tail was short lived, but i did know a guy who had one from the time he was a fetus until after he graduated high school. his mom finally cut it off, and saved it for him. he had red hair, and his tail was epic.

  30. Techmo – Yick.

  31. cdrbarney says:

    Always wore it high and tight -Top Gun style and hated the long hair hippies with a hair dryer rejects with the rat tails… You want to pull their head to the ground and step on their throat…
    Sorry the therapy was getting pricey, had to cut back

    – but men using hair products and mousse is George Michael and Ricky Martin in a trio with the “other guy” from Wham catching seconds.

    Were there any straight men in the 80’s?

  32. PSUgirl says:

    Tomlin definitely has an Epps thing goin – but that photo you posted does wax fishburney.

    He’s so pretty – y’all in the burgh are oh so lucky. oh so lucky.

    He looked so beautiful during the draft – who cares if he drafted a punter? not me.

  33. TheStarterBoyfriend says:

    Don Johnson. Sylvester Stallone. Kurt Russell. Those are the only “quaffed” guys I can think of who exuded any amount of “straight”. Everyone else was “bi” or “bi-curious”.

  34. Extra P. says:

    The sunglasses are the Epps/Fishburn conversion kit. His resemblance to Epps comes almost entirely from his eyes.

  35. PSUgirl says:

    Excellent observation – he’s like a hottie superhero.

  36. cdrbarney says:

    Can’t say Sly and Kurt were totally clean -Tango and Cash buddies in prison together? Strong undertones… lots of village people tank tops…

    Don J was totally bi- all the pastel and linen?

  37. TSW's M says:

    Cleveland Cleveland Cleveland

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