As we noted earlier in our “Would you do Chris Berman” post, over at The Big Picture they’re having a nice little bracket seeding the female broadcasters against each other in a “Would you…” tourney.   Their “Would you…” usually ends with comments that would make Red Buttons Andrew Dice ClayBob Saget blush.  Now while we Ladies are far from shrinking violets, we were better off not knowing what “DSL” meant.

So for the rest of “Would you…” tournament, we’re going to give you the reasons why we like these women.  Today Metschick is going to weigh-in on  pin-up de jour Erin Andrews, while your’s truly is going to talk about what Michelle Bonner has on her mantle. 

Plus, extra coverage on the broadcaster we cannot believe didn’t make their tourney… so join us after the jump. 

Erin Andrews, by Metschick

Erin Andrews… what can be said of the ESPN Golden Girl?  Everyone knows all the important stats:

    • Her birthday is May 4th,
    • She was born in Boston,
    • She graduated from the University of Florida, and
    • She was a member of the Zeta Tau Alpha sorority and the Dazzlers, the UF dance team. 

All those guys who reduce her to nothing more than blond hair and a tight sweater should really think about the whole package.  While all you guys can appreciate is her tight ass, I appreciate the fact that she’s smart, she is great at a job most of us would take in a heartbeat, and she looks fabulous doing it. She’s a Ladies… hero.

Michelle Bonner, by TheStarterWife

Sure, Michelle Bonner has taken some knocks for having a “safe” career, and her time at Headline News Airport Edition was probably not the most groundbreaking work she’s ever done.  

But guess what?  When she does get the chance to shine, Ms. Bonner she is as bright as the sun.   She’s earned an Edward R. Murrow Award for Excellence in Broadcasting, (which puts her in a nice club with Olberman, Brokaw, Koppel, and Jennings), she’s been given the Associated Press Award for “Best Sportscast”, and has earned an Emmy.  A true professional and one of the few current Sportscenter anchors I can stand.

Bonus - 

Who do you think you are for overlooking Lesley Visser?  

Leslie Visser is the Godmother of Woman Sportscasters and it is shammockery that she was not included in the “Would you…” bracket.

  • Grew up a Red Sox and Celtics fan
  • Spent 10 years as highly regarded sportswriter for the Boston Globe.
  • First female NFL beat reporter ever when she covered the Patriots
  • First woman to work on Monday Night Football
  • First female to work the side line at the Super Bowl
  • Only woman to ever award the Lombardi Trophy at the Super Bowl
  • Was one of the reasons that the NFL had to open up press boxes and locker rooms to female reports
  • First woman to work as a NFL analyst
  • First woman in the NFL Hall of Fame
  • Has covered the World Series, the Olympics, the Final Four and the Triple Crown

So go ahead, try to ignore Lesley Visser.  Dick Stockton thinks you’re a weakling for not taking her on.


(Disclaimer  – Before everyone starts to call foul about a blog devoted to cute athletes taking up the cause for respecting women for their brains and their broadcast skills, it should be noted that we have on several occasions highlighted the academic prowess of college players and the cute, endearing side to many pro-athletes.   We’re all for oogling along with admiring the whole person.)


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16 Responses to Would You… listen to what she’s saying? Erin Andrews – Michelle Bonner

  1. extrapolater says:

    One thing I would say is: it’s easy to mock reporters and TV personalities unless you’ve tried to do their job. I happen to have more of a face and voice for radio, but it takes a pretty sharp mind to think on your feet, and the dedication to prepare so you don’t get caught out (lots of male sportscasters aren’t shining on this front).

    That said, I am glad our female sportscasters are so scrumptiously doable.

  2. I second Ex’s statement. There’s a reason that I don’t make fun or ever really talk about female sportscasters and announcers. They don’t make stupid mistakes and have ego trips like males.

    This probably stems from them having to work extra hard to get the job in the first place, and in turn making them better reporters.

    After that the only clever thing to say is…..yep, Erin Andrews is hot.

  3. ladyandrea says:

    Excellent you guys, really nice.

  4. I could hug you AA.

  5. Knowing the work involved in being a reporter in general, I throw my hat in with AA and Ex.

    They have producers screaming in their ears via IFB constantly, and for the sideline reporters, live, on-air interviews are always a crap shoot (the interview subject may not necessarily be a good talker.)

    If you handle live interviews as an anchor or sideline reporter, you have to know your stuff, period.

  6. I need more hugs in my life.

  7. Melissa says:

    Same thing with Melissa Stark…hey where did she disappear to anyway?

  8. SA says:

    You guys are great. Let’s have a group hug. AA’s in the middle.

  9. I think Stark is up tomorrow. I feel bad the way that Bonner was killed yesterday in their poll.

  10. JebusHChrist says:

    Lesley Visser? Come on now. Talk about a speed ball. You get me going with Erin then you bring me down with Visser? Not cool.
    You’re better than that.

  11. TSW – it just wasn’t fair to Bonner the way the draw played out.

  12. JebusHChrist says:

    You guys are right. I think I should throw Ms. Bonner a bone to make her feel better about herself. I think her Murrow award and her apple cheeks are hot. You’re with me, Bonner.

  13. buwolverine says:

    Isn’t Lesley Visser the one that fell down running and shattered her hip? She can’t be included in a “Would you do” tourney for liability reasons.

  14. JebusHChrist says:

    Does that mean she has an artificial hip?
    That’s a little bit hot.

  15. Disco Stu says:

    Three words: squeaky bum time.

    Go for Erin Andrews….

  16. Pin-up Fan says:

    @Jebus: Artificial hips are hot? First prosthetic fetish I’ve heard of.

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