It is glorious. It puts all other brackets to shame.  It is the Ladies… Hottie NCAA Tournement Bracket


hottiebracket.pdf (Click the PDF for full page download)

If you thought that all the previews and wrap-ups were hot,  wait until you see them all in one place.

Tonight, we drink to J-Money for putting together all of the Ladies selections.

It is, without a doubt, better than we ever imagined it could be.


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19 Responses to The Best Bracket Ever – The NCAA Tourney Hottie Bracket

  1. ladyandrea says:


    That is so seriously awesome.

  2. SA says:

    Yes Yes oh God Yes.

  3. extrapolater says:

    That is pretty coo.

    My commenting license is still in the works over at Deadspin, so I must ask here. Why must I get bent, Lady Andrea?

  4. I’ve never been so proud of the Ladies as I am right now. God bless you, especially you J-M/GS, god bless you.

  5. TheStarterBoyfriend says:

    That’s a big, damn fine bracket of floating heads of men who are far more athletically inclined and good looking than any male deserves to be. Frankly, no matter who wins, all the rest of us lose.

  6. ladyandrea says:

    Because you mentioned the Game That Must Not Be Named in your preview for TAMCC. If you need to know what team I root for, it shouldn’t be hard to find on this site.

  7. extrapolater says:

    Oooooh, I was wondering how poor little TAMUCC could have offended you, but it wasn’t them at all.

    Considering that I root for Kansas, you have two of those to throw in my face any time you want (believe me, I’m freaking used to it by now).

  8. extrapolater says:

    By the way, I think that bracket is a stunning piece of work. Sorry to derail the conversation.

  9. Suss-- says:

    Evidently Louisville didn’t have any hotties with skin pigment.

  10. Thanks for the love, guys. And if any of the hotties would like to contact me directly, I’d ask that you wait until I remove the computer monitor from my retinas.

  11. Metschick says:

    That is a fucking piece of art. It’s so awesome.

  12. Demon Radio says:

    Lady Andrea, I feel your pain in the Game That Must Not Be Named. I was actually there calling the game for NSU. It was easily the highlight of my broadcasting career, but seeing Brunner after the game was tough. He was a warrior in that game.

  13. ladyandrea says:

    Demon, I grew up with Jeff Horner and Greg Brunner, they used to play ball with my younger brother. I was really quiet after the game but we got out to the car and my friend goes, “Are you okay?” and I just start bawling.

  14. Janalee says:

    That’s pretty classic. I love it.

  15. Lisa_from_Illinois says:

    Love it.

    Y’all need a Hot Coaches one, too. ‘Cause everytime I watch Pitt I start to think, “Boy, they kinda suck,” and then I see Jamie Dixon and go, “Preeeetttty,” and I lose track of the game.

  16. […] The Best Bracket Ever – The NCAA Tourney Hottie Bracket [Ladies…]“It is glorious. It puts all other brackets to shame. It is the Ladies… Hottie NCAA Tournement Bracket.” […]

  17. Lisa – I agree, but when I see former Pitt player and now staff Brandon Knight.

  18. extrapolater says:

    “Now staff” That is some subliminal shit there.

  19. Brian says:

    Very most excellent job. Love the color. :roll:

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