BREAKING NEWS CONNECTION – We just finally put the pieces together and realized BYU Hottie Jordan Cameron’s sister is Brynn Cameron, USC Woman’s basketball player and mother to Matt Leinart’s baby. Thanks to LenBias’s Connection and Lady Andrea for putting that together tonight!

Huzzah! UNLV and BYU gets invited to the NCAA tourney as 7 and 8 seeds! Air Force and San Diego State get to go to the NIT! Tacos for all! (New to the site? Welcome aboard! You can read about BYU’s Jordan Cameron’s love of Jack in the Box tacos here.)

But we’re taking UNLV’s Wendell White as our Hottie MWC MVP, because well… he’s hot and his team won the tourney championship. UNLV was able to snatch the title from outright season-league title holder BYU, (I never got that. Pick one winner. Not two.) in their 78-70 victory.

Air Force, which had seemed like a lock for the tourney just a couple of short weeks ago went stone cold, losing in the quarter-finals to a weak Wyoming team, paving the way for the NIT to swoop in and snatch the Hawks for their tournament. (Yes that joke was bad. It’s late. Shhh. Why are you reading this past the jump anyway?)

SDSU was upset early in the tourney to Colorado State, but their record was decent enough for the NIT. Or similar enough to Air Force that if you invited one, you had to invite the other because they’d just show up anyway.

So celebrate! Eat all the tacos you want! I’ll buy! Except for you Air Force. You’re probably not very hungry.

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  1. extrapolater says:

    Isn’t that the joint that puts Kangaroo meat in their food? Not that Kangaroo isn’t probably very tasty. But I prefer the Dolphin chimichanga.

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