From a blog I used to have called Otherpeoplesblogs.

Now I have to just wake up enough to read it!

UPDATE: These are the reasons we are glad to have Real Defamer Editor back:

“She’s not that spring chicken with crossover appeal from The Mirror Has Two Faces anymore.”

“Woody Allen’s Melinda and Melinda will open the Santa Barbara Film Festival. This isn’t as scary as it sounds–Allen’s only creatively dead, not actually dead”

“Every time a publicist is promoted, an angel gets a scorching case of herpes”

“(Everyone knows that studio heads get double the cred with their peers for mega-budget flops; penny-pinching stinkers are for pussies.) “

“When the dollars match up and the lawyers come to an agreement, look for Grey’s coronation to take place atop the iconic Paramount water tower, where he will engage in a highly symbolic, power-conferring copulation with outgoing chief Sherry Lansing.”

“We’ve figured out the exact moment that Leonardo DiCaprio clinched his Oscar nomination: upon hallucinating a mischievous cat flushing an adorable dog down his toilet, DiCaprio’s Howard Hughes begins urinating in milk bottles and defecating in empty Kleenex boxes.”

The Defamer is a genius, and thank god he is back.

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