From a blog I used to have called Otherpeoplesblogs.

Congrats to big-deal bloggers at Defamer and Go Fug Yourself for being quoted in the Variety piece on blogs. I also love Avery’s mea culpa for reviewing the “Dawn of the Dead” script online, knowing that he made some enemies.

They saved the meanest line for last though:

“Cynics may well wonder: Will snarky wannabes also start pulling their punches when they get more attention from the showbiz establishment? Power, as Harry Knowles of discovered, can be a seductive beast.”

Wow. Talk about a cheap shot.

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  1. Shubbadubba says:

    I just gotta think that the studio currently producing the lastest Zomba-Mamba flic (sans Romeo… but whateva) would be more than HAPPY HAPPY not to do business with Mr & Mz. Internet Rumor Mill anymore, despite their bonafide producing deal at a another studio (that often requires a lucrative co-distribution deal to seal the greenlight on their much-maligned production schedules).

    But maybe that’s just my jaded sense of self-righteous karmic indignation.


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