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J is right, but you will never convince me that NYC is better than LA. I have lived in both, and have seen the light. (But not in the last few rain-soaked days.)

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2 Responses to Too cold… indeed.

  1. Shubbadubba says:

    I think it shoujld be noted that “snow is dumping in Los Angeles”. In the actual LOS ANGELES COUNTY AREA. We have snow. So you can never again say the phrase: “Thank God it doesn’t snow in Los Angeles.” Because, techincally, you’d be wrong. Of course, this would be arguable at best, due to the fact that including the Tajon Pass and the Palmdale area as portions of Los Angeles always causes great discourse from the hard-core portions of Los Angelino’s who want to distance themselves from their suburbian, semi-white trash brethren of different area codes.

  2. jeremy says:

    Last I checked, The Spring Lounge was not in Los Angeles; ergo, NYC wins.

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