Everyone has their own way of making it. Some people use lemon juice, some people use lime juice. Pureed smooth or chunky. With or without onion, tomato, jalapeno, mango, garlic, cumin or cilantro. And yes, some people put mayonnaise in their guacamole. The guy who ran the deli counter at my corner market whipped his secret guacamole (secret because you had to live in the neighborhood for years before he’d let you know about the batches he’d make on Saturdays), with sour cream and when you raved about how good it was, he’d say, “South American guacamole. Better than all other guacamole.”

The photo above? This joint put feta in their guacamole. Surprisingly good.

The topic came up on Twitter the other day and I wondered, what sort of guacamole do people make? What is your go-to recipe for guacamole? Do you have a special technique? For example, I like using my pastry cutter to mash everything together in the bowl. Maybe you put your guacamole in a blender or use a mortar and pestle.

Let’s have some fun and have Super Bowl Guacamole Week during this year’s Football Foodie run-up to the championship. Email your favorite guacamole recipe to, and over the next few weeks I’ll make a batch of each submission and post about the merits of each type of guacamole starting in  mid-January.

Be sure to include the reasons why you love your guacamole. If it is an adaption of another recipe, be sure to include a link or a reference. Do you also have a sports or food blog? Feel free to post your guacamole over there and send me a link, and I’ll include those recipes too.

Deadline for entry is January 9, 2012.

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