Blows the dust off the blog.

Looks around at the mess; yellow and green confetti still on the ground, a tattered copy of the CBA with the words “KAISER GOODELL” scrawled across the front in blood on the table, an unkempt Steeler fan from Super Bowl XLV wandering around looking for a seat that never existed. In a dark corner, Terrell Owens is giving a reality television confessional interview to a curiously silent ficus.

Taps at the keyboard, “Is this thing on?”

Hello regular web surfers, Tweeters, Tumblrs and people who still have the site in their RSS readers! Welcome back!

Just dropped by for a quick word on the 2011 Football Foodie Pick’Em Leagues.

They exist.

Well, that was quick. Maybe too quick.

Just stopped by for a few words on the 2011 Football Foodie Pick’em Leagues.

They exist.

Technically, that isn’t a “a few words” since it was only two words. And in the previous paragraph I said “a quick word” and then it was two words which means that doesn’t work either… Hey! Where are you going? I’m just riffing a bit to shake off the rust. No, no comeback, no need to unfollow yet! I haven’t even said anything of substance about the Football Foodie Pick’Em Leagues. You asked for them!

And truly, you did. I hadn’t planned on running the pools again this year for whatever reason, until over the couple of days I started receiving emails, Tweets and smoke signals asking about the 2011 leagues. What was I thinking not hosting again this season? I mean, it was just great when Rob in Wisconsin won last season and wrote his winning guest post picking Green Bay over Steelers 35-28 while I was at the Super Bowl. It was great, just great. So great I could hug his face with my Terrible Towel. Tightly.

The pools!

Football Foodie College Pick’Em Pool: League ID #18151, Password: pizzaloaf (*see note)

I know this is a bit of a rush for a CFB league, but you have until Friday night for the one game played then and until Saturday for the rest of the Week 1 slate since we’re using the standard “Games Yahoo Editors Find Interesting” setting. (Wonder how many Miami games they’re going to set as “interesting” this season?)

Football Foodie NFL Pick’Em Pool: League ID #43606. Password: pizzaloaf (*see note)

Note: This year Yahoo’s NFL pick’em leagues allow you to run the pool through the playoffs, which is a right swell development in my book. So unless there is a large contingent of you who object, the NFL league will go up to and including the Super Bowl.

The prizes!

That I don’t know yet. Last year was a guest post and gift card, but that seems like a prize your Aunt Hilda would give you. Probably a guest post if you want — and who wouldn’t want to reach my dozens of readers? — and I’ll bring back something cool from Europe for the winners. Something food related, maybe sports related, and easy to clear through customs. I mean, if I pick some of that weird cheese in Italy with the bugs in it while I’m there in October, it will keep until February, right?

No, I’m kidding it will probably be beer stein of some sort.

The Football Foodies!

Ah, yes. The reason why we are all here. Recipes will start going up this week to kick off fifth(!) season of the Football Foodie.

 *Update – Be sure to use a lowercase “p” in “pizzaloaf” as it seems the password is case-sensitive.

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2 Responses to Everyone in the pool! The 2011 Football Foodie Pick’Em Leagues

  1. Ally Garner says:

    Well hot damn! I nearly flipped when I saw you appear in my Reader this morning. So psyched for Friday Foodie posts again!!

  2. Mary Pam Kilgore says:

    Great! I had to revive my Yahoo account. But it wouldn’t let me choose teams starting tomorrow.

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