There were nearly a hundred entries in the Football Foodie NFL & College Pick’Em Pools and we finally have our winners; Pretty Girls & Waffles and Rob In WI.

Pretty Girls & Waffles won the CFB pool back in January, but declined to make a statement on their victory. Rob was set to win the pool pretty early on the playoffs, but held off asking him if he wanted a guest post until late last week just so it would feel more “official.” Why I waited I don’t know, because math doesn’t lie. This is what he sent in over the weekend while I was in the DFW area for the Super Bowl.

Take it away Rob:

First of all, I’d like to thank the lovely and talented Sarah Sprague for hosting our NCAA & NFL Foodie Pick ’ems. I’d also like to thank her specifically for not making the points for the Super Bowl worth the exact distance between us in the standings. Because, that’s what I would have done.

Also, I should have won the NCAA Pick’em, but I’m not going to go on about that now.

Some people have asked me “Robert, how did you win such a competitive pick’em league?” And I really have only one answer: I picked more winners than the other people did. A lot more. I mean, like, it wasn’t even close. I could have sat out the playoffs and still won. But that’s ok, I’m not trying to brag, just pointing out how amazing I was this year at picking games straight up. I mean, I was really, really good.

No, really, I missed one week because of a holiday rush at work, and even if I’d have had my worst week ever, I win the NCAA Pick’em by 3 points or something. But I’m not mad about that now.

Anyway, Sarah has graciously given me the opportunity to say something to all you about how great I was this year at picking games, and I was more than willing to take her up on it especially when it came to telling you all how great I was at picking games this year. Have I mentioned that I should have won both Pick’em groups? Because I’m not REALLY bitter about that. Ok, just a little.

Oh crap, my word count is almost up. So, thank you Sarah and all the other participants from Twitter, Tchotchkes, Food Blogs, DUAN, Kommentariat, family, friends and acquaintances. Please realize, you didn’t lose so much as just finished behind a superior straight up game picker. It’s ok, it happens.

Ok, enough silly. Thank you all, it’s been fun. For my final pick of the year, even though it’s not necessary, Packers 35, Steelers 28. If we get a game half as good as their game in Pittsburgh last year, we’ll have a great Super Bowl. Let’s just keep the idiot kickers out of it. Let’s do it again next year.


Oh yeah, maybe that’s why I waited. I didn’t want a pro-Packer pick’em posted pregame.

Congratulations to both Rob and the Packers! Good season, good games.

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