• There are no lakes in LA.
  • There is no jazz in Utah.
  • [Aikman/Tebow/Stewart/Crosby/Brady/Jeter/A-Rod] is gay.
  • New York Metropolitans
  • Ratbirds
  • Ice in Tampa/Miami/San Jose/LA/Arizona/Atlanta/Carolina/Nashville?
  • Cheese cheese cheese cheesy McCheesy Wisconsin.
  • Farve
  • “The right people will get it.”
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2 Responses to Sports jokes that tell me you’re a hack; Part 1

  1. Chrisrambles1 says:

    It’s funny, many of the offender’s columns are arranged the same as your bullet points. It’s like Mitch Albom wrote this post as literal content.

    • sarah sprague says:

      (And of course I spent yesterday morning explaining away this post to the GReader-ShareBro mafia of other sports writers pointing out I wasn’t in fact calling them hacks.)

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