I contributed a small piece to Puck Daddy over on Yahoo today in response to Wysh’s question, What is the female equivalent of a playoff hockey beard?

Of course I was immediately was called a bandwagon fan in the comments.

From the Save Empty Netters post:

I’ve joked many times over the years the reason why I rarely blog about the Penguins is because so many other people are do it better and because really, the only acceptable hockey snacks in my book are nachos, hoagies, and now that I live in Los Angeles, Big Wang’s Heart Attack Fries which I am convinced played a magical part of both the 2008 and 2009 Stanley Cup appearances.  (And the not-so-magical part of putting on 10 pounds during each finals run. I didn’t eat them last season, and the Pens lost.)

One of the people who does do it better  — who arguably might be the best Penguins blogger  — is Seth Rorabaugh over at Empty Netters at the Post-Gazette. Sadly, the Yinzer Batsignal was lit this morning with the alert that Empty Netters could soon be axed from the PG.

Or this:

Last year I didn’t post during the Penguins Stanley Cup run and I was worried that if I posted during this year’s playoffs, I would jinx the team. Plus, I had the same thought this year as I did last year: Why bother writing about the Pens when those nuts over at The Pensblog kill it anyway. I’m lazy and they’re funny. Win-win for me.

Anyway, feel free to search the word Penguin or follow the Penguins tag. Somewhere in there is a picture from when I worked at Mellon and a dramatic holiday reading of “The Gift of Sid.” Follow my Twitter account during game time and harass me if you must, Bolts fan.

In the meanwhile, I’m going to bedazzling and re-sewing my new playoff t-shirt that came in the mail this morning.

Let’s Go Pens!


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