Hello My Dear Dozens of Readers!

Just a few housekeeping notes as the football season winds down and we head into whatever else it is I post around here besides tailgating/living room-gating (nope, still not giving up on the phrase) recipes, poorly reasoned sports analysis, pictures, politics music and pop culture notes.

First off, for the long suffering followers of BlackandGoldTchotchkes.com, I offer you this letter which I posted on B&GT on February 1 when I redirected the site to sarahsprague.com. I thought if I posted it there, it would go through the normal RSS feed. I was wrong. And now since the site is redirected, if I link to it, you’re 404’d!

So here goes:


As you may have noticed, it’s been pretty quite over here at B&GT. And then suddenly, this morning, BLAMMO! 50 posts came through your reader. Sorry!

What happened? Well, as of the end of December I’ve been posting everything over at SarahSprague.com. Finally reset the redirect from blackandgoldtchotchkes.wordpress.com and blackandgoldtchotchkes.com to the new site, and it sent everything from SarahSprague through the reader. Again, sorry about that.

So, if you are one of the three people who have both SS.com and B&GT.com set up in your RSS reader, you only need to subscribe to one site.

SarahSprague.tumblr.com? Yeah. I have no idea what I’m doing with that thing.

Thank you for all of your support!

As I said back in passing at the start of the year, I was moving everything over to this platform.

Yes, there is a reason for this. Mostly because no one ever spells “tchotchkes” correctly. Also because I hated having some things on B&GT, other things on Tumblr, having to cross-post links, and really, I’ve owned my own domain for more than a decade. It should be more than a contact form for ex-boyfriends to email me to see if I’m single. (Still currently “no”, but if any of you guys feel like giving me back Tom Waits CDs or Villanova hat — you know who you are — I will take your call.)

So everything for the most part moved over here, except for the random things I’m reblogging over on Tumblr. Still not sure what I’m going to do that place. Cajun Boy used to refer to his Tumblr as the DVD outtakes of his main site, which I always liked, but even he’s abandoned the long form for the short. (Mostly because he’s going to spend his energy on his day job writing Yahoo!, I’m sure.) I just hate having some things on Tumblr and some things here, but maybe not everything is worth a whole post. (Plus trying to keep up with everybody’s Tumblrs on Tumblrs is exhausting, which is why I use RSS readers.)

Anyway, hope you stick around while I keep redesigning the new site.


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