Not to keep picking on Ocho’s Twitter account this week, but isn’t odd that he doesn’t follow the Twitter account of his own TOcho Show? (Twitter of course providing the very useful information of showing users which accounts are followed by users you already follow.)

The show’s account has just under four thousand followers, while OchoCinco’s personal Twitter feed is followed by nearly 1.5 million users. For the social media savvy Bengals wide receiver with his own mobile game and news app, it’s either a pretty large oversight or a snub of something not building his strat. One can only imagine Alex Blagg shaking his head at the missed opportunity for Versus by not having half of the marquee talent not re-Tweeting information about their show.

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2 Responses to Not to keep picking on Ocho’s Twitter account this week…

  1. Illex says:

    He probably just doesn’t want his feed filled with more of his own ridiculousness.

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