Presenting Tweets of the Week: Episode III. Featuring:

@TCMcG, @Matt_T, @DCTrojan, @Jerkwheatery, @lowposts, @TCM, @Unsilent, @OnTheDLpodcast, @michellewoo, @cgervin, @NunesMagician (2), @supersloth, @jarnoldisnotemo, @roto_tudor, @Slothrop1 and more! 

In this edition’s glorious mess, we cover mini-backpack fashion, the Library of Congress, the Federal Writers Project, no one knows anything about movie marketing, making fun of “Lost”, live-tweeting SISTERHOOD OF THE TRAVELING PANTS 2, inadvertently rounding up red heads, pets named Ginger, Vaseline as ineffective lubricant, how to properly say Alfonso Cuarón, inconsistencies in Stanley Kubrick’s THE SHINING, the eternal wisdom of @Adam_Jacobi and much, much, much more!


UPDATE – From @Jerkwheatery “Ginger is a dog and will be notified of this transgression.”  Yes, I know.  When I listened to the show later I realized I had made a mistake and meant to put it in the show notes.  Here you go, Jerkwheat!

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Special thanks to @reinix for her YouTube video on how to say Alfonso Cuarón.

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