Today in The Music of New Coke, Mick Jaggar’s “Just Another Night” from his first solo album, She’s the Boss.

Nonsensical storyline involving seedy Caribbean night clubs, being on the run with Rae Dawn Chong (borrowing her jacket to sing?), a caper in a casino and Jaggar’s most convincing Sandra Bernhard performance to date.

“Just Another Night” was a crossover hit charting on the Hot 100, Mainstream Rock, Dance, and R&B/Hip Hop charts.  Feel free to roll your eyes at the confusing mess of the Billboard charts, Jaggar’s eyeliner and why despite the overwhelming positive taste test results for the New Coke formula there was such a backlash against the change.

Preferably around 3:24 when Mick starts to lick Rae Dawn Chong’s chin.

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