Presenting Tweets of the Week: Episode II. 

Featuring: @DixieNormess, @PunkOnDeck, @missclare, @PSAMP w/@OFTOT, @edsbs, @MegCanada, @petegaines, @Adam_Jacobi, @iracane, @rickmuscles, @Dhppy, @Dollywould, @metsgrrl, @judybattista, @ByEricThomas, @LegendofVinnyT, @DougOlis, @OHNewsroom, @roto_tudor and a few other special guests!

In this week’s beautiful train wreck, we possibly offend Koreans, Texans, Oklahomans, font junkies, glory holes, circle jerks, sports writers and bloggers, bald men, Barry Switzer and Legolas.

Bryan also thought the show got a little bit too rapey, so a few Tweets had to be left on the cutting room floor.  It’s still a little rapey, but more like bees-on-a-flower-type rape and not what Whoopie Goldberg called, “rape rape”-ish.

So if you are not a part of the former groups and not offended by the latter topic, sit back and enjoy this week’s Tweet’s of the Week.

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