Around midnight last night, Bryan and I, (okay, it was all me but Bryan is a good sport about humoring my bad ideas), decided to create a podcast reading and riffing on some of the funnier Tweets we (I) had read during the week.

Since I hadn’t been keeping notes all week on which Tweets to play around with, I just went back and quickly assembled a list to work with so our first “test” podcast is a little heavier on our friends than it is random feeds.  Hopefully we’ll get some more random people in their next week.  (Hopefully we’ll not run as long next time and do a better job of staying on topic.) 

So without further ado, Episode 1 of Bryan and Sarah’s Tweets of the Week!  Featuring @mrbeaks, @nastinchka, @smrtmkny(2), @SmokeyCloud, @iracane(2), @CRM_Alumnigonzo, @alonelikmacauly, @marklisanti, @NunesMagician, @OFTOT(2), @DrewAtHitFix, @Texas_Gal (2) @kbiegel, @slothrop1, @PUNTE, @PBR_LA, @adam_jacobi,  @acrostical, @WHYGAVS, @IndieFilmGuide, @XMasApe(2) and a few more surprise “guests” on the show. 

Which jokes work? Which Tweets were informative? Whose jokes fell completely flat when read aloud?  Who had me gush, “Oh! I’ve been looking forward to this Tweet!”

Interested in subscribing to a RSS Feed of the show? No? Is your workday commute already that entertaining? You enjoy “All Things Considered” while doing your dishes?  Baloney.  Go here for the our Liberated Syndication page.

Want to suggest a Tweet for the next show? (Because we cannot follow the entire internet.)  Please send tips to sarah.L.sprague [at] gmail.

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