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Smooth tasting, partially like a chocolate covered cherry, partially like a chocolate orange.

Not sure how to celebrate Team USA’s gold medal run while incorporating your love of the SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS meme?   Nationalistic alcohol, that’s how!

Red, White and Blue Shot

In a cold shot glass, fill the bottom third with grenadine.  Using the back of a small tea spoon (or a bar spoon, Mr. Fancypants) tilted slightly down to slow down your pour, slowly fill the next third with creme de cacao and then top off with blue curacao.

Silently apologize to Sidney Crosby and Marc Andre Fleury and yell, “GO USA” before tossing back.  (Or if you’re the flogging sort, drink a shot each time you cheer for Crosby.)

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5 Responses to Team USA Gold Medal Round: Red, White and Blue Shot

  1. smrtmnky says:

    i can also use this during the world cup when the frogs play! LES SHOTS LES SHOTS LES SHOTS

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  3. Clare says:

    America! Fuck yeah!

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