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EDIT – The reason I was even looking at someecards was because Cotter from over at One for the Other Thumb emailed everyone about Tecmo from Pittsburgh Sports and Mini Ponies birthday today. Of course, with my ADD-addled brain I went to look at ecards (since I had missed doing the Cotter post) to send, forgot why I was there in the first place, started to just click around for awhile, laughed at the Olympics ones, posted about them on my Twitter, decided to link to it on my blog, went off and did some work for awhile, talked to a co-worker, Twittered about Texas Gal being awesome with Holly, talked about iTunes with yet another coworker, and then finally remembered I had been looking for an e-card to send Tecmo.

Consider this edit your “Happy Birthday” Tecmo. Chances are, if I attempt this again I’ll forget about it until your next birthday.

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One Response to The Olympics series of someecards are outstanding

  1. tecmo says:

    I bow to you

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