Not too much else I can add to the recap that Christmas Ape did over on Deadspin, but here are a few random thoughts –

  • When the EA promoters started to get people to the main stage to welcome Busta Rhymes, the people over on the Spike TV stage lost more than half their “crowd” which they needed for the backdrop of their live reports. So what did the Spike people do? Got on their bullhorn and pleaded, “You cannot win prizes if you are not here!”

  • Weak.
  • Busta Rhymes is still a force on the stage. He’s witty, knows how to play the crowd, and is just a force when he gets going. (Even when it is in front of only a couple hundred people.)
  • Young Dre was smooth and incredibly excited to be there. I’d love to see him in front of a less corporate audience.
  • Obama shirts were the fashion of the day, as seen on Busta above and on one of the Good Charlotte kids. (On stage with Young Dre.)

  • You cannot see it, but Ben’s on the special Madden Slurpee cups.

  • There’s a Tim Couch joke here, but I don’t have the energy to make it.

  • And if there is one thing I already knew, I am a terrible Madden player.

Check out the rest of my photoset over on Flickr, including a shot a very serious looking Rod Woodson.

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