Not much to say after a thirty point blowout (other than Staples Center seemed to be at least 65% Pistons fans) other than TSB and I had a grand old time checking out the club level for the first time.

We got their pretty early, so we decided to watch warm-ups from the restaurant.

Not too shabby for a buffet. It was easy to justify splurging there so we’d avoid the all fried food in the stands.

Even after the second plate.

Yes, I know it is the Clippers. And yes, I know it was still early by Los Angeles crowds, but the amount of empty seats at tipoff is pathetic.

I didn’t even try to take many pictures during the game. Too distracting, and I was having too much fun with all of my new Detroit friends during the game. Once the Pistons were up by 15 points, we started cheering for 20. Once they reached a 20 point lead, we cheered for 30 points.

The night also gave us a chance to finally check out the plaza that is soon to be LA Live, future home ESPN West. The Nokia Theater was hosting Larry the Cable Guy, but the show must have still be going when the game got out because the area was deserted.

Which didn’t prevent them from blasting the area with sound from their new electronic billboards.

Wow. I hope those twelve people noticed the ads.

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2 Responses to Nothing like a 30 point blow out – Pistons 103- Clippers 73

  1. IJustMadeThatUp says:

    The Nokia Live was like being in Las Vegas at 4am, after a good, solid 12-or-so hours of drinking and card playing and everything on the strip is overly obnoxious and loud and silly and you’re desperately trying to remember which hotel you’re staying at, because frankly sleeping on the sidewalk in front of the McDonald’s to wait for breakfast to be served is sounding like a good idea.

    Well, sort of like that.

  2. It just struck me as I was doing some work here at the office –

    The Clippers dancers grooving to “Rock the Casbah” wasn’t a dream, was it?

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