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7 Responses to Kangaroo Nonsense #1

  1. Holly says:

    [falls over, dead]

  2. Ray says:

    It’s not easy to make chalk taste like strawberry.

  3. If Strawberry Pocky and Strawberry Quick can taste strawberry-like, so can Whoppers.

  4. Tuffy says:

    And let’s not forget strawberries and cream Diet Pepsi, which continues to freak out the supermarket cashiers when I buy it. Tastes like caffeine to me!

  5. I had a brief love affair with the Diet Pepsi “Jazz”. It never tasted like strawberry.

  6. I DRINK [crunch] YOUR MILKSHAKE! [crunch] Waitaminute. I think I just chipped a tooth.

  7. TLVT – LOL. That has to be made into a video spoof NOW!

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