Really. It was supposed to be a quiet trading deadline for the Pens and hours ticked by and nothing moved, I assumed that we were in the clear and didn’t check the wires until after the deadline had passed.

Boy was everybody wrong, including the Post-Gazette, who ran the headline, “Though Penguins not ruling anything out, major deal not likely at today’s NHL trade deadline.”

Atlanta’s Marian Hossa (!!!) and Pascal Dupuis for Armstrong, Christensen, prospect Angelo Esposito, and a first round draft pick.

Everything you need to know about why this is a major – if not soon-to-be-costly – move by the Pens is right here in handy highlight video form, including Rage Against the Machine, Maid Marian, Bo Derek, and Slovak connections.

And let us not forget this fine looking addition to the defense, Hal Gill.

Sad to lose Armstrong and Christensen, but really? I cannot be upset with a trade that brings such a major talent to the team. It is unreal – unreal – how stacked the Penguins are now with the addition of Hossa.

And in the middle of this craziness? Conklin having a career-high 50 saves in tonight’s 4-2 win over the Islanders. 50.

(Pipe down out there in the cheap seats! I don’t need you to remind me how shitty it is to even have 50 pucks to reach the net. Be happy for Conklin you rabble-rousers!)

Cutest story of the day? Conner James, who didn’t even get to the game until the second period, who was recalled this afternoon from Wilkes-Barre just so the Pens could field a 20-man team scored his first NHL goal tonight.

Can’t wait to see how Sunday’s game goes… against Atlanta.

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2 Responses to Wow – Who saw that coming for the Pens?

  1. Pam says:

    As opponents I respected Armstrong and Christensen…Pens fans better hope Hossa resigns with the team.

  2. The Islanders tried that “shell the goalie” strategy against the Thrashers last week. Out-shot them something like 45-6 for the whole game. Of course, Ilya Kovalchuk (PUNK!) is no Evgeni Malkin, and Kari Lehtonen is no Ty Conklin.

    But I’m gonna miss Colby. Especially after he filmed his jumbotron holiday greeting in Pittsburghese.

    “Hi, this is Colby Armstrong, and I’d like to wish yinz guys aht there happy holidays. ‘N’at.”

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