1A) If you go to buy Clippers tickets (because the Pistons are coming to town!), and click “Best Available”, you can still buy front row center courtside seats at Clippers.com.

1B) If you are going to buy Clipper tickets (because the Pistons are coming to town!), wait until the Celtics blow them out before you click “purchase” on StubHub. You’ll save even more money and get free parking. (Really. I waited two extra hours to buy my seats, and saved another $40. Premiere Level seats are practically 2-for-1. )

2) Enabling Twitter to go your cellphone is only a good idea if you have room for 100 txt messages.

3) A 25 pound dog can drag me down the street like I’m a rag doll.

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6 Responses to What I learned today – Clippers, Twitter, and puppies.

  1. If I’d allowed Twitter to send the messages to my phone I’d be well over my limit. Outgoing messages only for me.

  2. Tuffy says:

    What I learned today:

    1) Why TSW doesn’t know anything about the NBA
    2) Why TSW doesn’t answer her phone anymore
    3) Why TSW is in traction

  3. 1) Why TSW doesn’t know anything about the NBA

    Ouch. More like, “Why I don’t understand StubHub.”

  4. Tuffy says:

    No no. You only see Clippers games, so you haven’t seen the NBA this season. Is it that hard to see a Lakers game? Clearly, I’ve never tried.

  5. The Pistons only played the Lakers once here this season and we couldn’t make the game.

    Plus, much cheaper to go to Clippers games.

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