Previously seen on Ladies, this is my section of the anniversary post.

We’re This Many! The Ladies… Turn One.


After one year, I can make a confession.

Until last night, I had never seen Demetri Martin’s “Ladies…” bit.

There! I said it! I’ve come clean! I knew what the joke was via internet memes, but had never actually watched the video. So for everyone who has never known where the name “Ladies…” comes from, check out around the 1:50 mark. No shame in finally catching up now.

So much has happened in this past year, the stories that I think define Ladies the most are the ones that we worked on as a team or were email conversations that we posted. CHEEZE DOODLE BACON PANTS still makes me laugh. Love, Sports, and Dating should be stapled to the foreheads of the bitches editors at Jezebel and Radar. Our fantasy quarterback draft saw Tom Brady picked eighth. This got us in trouble (especially me) but I still think it was funny. We praised our mothers and fathers.

Mike Tomlin. We met, there was training camp, and you were proven to be hotter than Coach Nolan.

I was lucky enough to interview Curtis Granderson because of this site. Ladies allowed me to call out the NFL’s breast cancer awareness month. Seven kind women indulged my Sidney Crosby obsession. And they tolerated the monster that the Friday Football Foodie devolved into.

Sadly, my time at Ladies has come to a close. (To everyone who has asked, no I am not going to Defamer, although from what I hear I am pretty much the only person not applying for the job.) While I loved every minute I worked on Ladies, (okay, maybe not every minute), I’ve also pushed too many other things (career, friends who do not like sports, houseplants, pregnancy) to he side while working on this site. My use of the 2am/3am/4am/5am blogging tags needed to stop. (QUITE FRANKLY, my writing here suffered due to time constraints, and I felt shitty for putting up more dreck than droll.)

Thanks to everyone for reading for this past year. I look forward to playing in the comments and enjoying the brilliance of six fine Ladies for the next year!

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