Quick “meta” post.

Stages of grief upon leaving Ladies

1) Relief. Something that I had put off for a few months was finally done.

2) Sadness. Incredible sadness of leaving some of the coolest gals ever.

3) Depression. What. Had. I. Done.

4) Relief and elation. Once the announcement was official, there was no turning back.

5) Panic. Wait? I’m homeless! Where will all my old posts go? I’ve already deserted about five or six other blogs and websites! I have no home! What if I want to post about… well… anything?

6) Diversion. Signed up for Twitter, for no other reason than Shanoff said I should.

7) Acceptance. Revived this blog, which I had set up last fall. Still needs a fuck load more work done on it.

8 ) Over-Ambition. Spent three hours trying to import posts from old blogs, none of which is really worth saving. Cannot find passwords for at least two blogs.

9) Denial. Having to re-label a few hundred posts. One-third of the way accomplished.

10) Law & Order Marathon Stupor. (Watched while working on six through nine.) Resulting in this meta-list post.

Never moving again.

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One Response to Good lord this is a fuck bucket load of work.

  1. Pdog says:

    I’m glad you’re still out here blogging for your devoted fans! Your video tribute to KSK is still the funniest thing I’ve ever seen on Youtube. Now that you have a little less blog responsibility let’s hope we can see more video funnies from you and TSB.

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