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Is there anything more beautiful that snow gently falling on a couple dozen of the hottest men in sports? After watching a few hours of just that in the Pens-Sabres matchup in the NHL’s Winter Classic, I would argue not.

Upper St. Clair alum Ryan Malone bendy sure is bendy…

The Sabres’ Ryan Miller sported a toque over his mask all game. Completely adorable.

Sure, Talbot and Fleury are out with injuries, but it doesn’t mean they didn’t look good on the… um… ugh… no other way to say it… sidelines.

Laraque! Quit smiling! You’re melting the ice with your affable warmth!

Mario had this sly smile in every picture of him from this game, like he was seconds away from announcing his third (fifth?) comeback just so he could play in this game.

Russian Evgeni Malkin laughs at the pitiful lack of snow and cold in Buffalo.

Crosby, no need to scowl. You look like a snow angel.

Ryan Whitney’s blue eyes nicely pick up the color of the Penguins’ throwback jersey.

I guess I should include at least two Sabres. Fine. Here’s Jochen Hecht. Quota filled.

Armstrong and Crosby celebrated after their quick goal in the opening minutes of the game.

Jeff Taffe, usually not a favorite of mine, looked so strong and manly here I could not help but to include him.

Paul Gaustad and Jordan Staal fight for the puck behind Conklin. By the way, Ty? That pox I wished on you last spring when you were still a Sabre? I take it back. Especially if you keep looking as sharp as you did today.

Picturesque game that went tied 1-1 through overtime? An exciting shootout at the end of the one the most-hyped games of the season?

Tied again in the shootout with just one player — SIDNEY SAVING THE GAME CROSBY — left to go?

You know how this is going to end…

Penguins win. Crosby wins. We all win.

Pittsburgh fans win.

Leaving us with glorious Crosby afterglow.


EDITED: Presented without commentary, the Ladies… give you Sidney Crosby…in his underoos.

You’re welcome.

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19 Responses to Sunshine cannot bleach the snow,/ Nor time unmake what poets know

  1. Tuffy says:

    This post stinks like Iron City beer and post-coital sweat. It’s magnificent.

    Okay, okay. “Have you eyes to find the five/Which Sidney Crosby made survive?”

  2. IJustMadeThatUp says:

    I don’t know that 72,000 hockey fans have ever been that energized in sleet, snow and wind. Pretty phenomenal stuff.

  3. Steve says:

    If the Penguins wore those throwbacks every game, they’d be my new favorite team. Why do all the kickass powder blue jerseys have to be throwbacks that are only occasionally worn? Come on Chargers and Penguins step up to the plate! At least the Royals are still almost a professional team. (ducks Minda’s punch, just teasing)

  4. j says:

    That picture of Sidney scowling – sigh. Is there any way in which he is not perfect? Even scowling he’s just about the cutest thing ever. Great pictures – too bad there’s one of Taffe. :)

    Love the throwbacks, too.

    I don’t know about in Buffalo, but at the outdoor game I went to a few years, we couldn’t see shit – the rink was so far away, and at a terrible angle. But it was an awesome experience. I love that it snowed today during the game.

  5. metschick says:

    Those pictures are amazing.

    Can I keep Sid? Please?

  6. Clare says:

    Know what makes nice background music to this post? Debussy’s “Clair de Lune.” Try it. The tinkly right-hand part goes nicely with the falling snow.

  7. SA says:

    I seriously want one of those powder blue jerseys. Like right now.

    And that first picture is right up there with my favorite pictures ever.

  8. sevnetus says:

    I think the quote is great and it got stolen from somwhere because sports are gay.

  9. Janalee says:

    I don’t understand the toque over helmet thing. But that picture of Marc-Andre Fleury makes me happy.

  10. […] for the NBA on 1/1/2008, thereby avoiding competing with the college bowl games as well as the NHL’s Winter Classic. It’s just a smart move not to go head to head with outdoor hockey in Buffalo on New Years Day. I […]

  11. Yes, Sevnetus. “Stolen” from a from some unknown hack named Emerson. I didn’t think anyone who likes sports had above a 5th grade reading level and would notice.

    Thank goodness poetry and sports are so gay. You certainly set me straight.

  12. MJC says:

    “Jochem” Hecht and the “Sabers”? Nice work. Next time find someone who knows what they are writing about, or at least a competent editor.

  13. I’ll admit, I made a couple of typos. So sorry my lazy, lay-around the house in my jammies all day because I am tired from New Year’s Eve post did not meet your high standards for journalism.

  14. Steve says:

    What’s with the trolls? It’s not like they’re paying for content here nor are you getting megabucks for writing here. Take a chill pill people.

    P.S. I miss the F.F.F. posts ;)

  15. NYMetsGrrl94 says:

    mY kEyBoArD iS mAlFuNcTiOnInG fRoM tOo MuCh DrOoL

  16. Tony Mc says:

    “Sport is Gay”
    Since when???
    Really great pics, thanks for sharing them.

    Sunshine cannot bleach the snow, but other stuff can.

    “Always watch where the Huskies go,
    And never, never, never eat yellow snow!!!!”

  17. LifeLongSoxFan says:

    The first pic looks like Tonya Harding after her boot laces broke during the first performance after the ‘clubbing’ incident….by the way….“Clair de Lune” ….nice touch!

  18. ambuj says:

    It’s a great post… Ice n Sports both are my favorite…

  19. happypet says:

    Great pictures! Thank you for sharing.

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