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Quick update I’m throwing at the top, since I was too hungover to really talk football this morning. You have to play “The Last Hope“, a great little game done by the guys over at Doubt About It. (Found via Christmas Ape’s DC Steeler Nation.) Power ups are Lombardi trophies, Art Rooney, and hottie Tomlin. I will probably spend the rest of the day on this. Now back to the main post.

When I was in the high school choir, the greatest thing you could look forward too was the trip to Disneyworld for choral competition. (I believe they use the word “adjudication” instead of “competition”, but that’s besides the point.)

Anyway, one of the highlights of this trip was a visit to the Swedish SmörgÃ¥sbord restaurant, not because of the Medieval Times feel of the place but because there is nothing funnier to a bunch of 15 year-olds that saying “Swedish SmörgÃ¥sbord… Bork bork bork” at least 10,000 times on the flight down. (Which is reaches its point of hilarity when one of the Karas asks a very black man if he is he “Swedish chef” at one of the carving stations, not even thinking for a second that might possibly be one of the most offensive questions ever uttered in Orlando.)

So what is my point? It has been a really busy week here at TSW HQ what with birthdays, going out to various events every night with two more parties yet to go this weekend (I’m starting to seriously get the Vince Vaughn / Jon Cusack bloat going on this week with all the drinking and such) and I really didn’t get it together to do a decent FFF. As a matter of fact, I am putting this together at 9:30 in the morning hoping to get it done by 10 so I am not too late for work.

What does this mean for you fine reader? It means I am going to just throw up a smattering of pictures of things that have been going on here with a receipe or two mixed in and calling it a Smörgåsbord.

Why is there a picture of Ron Paul eating what he is claiming to be a pear tart when it is clearly an apple tart? Good question.

I made this last weekend for the Steelers – Browns game.

And planned on making another one last night for a party tonight. Some how the email thread turned to teasing Josh and Mongo about how much Ron Paul sucked and how I was no longer going to make a pear tart if someone was going to secretly put a Ron Paul sticker on my car. (Which is why Josh made the Ron Paul image you see above.)

Instead of making the pear tart last night, I went to Big Wangs for a bon voyage party for my friend Elke who’s going to the lounge act along with her husband on a Princess Cruise ship between Tahiti and Hawaii over the next four months. (The night consisted mostly of another Josh and myself yelling at the Oregon game and arguing over Bonds indictment.)

I was going to try to make the pear tart this morning for the FFF, but did not wake up early enough. (See above, drinking at Big Wangs.)

I actually served it with a savory bacon, cheese, and caramelized onion tart. You can find the recipe for that – and the same step-by-step directions I usually provide – here at The Amateur Gourmet.

(I got the recipe for the Pear Tart out of this month’s Real Simple magazine. Look at my picture and their picture. No bad eh?)

What else have I attempted lately. Oh yes, biscuits and gravy.

My pictures did not come out looking very good from this dish. But guess who’s did? The Pioneer Woman Cooks. I just recently found her recipe blog, and while I find no references to football anywhere on that site or her Pioneer Woman blog, I have no doubt that she is quite an awesome woman and cook.

This came in the package Рa real sm̦rg̴sbord in its own right Рfrom my mom this week.

And listen, it is the week before Thanksgiving. You don’t have to worry about putting out a big football spread! I would not blame you if you just did this –

You can bake them –

Or even better, fry them in a pan with a little butter.

Easy, peasy.

Serve with bean dip, guacamole, sour cream, and salsa. No one ever turns down a taquito!

And finally a new product review – Gardetto’s Bread Crisps.

They taste like the Olive Garden.

Ok, 10:10. I can still be at work by 10:30. I hope.

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16 Responses to Friday Football Foodie РSm̦rg̴sbord РUPDATED WITH GAME PLAY

  1. Dobie says:

    If I find my wife eating Big Ben’s XL beef jerky they’ll be hell to pay… even if it IS ‘soft and tender’. (<-Going for the obvious jokes right off the bat.)

  2. At first glance I read that as Big Un’s and couldn’t for the life of me figure out why you’d put a jack-mag with tortilla chips. But hell, it is Pittsburgh.

    my mistake. :)

  3. bigboneded says:

    I have to say, after waiting all week, the fact that you did not do the step-by-step thing is…OK and understandable. The recipes still look great, and I never thought of using such a wide variety of taquitos.

    This IS a blog, so links pages suffice.

  4. I’m trying to remember. I think we did the taquito spread for the Steelers Sunday night game against the Broncos.

    Biscuits and gravy was the morning game against… ah hell. I cannot remember. Or did I make that the week the Steelers had a bye week?

    Dobie – She can have my Ben jerky, as I am not a jerky fan.

    Bigboned – Sorry for the messy post. When I made the tarts last weekend, for some reason I forgot to take pictures along the way. (Too nervous about the game to be honest.)

  5. Pam/Shorty says:

    Anything that tastes like it’s from the Olive Garden cannot be a good thing.

    Ina Garten makes a bad ass Pear Clafouti

  6. Brian says:

    Pioneer Woman is a great cook. She lives with her husband, MM short for Marlboro Man and has four punks, two girls and two boys. As the cattle ranch they run is in Oklahoma, she roots for the Sooners but she went to USC, the on in SoCal.

    Her blog is almost as good as this one. ;)

  7. Pam – That looks awesome.

    What I should say about the pear tart is that is possibly the easiest thing to make in the world. The dough is exactly like a cookie dough, and all you have to do is spread it out in a tart pan once it has been combined. Anyone can make it.

  8. Holly says:

    Huzzah for Swedish vowels! (and food.)

  9. IJustMadeThatUp says:

    I was trying to figure out where the link between the Swedish Chef and taquitos was, but my brain began trickle out of my nose and I think I gave up.

    Those bisquits and gravy were nice, though, as I recall. I stuffed myself silly on them, so I’m figuring it was the bye-week as any other week I would have avoided the heavy meal in favor of being “light” so I could leap off the couch at break-neck speed and scream at the TV when the Pittsburgh O-Line failed to protect Big ‘Un once again.

    And the beef jerky is mine.

  10. Matt says:

    I just pray the foody doesn’t leave when football is over. I will be sad.

  11. Tuffy says:

    Ron Paul fails at Colorforms and should not be President.

  12. TSW's M says:

    sweetie —

    What about the recipe that I sent you?

  13. You never sent the rest of the pictures. ;-)

  14. IJustMadeThatUp says:

    His TSW’s M! I’m begging TSW to cook the recipe you sent us, as she’s talked incessantly about how good you are at it.

    Also, I think smorgasborg works well for the mid-season foody, as you need to have tried a bit of everything up to this point.

    Also, TSW won’t let me eat the jerky.

  15. tiff says:

    If you try anything on the Pioneer Woman’s blog – TRY THE LASAGNA!!

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