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#1 Dan Shanoff vs. #22 DMtShooter – Five Tool Tool
#1 Dan Shanoff  74% (843 votes)
#22 DMtShooter – Five Tool Tool  26% (300 votes)
Total voters for this poll: 1143


#2 Precious Roy – Kermit the Blog vs. #21 Sarcastro – The
Pittsburgh Dish
#2 Precious Roy – Kermit the Blog  56% (457 votes)
#21 Sarcastro – The Pittsburgh Dish  44% (365 votes)
Total voters for this poll: 822


#3 Slick Bomb – On the Show vs. #20 Mr. Smooth
#3 Slick Bomb – On the Show  65% (464 votes)
#20 Mr. Smooth  35% (247 votes)
Total voters for this poll: 711



#4 TheGoldfishCowboy vs. #19 Grimey – If I Ran
#4 TheGoldFishCowboy  51% (391 votes)
#19 Grimey – If I Ran  49% (382 votes)
Total voters for this poll: 773


#4 TheGoldfishCowboy vs. #19 Grimey – If I Ran
#4 TheGoldFishCowboy  51% (391 votes)
#19 Grimey – If I Ran  49% (382 votes)
Total voters for this poll: 773


#5 Burnsy – Blumpkins for All vs. #18 Sargent – Dropping
#5 Burnsy – Blumpkins for All  70% (675 votes)
#18 Sargent – Dropping Dimes  30% (287 votes)
Total voters for this poll: 962



#6 Vanilla – Hallf Fast vs. #17 Mini Me – WBRS Sports
#6 Vanilla – Half Fast  49% (494 votes)
#17 Mini Me – WBRS Sports Blog  51% (505 votes)
Total voters for this poll: 999



#7 Monday Morning Punter vs. #16 Extra P
#7 Monday Morning Punter  54% (532 votes)
#16 Extra P  46% (451 votes)
Total voters for this poll: 983



#8 One More Dying Quail vs. #15 Paul – The Happy
#8 One More Dying Quail  70% (451 votes)
#15 Paul – The Happy Recap  30% (196 votes)
Total voters for this poll: 647



#9 David – Sportzilla vs. #14 Jon Pyle – Pyle of List
#9 David – Sportzilla  40% (291 votes)
#14 Jon Pyle – Pyle of List  60% (445 votes)
Total voters for this poll: 736



#10 The Orioles Reviews vs. #13 J-Fizzle – It’s Still
#10 The Orioles Review  38% (256 votes)
#13 J-Fizzle – It’s Still Football  62% (419 votes)
Total voters for this poll: 675



#11 Satchmo – Manning Family Reunion vs. #12 Signal to Noise
#11 Satchmo – Manning Family Reunion  47% (350 votes)
#12 Signal to Noise  53% (396 votes)
Total voters for this poll: 746




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30 Responses to Hot Blogger Bracket – MAC Results

  1. Vanilla says:

    12 votes short of a victory. Are you sure all the absentee ballots are in? I was going to be huge with the absentee voters.

  2. Vanilla, your late-day surge was amazing. If I ever run for anything, I want you on my side.

  3. Vanilla says:

    *Doing my best Goose impression*Uh. No, no Ladies… there’s only one “L” in Half-Fast

  4. Holly says:


    How ’bout my boys GoldfishCowboy and S2N?? Well done, darlins.

  5. Vanilla says:

    It’s OK I’ll be back and even stronger next year.

    Heh, I can picture all the Ladies… shaking at the thought of going through this again next year.

  6. Holly says:

    Next year, I’m wavering between NEVER AGAIN and MANDATORY FIELD OF 64. I’ll let you know.

  7. 64? We do a field of more than 16 and I chuck all three of my computers into ocean.

  8. Sweet. I eagerly await the re-seeding for the second round. Time to roll for a big upset.

  9. Mike White says:

    I hate to see Extra P leave the bracket this early. He’s one of my favorite writers, and was one of my first loyal readers on Digital Headbutt. He will be missed.

    And congratulations to OMDQ, S2N and the rest of the Channel 4 News Team for advancing.

  10. Holly says:

    Me, I hate seeing bloggers advance by mysterious outpourings of hundreds of votes at the eleventh hour.

  11. Clare says:

    Sarcastro, I want you to know I voted for you multiple times on every computer I had at my disposal. The next round at the 222 is on me!

  12. Sarcastro – That was really an impressive comeback for sure. I too will buy you drinks someday.

    (Hmmm… If I go home to visit family, can we have a mini-pants party?)

  13. Vanilla says:

    Burnsy threw his support my way, which would account for the late surge, I guess.

  14. Grimey says:

    I only lost by nine votes? Wow… I was down 60 for most of the weekend… and I didn’t do any type of chicanery.

    To everybody who voted for me, you all reek of awesomeness. To Holly, I guess I’ve got a year to win you over.

  15. Holly says:

    No malice on my part, Grimey. You’re a fine fellow, but my buddyhood with GoldfishCowboy predates this site. Us Vols gotta stick together.

  16. Moonshine Mike says:

    We’re up for a pants party TSW. The Iron City flows on me.

  17. David Arnott says:

    I thank everyone for their support. I still believe that in America, we can make fun of incompetent general managers in song, and that we ought to put more time and energy toward that pursuit. If I could have done anything differently, I would have made it clear that attempting to look like a badass on an NYC street corner was my backup picture, and that the teddy bear pose was my primary photograph. I concede the Brown Boy Primary to Jon Pyle and pledge to support him in his race through the bracket.

  18. Burnsy says:

    I had the Burnsy guerilla army going for all of the underdogs today. It wasn’t an affront to the frontrunners. It was simply an attempt to make things fun.

  19. Grimey says:

    Burnsy, you need at least ten more friends.

  20. JP says:

    I know it doesn’t appear to match up this way but I want Shanoff!

    You can’t duck me forever, paper champion!

  21. Extra P. says:

    I honestly don’t know where all of my votes came from. Considering my opponent, I’m pleased as punch. Maybe O.J. Simpson put his weight behind me because I described him as “acquitted”.

    Thanks for the compliment, Mike. I’ll throw my 400 or so votes behind you and my News Team brethren if I can.

  22. Burnsy says:

    No kidding, Grimey. Hey, I tried.

  23. we goin’ to Sizzler, we goin’ to Sizzler

  24. JP says:

    David- You can feel good about your performance. I pulled out every dirty trick that I knew, including lowering your credit score by signing you up for every credit card imaginable. So, when American Express calls you’ll know why. I may have won this round, but I needed to sacrifice my dignity to do it.

    Extra P- I’m quite sad that you’re no longer in. I’ll be a huge underdog next round so I’ll need a Mr. Miyagi to my Daniel LaRusso. Let me know if you’re interested.

  25. Extra P. says:

    I’m rubbing and clapping my hands together right now, JP. Just let me know where it hurts.

  26. JP says:

    Extra P- I like the sound of that. And not just in the homoerotic Daniel-san-Miyagi way either. My feet really hurt.

  27. Extra P. says:

    Um, I think we’re going to have to appeal to your wife on the foot issue.

  28. […] 11th, 2007 by Extra P. The time has come for me to accept that I am out of the Ladies… Hot Blogger Challenge and move on. Though I must say that pulling 46% against Monday Morning Punter was a pleasant […]

  29. Sarcastro says:

    TSW, Claire,

    I think my late surge was due to my cadre of homosexual chums. I have quite a following (heh) in the gay community. Had I only sent a better picture …

    In any event, TSW, Clarie, Pants Party! Anytime.

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