*(The brackets will be shuffled to reflect correct order of match-ups next round. You try putting together 88 entries. Any complaints and we will rig the voting faster than the De La Hoya-Mayweather fight.)
Voting ends Wednesday June at 11 PST. (Or whatever time I get back from Datarock.- TSW)
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0 Responses to Hot Blogger Bracket – AFC North – Round 2

  1. OK Cobra, time for an upset…

  2. Carl Weathers says:

    Seriously? A 1 vs 11 and then a 6 vs 19? How’s that work

  3. Jack Cobra says:

    Good luck to Paul Shirley in our matchup. Thanks ahead of time to the voters for the votes.

  4. […] This is just the beginning of what Heitner hopes to be a breakthrough performance by an underrated tenth seed in the tournament. He looks to his fans and contributors to back him as he enters the 2nd round of the tournament. […]

  5. Sooze says:

    Jack Cobra with the upset! Where are the legions of voters against Paul Shirley’s hair?!

  6. beingsven says:

    I enjoy Shirley’s writing, but his unoriginal repeating of the “soccer is boring” mantra puts him in my crosshairs.

  7. ladyandrea says:

    Well, to be fair………soccer IS boring.

    (just kidding! The World Cup match I saw was one of the best sporting events I’ve ever been to)

  8. Jack Cobra says:

    I know I have a tough draw but I’m not going to sit here and complain. If I was going to win, or advance, I would have to beat one of the top seeds anyways. I appreciate all the votes and the voters taking the time to vote for everyone involved.

  9. darren says:

    Destroy him with your venomous bite Cobra.

  10. Extra P. says:

    Seriously, Paul has a problem with snakes. He didn’t get along with Mamba when he was in Laker camp.

  11. darren says:

    Kind of quiet around here in the AFC North. What gives?

  12. Jack Cobra says:

    Calm before the storm….

  13. And the mudslinging begins…

    After Zach’s brutal attack ad:

    Sports Gone South has responded with a celebrity endorsement:

    It’s on!

  14. Vince McMahon just called. He announced that the #6 vs. #19 is now a SUPER BARBED WIRE CAGE DEATH MATCH STREET FIGHT. I’m pretty sure that means he’s cordoning off a section of Jerome Blvd in the Bronx.

  15. Party Pooper says:

    I just lurk here and all, but I think I’m gonna have to call Shenanigans on Darren. 2200 votes? If “Run Up The Score!” is right and this is indeed a no DQ street fight, then cheating should be encouraged. Otherwise, I smell a rat. Or a bot.

  16. ladyandrea says:

    Darren is not shenanigans. He embedded the poll on his own site, so people could vote there (which is fine as far as I know) and then yesterday he got a link on Deadspin. That’ll pretty much do it.

  17. darren says:

    Yeah and I still have a banner which encourages my visitors to come here and view the whole round.

    No one likes a party pooper..

    I’m still calling out Shirley!

  18. […] by surprise now. We must push forward and continue to shock the world round by round. Call us out; call shenanigans on this website for getting over 2200 votes in only a couple of days. There are no bots involved (I have no clue on how to create one, but thanks for the credit) and […]

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