Sixty-three games will be played in total in this NCAA Tournament. Sixty-three games.

And who wins and loses our bet with the KissingSuzyKolber Mafia comes down to these last three games. Sixty-three. Now three. Why even have the other sixty?

Hey Holly, no pressure here. You and Unsilent Majority are in the lead and the rest of your picks could be difference between Maxi-Pad slippers on KSK, or them peeing with the lid down over here Ladies.

First the standings, and then the breakdown of the Final Four picks.

1 Vesper Lynd – Holly 107  
2 Jaws – UM   102
3 Honey Ryder – Texas Gal 101  
4 Roger Moore – MMP   89
5 M – TheStarterWife 83  
6 Octopussybasket – Flubby   80
6 Christmas Ape    80
8 Kissy Suzuki – Metschick 78  
9 Lousy 20th Amendment – CC   75
10 Jinx Johnson  – SA 74  
11 Solitaire – Andie 70  
12 Sally Ann Rottencrotch – BDD   66
13 Plenty O’Toole – J-Money 57  
  Subtotal 570 492
  Minus lowest Ladies Score -57  
  Total 513 492

Holly Holly Holly Holly
  TexasGal TexasGal TexasGal
C.Ape C.Ape C.Ape  
Andie   Andie  
  Metschick Metschick  
SA SA    
Flubby Flubby   Flubby
With the UNC loss, J-Money is out.
RED Tourney Winner Pick
Blue Tourney Runner-Up Pick
Black Final Four Pick

See that? The Ladies are forced into cheering for the one team that across the board all of us dislike, Ohio State. Greg Oden? Really? We have to root for the one team that we didn’t pick ONE SINGLE HOTTIE from in any preview? Well, that’s just karma kicking us in the ass now, isn’t it.

Dammit Andie, I thought it was a hilarious idea when you suggested the bet, but now I am scared! What if they traumatize SA? I couldn’t live with myself if she gets hurt!

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0 Responses to Winning Over the Dicks – MM with the KSK Mafia – Final Countdown

  1. Disco Stu says:

    How does it happen that a Tennessee fan picks Florida?

    I think that you’re dead to Knoxville, now.

  2. SA says:

    Now that I’ve thought about this, since UNC is out of it, everything is all gravy. Especially if Florida doesn’t repeat and Duke can still maintain the “last back-to-back national champions” title. As a Michigan (football) fan this is gonna be hard, but not impossible.

  3. Texas Gal says:

    How about instead of thinking of it as cheering FOR tOSU, we think about like we’re cheering AGAINST Georgetown? Does that help at all?

    Please don’t make us wear Buckstaches!

  4. I would like to apologize for trying to take an upset pick all the way to the Finals. I was gambling, (and lost), with the idea that no one else would take Oregon and if they off-chance they won, we’d be riding pretty.

    Also, I meant to congradulate Flubby for his sudden rise in the rankings. Hard to crawl out of the basement like that.

  5. Holly says:

    Stu, despite my UT education, I know what “pragmatist” means.

    A quick toast to UM–here’s to your perfect Final Four bracket, and to mine, and may the prettiest pony win.

    And if y’all think I haven’t taped this bracket to my mirror and shadow-boxed in its general direction while blasting “Final Countdown”, you are dearly mistaken.

  6. Disco Stu says:

    “Final Countdown” is perhaps the most misread song, ever.

    It’s spectacular.

    & I’d be joining you in doing Indonesian shadow puppetry to Final Countdown, if I wouldn’t have picked UNLV over Florida. Got-damn Rapin’ Rebels… I thought they had it in them, to be this year’s “sort of George Mason”. (Mountain West is great. I love BYU (coeds, anyway) & Air Force.)

  7. ladyandrea says:

    This actually doesn’t come down to 3 games. It comes down to 1. If Georgetown wins, KSK wins. If OSU wins, we win. ONE GAME to DECIDE IT ALL! SCARY.

  8. MMP says:

    As an Ohio State alum, I find myself in quite a quandry…

  9. TheStarterBoyfriend says:

    “It is an ancient tongue. A form of OHIO-ISH I dare not speak here. But it reads: One Game to Rule Them All. One Game to Find Them. One Game to Bring Them All and In The Blogverse Bind Them.”

    Hey. I tried.

  10. Andrea… SHHHHHHHHHHHHH. We’re trying to stretch out the drama here. (And I was hoping KSK guys wouldn’t notice.)

  11. Holly says:

    Yeah, but + two more games to decide who’s in the final = 3.

  12. flubby says:

    Thanks for doing the math so I don’t have to. Go Hoyas!!!

  13. ladyandrea says:

    2 more games to decide who wins the actual basketball championship? Yes, I realize that would make 3 but I thought we were only talking about the bet. Plus, I think it’s more fun if KSK is aware of it too because then we can all sweat the Gtown/OSU game together. We should liveblog it.

  14. JebusHChrist says:

    I haven’t felt this confused since I was a 7-year-old boy in the back of the station wagon as mommy and daddy talked about getting a divorce. I can’t pick a side. I’m so confused.

  15. Texas Gal says:

    Let me help you: pick tOSU. Or, rather, pick against Hoyas.

  16. Jebus – don’t worry, you don’t need to pick a side. Just understand that no matter what happens, it was all your fault.

  17. JebusHChrist says:

    That’s what my daddy told me.

    (He was a horrible father)

  18. Jebus – Mommy promises to increase your allowance, buy you an extra video game a month, and will not throw away your “special” magazines you keep under your bed.

    Daddy will just tell you how your swing sucks, that he cannot see you this weekend because he’s seeing his new “friend”, and that only babies read comic books.

  19. Marc aka MDG says:

    Are you telling me jebus christ can’t hit a curveball?

  20. Holly says:

    He’s a pretty solid third baseman. HEY-O!!

  21. Suss-- says:

    “Are you telling me jebus christ can’t hit a curveball?”

    He would always reach base with 2 outs, then get hung out to dry.

  22. Plucky says:

    And in the day that bells rang on

    The men still fight and sing their song

    And if you find them laying by

    The road which wrangles mighty high

    Ask not the common way to go

    But give up all by hell below

  23. JebusHChrist says:

    I gotta go with my heart and the ladies…

  24. Holly says:

    That’s not your heart talking, Jeebs…

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