When will I learn that the vodka tonics at Big Wangs, (served in pint glasses), always seem like they don’t have any booze in them but really do?  When will I realize that drinking while watching the Sweet Sixteen games, the Cavs-Knicks game, and the Sabers-Leafs game while talking shop with my guy pals is going to lead to sensory overload?  When will I stop trying to involve strangers in my Bryce Taylor cheers?

When will I feel comfortable with our lead? 

Honey Ryder – Texas Gal 77  
Vesper Lynd – Holly 75  
M – TheStarterWife 75  
Roger Moore – MMP   73
Jaws – UM   70
Lousy 20th Amendment – CC   67
Kissy Suzuki – Metschick 62  
Sally Ann Rottencrotch – BDD   58
Jinx Johnson  – SA 58  
Plenty O’Toole – J-Money 57  
Christmas Ape    56
Octopussybasket – Flubby   56
Solitaire *  – Andie 54  
Subtotal 458 380
Minus lowest Ladies Score -54  
Total 404 380

Read here for all the dirt on the inital bet and results of the first two rounds.

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0 Responses to Winning Over the Dicks – MM with the KSK Mafia – I forgot what 8 was for

  1. Holly says:

    When will I learn not to race to the free “walk the plank” seventh shot at Redwood just because it’s free? *hic*

  2. ladyandrea says:

    I’m so ashamed that I’m the bottom-feeder. I’m usually so good at this! : (

    However, the craziest part is I can still finish 1st, depending on how the Final Four ends up. Weird.

    I feel like I’m not in the cool kids club because I stayed in last night. I’ll make y’all proud tonight.

  3. Texas Gal says:

    Dudes. I just woke up. Friday nights are fun.

    I think I just might edit that table a little bit, hold on… don’t worry, I know what I’m doing!

  4. Texas Girl – Boooooo. :)

    I actually tried to write this post at 2am, passed out, woke back up around 6, posted, and went back to sleep.

    Back up now. Must find bagel or McDonalds still serving breakfast.

    Andie – Don’t worry. Everytime I look at the brackets I realize it is still anyone’s game. (Except for BDD’s. I think his final pick is gone.)

  5. ladyandrea says:

    We totally scooped Mighty MJD on the Craig Biggio think, by the way. Way to go TexasGal.

  6. Holly says:

    Bracket notes:

    *No one’s Elite Eight survived intact.
    *UM and I have the same Final Four picked. Looking at the rest of his picks, this makes me question his judgment, and by extension my own.

  7. metschick says:

    Back in Jersey (boo! – when I woke up, it was clear and sunny, the start of a beautiful day. Now I find myself in chilly, cloudy weather.)

    I rarely watch womens’ sports, but Rutgers basketball is the one exception. And today they upset Duke!!! WOOOOOOOOO!!!! RU RAH RAH, RU RAH RAH! HOORAH, HOORAH, RUTGERS RAH!

  8. JebusHChrist says:

    The Vaginas are dominating.

  9. Texas Gal says:

    Well, fuckity fuck. Despite the fact that I wrote about the Big XII and specifically said that KU always tanks in the Tourney, I picked ’em to go all the way anyway.

    And now let my predicted bracket tanking begin! Sorry, Ladies…

  10. Yeah, I don’t know why, but in my head I had UCLA over Kansas, but in fact, I had KU going to the FF. Which means half of my FF are out.

    Time to light that candle in front of a Bryce Taylor pic for reals.

  11. Funkyb0ss says:


    That’s pretty much what I thought about it too

  12. Mike White says:

    Let me be the first to say that the Scarlet Knights will always be welcome in Chapel Hill for their deed today.

    Texas Gal: I made the same mistake. I knew that at least one #1 seed wasn’t going to make it to the Final Four, the two weakest #1s were UNC and Kansas, and I will donate my kidney to Osama before I pick against my Tar Heels.

    So I should have picked Kansas as the odd man out. Who did I pick against? Ohio State and Florida. Dee dee dee!

  13. Mike White says:

    And yes, I realize that with my strategy I can only win a bracket pool every 7-15 years. But to me a bracket pool in which UNC loses is not worth winning anyway.

  14. Holly says:

    WHY AM I IN FIRST. I cannot deal with this pressure.

  15. Texas Gal says:

    Yeah- I had that burden for exactly ONE day, and clearly, my bracket could not withstand the pressure.

  16. I know. Last week when I was 1st or tied with 1st, I felt like a fraud. Good to see that this weekend will bring me back to reality.

    I swore all day that I wasn’t drinking again for a month. Now I have to go to a birthday party. Must. Be. Strong.

  17. TotallyUn-PC says:

    Big wangs? seriously? I take it they mean something else in USA? Over hear in blighty its another word for your……..

  18. metschick says:

    Must be nice to deal with the issues of first. I’ve been middle of the pack since the thing started. Oh, well, I relish my mediocrity.

  19. JebusHChrist says:

    Don’t feel bad Metschick, all the good stuff is in the middle.

  20. ladyandrea says:

    I would just like to say: last night’s OSU and UCLA wins have me back on track! If they make the finals, I am a brilliant, brilliant lady. : )

  21. JB* says:

    If what Holly said originally (she made her picks based on the majority opinion of her barmates), she is obviously drinking with smart people.

    Unless, of course, she fell apart in the last day and a half. Then I rescind this comment.

  22. Disco Stu says:

    I have a question — why is this bet that the winner gets to take-over the loser’s blog? Why should the people who more accurately projected the NCAA tourney have to do double work?

    Shouldn’t the loser have to do both blogs, with the KSK boys — as it stands now — having to do a day’s worth (say, ten posts) about Joselio’s wang & Cole Hamels’s wedding-nite with the Survivor/Playboy model?

  23. Why would we share Cole Hamels with a Playboy model?

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