Man, I don’t know how people blog all the time.

1) The Good – Well, at least they were at the Hard Rock and not the Palms. If there is a heaven on earth, it is poolside at the Hard Rock. Nirvana is the special chicken chimchurri at the Pink Taco. It’s my preferred hotel in Vegas, hands down. (Although I have yet to say at the Wynn.) I lost a week there once when Howard Stern was there with his crew. You have not lived until you’ve played blackjack with Howard’s friend Ross and three 21 year-old marines playing for bathing suit money and going up $2K in an hour. The only time I leave the Hard Rock is when I go play poker downtown or the cheap tables at the Luxor.

2) The mediocre – Nothing. It was either cool to see the interior of the HRC and feel my palms get damp as I figure out how much I have in my bank account…

3) The bad – Pretty much everything else. Drama gives mixed signals to a male masseuse? Didn’t see that coming from the moment Turtle said it was gay. Vince is going to loose $500K at the table? Boo. Hoo. That doesn’t hurt anyone’s image. It would barely be a blip on the radar. Ari gets nervous gambling? Bullshit. Agents go to Vegas for sex, they don’t gamble. (Or says the agent I live with. I believe his quote was, “They gamble everyday and wouldn’t want to loose a dime.”) Turtle has a scam with the strippers, you don’t say…

But the topper? Seth Green is not going to get into a fight with ANYONE. I’ve got about two inches on him, and I’m only 4’8.

God I hope Artie Lang is good when he is on.

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