Someone is mad at APA. Oh wait. Everyone has a love/hate relationship with their agents no matter which agency they are with. 

Better than average episode for this season, but still nowhere as good as seasons past.

The Good – Babs return

The Mediocre – Another battle with a studio (Didn’t a similar story arc just end?), not enough of Vince, no sign of Sloan (huh? Girlfriend? Three-some? What are you talking about?)

The Bad – Lloyd "India stripe" joke  – too meta even for Entourage, Piven, Connelly, and Ferrara (although in Turtle’s defense, he didn’t have much to do this week) phoning in their performances. Anyone else getting the feeling they’re tired of this schtick?

The Worrisome – Field trip to Vegas.  I love Vegas, you love Vegas, we all LOVE Vegas.  A boys trip to Vegas would in theory be more "Real Sex: XXXIIV" than a sitcom you could clean up for later syndication rights.  (And you’re kidding yourself if you don’t think that is on HBO’s mind after "Sex in the City" and "Six Feet Under" sold for so much.)  Plus, Seth Green didn’t seem too natural at playing himself in last weeks episode at The Standard.

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