Last night I could not sleep.

It was hot, I was grumpy, and one question kept running through my mind. 

Why does HBO want to destroy Entourage?

Sure, like everyone else, (A Field Guide To This Week’s ‘Entourage’ Day Players – Defamer) I had been complaining about the decline of the series this season.  They’re stretching the storyline too thin.  For example, last night’s episode was the first we had seen of Eric’s girlfriend Sloan, (save a fleeting glance of her from afar in the season premiere, “Aquamoms”), and she was a major player last season.  We’re up to Episode 6 and she just appears after nary a mention all year? 

I have been making excuses to friends about why I stopped throwing Entourage nights.  Not enough room, we were tired, I forgot to buy enough booze.  Each one a lie, as we always have enough space and the bar is always stocked.  The fact is that since the first show this year, I cannot get excited enough to keep the tradition going. But I keep watch and hoping the season will get better.  At the end of each show, there is always a hint of major action to come and each following week it just seems to get worse.

Declining production value, needless cameos, less action, and frankly, the leads looking bored. (Which, who can blame them you can practically see the director off-camera making the “STREACHHHHHH” motion with their hands. Didn’t notice that? See: Episode Season 3, Episode 6:Three’s Company-  E, Vince, and Turtle standing behind Drama as he plays himself on a videogame. ) 

I could excuse all of it.  Until I realized something last night; Not one single fucking music cue during the show!  Music makes that show move, so if you are going to cheap out HBO, why do it with the music?  A slick show about young Hollywood and there is not a soundtrack?   A show known for its music styling!

Don’t believe me?  Go to – They have the music listings for all of the shows so far.  Even have handy links to buy so you can buy the tunes so you can roll like the gang.  Episode 28.  I see links for Summary, Location Credits, Buy the DVD, Bulletin Boards, but… no Music.

Quite frankly, I am annoyed enough that I am thinking about canceling the HBO package from the DirecTV if the show does not pick up.  Want me to watch your programming HBO? Don’t suck the life out of it.  (I’ve heard a rumor that part of the increased episode order was that the budget could not go up by much.)

So this is how this blog starts. Music. HBO is driving what had been a great summer pleasure into the ground. Look for a few other people to post are a bit more inside of what is going on.

In the meanwhile, fill the comments section with your complaints.  (Either about Entourage, HBO, or my parenthetical writing style. Apologizes to David Foster Wallace.  At least one of his books was in show this year. “One Day in the Valley” if I am not mistaken.)

UPDATE – Keeping it the Gawker family, Deadspin notes that the one of the Sklar Brothers was on last night.  HORRID Needless cameo.

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3 Responses to Why does HBO want to destroy Entourage?

  1. Diggity says:

    You mean Sloan? Might want to watch the show a little closer there before you destroy it. This season’s been hillarioius. The only thing that can be compained about is the rediculously short episodes (and not enough Sloan T&A!).

  2. creekmud says:

    This week’s episode was the best this season. The opening with Johnny Drama in the video; the threesome; Ari and Lloyd were hilarious this week. Once they got rid of the Dominator it got back on track. You’re correct they stretch the material. It’s too short. Fans want more, but at least the series doesn’t go the Sopranos route; leaving fans hanging so long between seasons. Entourage comes backs like a normal series each season. Obviously with that new annoying character early in the season, someone is butting into a great series. But that was corrected swiftly.

  3. Sorry about the typo on Sloan’s name, but in all honesty, with how little she’s been on this season, can you blame anyone for forgetting who she was?

    Creekmud – “Entourage comes backs like a normal series each season” – Not this time out. It is my understanding we’ll get the second half of this season with the next season of The Sopranos which I believe will air in 2012. ;)

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