From a blog I used to have called Otherpeoplesblogs.

Yes, I know. I have read the emails and seen the posts. I again have been a slow blogger.

My leisure writing time has been filled with my upcoming treatise “No more journalists!”, about why Hollywood and New York needs to find new occupations for the female protagonists in romantic comedies and chick lit.

(I also include the related fields magazine editors, writers, book editors and their assistants.)

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5 Responses to Slow posting…

  1. kevin says:

    Wha don you updat dis ting? Is the Duck in charge? I think the duck is now running things. Gary the Duck now runs all.

  2. otherpeoplesblogs says:

    I promise I will update in the next 24 hours.


    No ducks here. Just “Goose”.

  3. Shubba dubba says:

    Maybe we should just begin a blog-within-a-blog in an attempt to entertain ourselves as we anxiously await the arrival of a new blog entry? Or would a blog written inside a blog be the ultimate undoing of the fabric of the universe as everything beginds to fold into itself and we’re suddenly caught in a paradoxal loop where Nick Nolte’s Diary is really written by Nick Nolte and the Defamer is not longer funny and Gawker is irrelevant because all the celebrities have eaten each other outside Fred Segal because they ran out of low-rider jeans on sale?

    These questions and more to be answered the moment I click the “Post” button…

    See you on the other side.

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  5. Ubdraf says:

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