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Reading James Wolcott everyday makes you feel like you’re part of a larger conversation. Or at least, a somewhat better conversation than the one you’re having with the Silverlake folk who are never quite as well read as you would like them to be.

(I have one friend who I trust with these conversations, but for some reason, I trip on my thoughts around him and end up being the one not holding up my end of discussion. Only this one person. It wasn’t always like that, and I cannot quite put my finger on why it happens. But I digress. Let us get away from the loathsome inner-dialogues.)

I am proud to say that I finally disagree with Mr. Wolcott. He’s completely off-base with his feelings about “Evil Wendy” from Project Runway. While I am not a fan of her designs, everything she has said in on the “Runway” in the previous episodes about the Brit Chick who could not sew and that mush-mouth Kevin were spot on. Brit Chick was annoying, really couldn’t sew, and hampered that team competition. (Austin blaming himself for that one I will never understand.) Kevin not only was a horrid leader and rather bland designer, but was also just as evil and treacherous as Wendy, if not more.

I was more upset that Kara, whom to this point I have just loved for both her designs are her class, gave Wendy the complete brush off when leaving the runway. Makes me think her nice act is heavier on the act than the nice.

(Yeah for me though for joining Mr. Wolcott in picking Bravo over the SOTU. Hopefully Tom over at Killer Boots took my advice and did the same.)

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2 Responses to Catfight on the Runway

  1. Shubbadubba says:

    Doesn’t this show just reinforce the stereotype that gay men and deeply morose women are the ONLY decent fashion designers?

    If they can’t dress themselves and can’t find sunglasses that properly fit their head, then why does their opinion matter to what I wear?

    I’m just sayin’…

  2. otherpeoplesblogs says:

    You just don’t like Jay. His designs are fab, (not that I could ever wear them), and he’s a riot to boot.

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