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Today there was a small twang of guilt for my flippant disregard for the SOTU last night, even if I was in good company.

The guilt only lasted until I read The New Republic’s article on The Outsiders. (via Killer Boots) Good to see we are now three months past the election and the DNC infighting is giving Dean the party leadership, and just a few clicks away TNR is already talking about Bush’s “lame duckness” already setting in.

Sure I have not read it since it’s release in 1992, but I think I am doing to dig up my copy of “Why Americans Hate Politics” and see how it reads 13 years later.

(Anyone read Whitman’s “It’s My Party Too” yet? Don’t you dare mention Zel Miller as a comparison in the comments.)

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2 Responses to Political Guilt

  1. Shubbadubba says:

    The sheer length of that article should have given me ample indication as to how incredibly unnecessary this whole selection process is for the DNC chair. Who cares? Dems are now the least popular, least popULOUS party since my father and 3,000,000 other Americans voted for Ross Perot. We could have Genghis Khan leading the march on liberal issues and people still wouldn’t give a rat’s ass…

    Project Runway is pretty cool, though.

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