Now I know how Dennis Dixon felt going through training camp and probably feels now that Leftwich is on the mend. You think you’re fine, then it turns out you’re not, so you have to waste time with something else that doesn’t quite work, and then by some fluke and hard work you end up right back where you were before with a job that should have been yours all along, still looking over your shoulder in case it’s taken away from you again.

Okay, maybe they are not quite the same thing.

Today’s video was shot over Labor Day weekend during a break in some college football watching. As you can tell, as a group of Pomona, Ohio University and Pitzer College — Pitzer? The guy wearing the Pitzer hoodie went to U of Ohio for undergrad and I forget where for law school — among others, we’re not the biggest college fans. Doesn’t mean we cannot use it as an excuse to get together and barbecue by the pool. (Thanks KP!)