In my circle of friends, everyone has stories about a guy named Britt and his obsession with Old Bay.  You’ll be at a party and if there are some plain chips out, suddenly Britt’s there flavoring them with Old Bay.  Not at his own house mind you, but in your living room with Old Bay.  Summer BBQ and you’re standing near the grill?  “You should put some Old Bay on that.”  At our friend Jason’s bachelor party,  he gave the groom a can of Old Bay on which he had written on the bottom of the can, “Put it on… everything.”

And he’s right.  Old Bay is perfect and you need something fast for the game.  On kettle-fried chips (although try to use it on unsalted chips or lightly salted chips), popcorn, the chicken or veggies you just grabbed at the market twenty minutes before kickoff, it will be your savior.